Chelyabinsk: Living Expenses

Chelyabinsk offers affordable cost of living, which makes the city a great choice for international citizens. As an international student or teacher, your living expenses will depend on your lifestyle. Have a look at some of the major expenses you will face as a student or a teacher. These calculations are based on a single full-time student living in Chelyabinsk. Make sure you have enough funds to cover your fees and living costs before your arrival.

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1. Accommodation

South Ural State University offers different types of university accommodation to its international students and staff.

Monthly payment for university accommodation
(utilities included



1 000 RUR


The university does not provide wired internet connection in your room, you will have to get it yourself. The internet costs vary from 300 to 600 rubles per month depending on the desired speed.

If you decide to rent a flat, it will usually cost you between 11 000 or 17 000 per month. Private sector rental costs may vary depending on:

  • the number of rooms in a flat
  • including/excluding utility bills
  • proximity to the city centre

2. Food

The amount you spend on food depends on how much you eat, how extravagant your tastes are, and how often you make dinner yourself. On average, you will spend from 8 000 to 10 000 rubles on food per month, including a few university meals. Please note that you will find it easier to save money by cooking your own meals.

3. Study

Your study expenses, such as text books, stationery, printing, photocopying, and specialist equipment will depend on the subject you will be studying. Bear in mind that you can borrow a lot of text books from the university library and download various articles online. 

4. Socialising

The active student community of South Ural State University organizes a lot of free events for international students. If you prefer entertainment in the city, you need to plan about 1 000 for your socialising activities per week depending on your interests and the type of socialising activities:


Average ticket cost (RUR)


0 – 500


200 – 400


0 – 500


450 – 900


80 – 500


200 – 500

In terms of your mobile phone, look for the cheapest tariff to suit your needs. Russian mobile operators usually charge for the monthly use, varying from 200 to 600 rubles depending on the deal offered.

5. Travel

Depending on the proximity to the university, you might need to budget for local travel. The average cost for going by “marshrutka” (Russian minibus) is 25 rubles (one way ticket).

6. Sports

If you decide to use the University gym regularly, you will need to spend about 500 to 2 100 rubles per month. Check out the university’s Olympic-size swimming pool, a great place to tone your muscles for just 180 rubles per swim.

Our current international students shared their experiences on the cost of living in Chelyabinsk.

Gilbreth Armando

Institute of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

I don’t spend much on food as I’m used to cooking myself. Making meals at home costs me around 6 000 rubles per month. If you eat out, be prepared to pay from 8 000 to 10 000 rubles on a monthly basis. I live in student accommodation, which costs me 1 000 rubles a month and is much cheaper than renting a flat in the city and much closer to the university. My social life is active and I often go to theatres and clubs. You can buy a theatre ticket for as low as 250 rubles in Chelyabinsk, which in no way reflects the quality of the performance! Chelyabinsk theatres are absolutely amazing! For those who prefer clubbing, Chelyabinsk offers some cosy night clubs with affordable prices. I usually pay around 300 rubles for a club entry.

Gilbreth Armando

Mohammed Duhan

Mohammed Duhan

Institute of Linguistics & International Communications

I think I spend around 8 000 rubles on food per month. If I eat out with friends, it usually costs me about 250 rubles for a meal. My social life is busy enough and I tend to spend some money on entertainment, at least 3 000 rubles monthly. I don’t spend much on stationery as I buy it once a year. I’d recommend SUSU freshers to learn how to budget their living costs so that they don’t end up living beyond their means.

Ahmed Fares

Institute of Linguistics & International Communications

I live in student accommodation for 1 000 per month. The room is not big and quite basic but good value really. I enjoy cooking myself so I spend no more than 5 000 rubles for my monthly food. In terms of personal items such as toiletries, Chelyabinsk is quite affordable. For example, you can find a bar of soap for as little as 30 rubles or a toothpaste for a hundred rubles. I tend to buy some books and stationery regularly, and spend around a thousand rubles each month. I live in student accommodation for 1 000 RUR per month.

Ahmed Fares

Note that living costs in other Russian cities may be different from the ones shown above.

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