Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service

South Ural State University
60, Sony Krivoy street
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Vadim Erlikh

D.Sc. (Biology), Associate Professor

The Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service is a large scientific and educational center within South Ural State University, which includes:

 - 9 buildings;

 - 18 sports halls;

 - educational and sports center;

 - Olympic-size swimming pool;

 - 25 kinds of sports;

 - Ready for Labor and Defense Testing Center;

 - Research Center for Sports Science, South Ural State University;

 - 6 departments;

 - 60 Ph.Ds and Doctors of Sciences;

 - Digital Motion Laboratory headed by Guillaume Laffaye (France);

 - 10 foreign scientists;

 - Human. Sport. Medicine scientific journal (Scopus, WoS);

 - 5 master degree programs and 8 bachelor degree programs in Physical Education, Adaptive Physical Education, Physical Education Pedagogy, Tourism, Hotel Management, Catering, Restaurant Management, Artistic Materials Processing;

 - project-oriented education and elite education groups;

 - students take part in international and all-Russian conferences;

 - close collaboration with employers.

Our achievements in scientific, educational and publishing activities over the past 3 years:

 - “Digital modeling of kinematics” project (headed by V.Erlikh) will be implemented within the framework of a world-class Ural Scientific and Education Center “Advanced Industrial Technologies, New Materials and Energy". The I-Trainer project is the basis for three educational projects of the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service (project-oriented education);

 - Digital Motion Laboratory headed by Guillaume Laffaye (France);

 - Leading scientists are involved in the educational process;

 - South Ural State University is number 1 in Russia by the number of publications among Russian institutions involved in sports sciences (according to Web of Science data for 2018-2019);

- 29% of all Russian publications indexed in WoSare published in Human. Sport. Medicine journal (2nd place);

- in 2020 Human. Sport. Medicine journal entered Q3 (Scopus);

- proceedings of the IV International Conference "Innovations in Sports, Tourism and Instructional Science" were published by Atlantis Press (France) and will be indexed in Web of Science / Scopus.

The Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service has created all conditions that allow you to realize yourself and make your dream come true!

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An interview with the Director of the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service Vadim Erlikh:
«Here we build not only muscles but also brain: enrolling in the most athletic institute of SUSU»

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