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* List of documents for your admission:

  • Copy of your International passport (valid for at least 18 months);

  • Certified / notarized translation of passport into Russian language;

  • Certificates/diplomas of your completed degree and transcripts/diploma supplements;

  • Certified / notarized translations of сertificates/diplomas into Russian language.

For a study visa passport must be valid for not less 18 months from the date of entry to Russia. The diploma of the previous educational level (master's for PhD level programmes, bachelor's for Master’s degree, school certificate for Bachelor’s degree) and score list should have an apostille or a legalization stamp depending on the country of issuance.

To know more about an apostille or a legalization stamp please visit Degree Recognition's page.


Algorithm of filing an Application for entering the University

  • Send an e-mail to applicant[at]susu[dot]ru and ask your questions regarding entering the University
  • Fill out an online questionnaire and choose your speciality
  • Prepare all the documents required for entering
  • Receive a Letter of Consent and Invitation from the University
  • Obtain your visa (if required)
  • Come to study at SUSU

What documents are required to enter the University?

Document identifying the Applicant’s personality (Passport);

Original copy of the document on foreign education and/or foreign qualification and transcript to it, duly legalized;
Important! All documents in foreign languages shall be accompanied by their verified / notarized translations into Russian. In case your document on education is also written in Russian, its notarized translation is not required. This rule particularly concerns the graduates of educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Republic of Tajikistan.

Russian language certificate (not required for English language specialties). It is still obligatory for applicants coming from the preparatory year / foundation course in order to extend the visa.

Why is a Letter of Consent and Visa Invitation is required?

A Letter of Consent is an official letter from the University to a foreign student, which confirms that the University conditionally agrees to accept a foreign citizen to study at the University if he/she fulfills the necessary requirements. A Letter of Consent may be required by the Consulate to issue visa, and while crossing the border at the airport. Visa Invitation is an official document which is issued by the Department of Passport and Visa Services of the Russian Federation Ministry of Interior to a person with the status of student. To execute an Invitation, you need a high-resolution photocopy of your passport; the passport expiry date shall be no less than 1.5 years after the intended date of entering the Russian Federation. The Invitation confirms that the student has been accepted to this University. The Invitation comprises the student’s passport information and the full name of the University. This document shall be submitted to the Russian Embassy in order to obtain visa (it is stamped in the passport). In general, an Invitation is prepared by the Ministry of Interior within about 45 days. This Invitation will be valid for 90 days since the date of its issue; and within the Invitation’s validity period you should file an application to the Russian Embassy requesting to issue a visa to you.

What is Foundation Program, and what is it for?

Foundation Program is a special educational program lasting for 1 academic year. At the Foundation Program the attendees study Russian language and special disciplines. The selection of disciplines depends on the chosen future speciality (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry,Biology, Computer Science, Geography, History and Literature). Once training at the Foundation Program is completed, the attendees pass exams. If you pass your exams successfully, you are awarded with a state-approved Certificate, which gives you the right to enter any Russian university.

This certificate is one of the documents required for visa extension.

What is the procedure of paying for studies?

A student enrolled in one of our programmes can pay the entire amount per year of study or divide the payment into 2 parts. Payment is made in Russian rubles. For students who are currently abroad and cannot come to Russia, payment can be made in Chinese Yuan according to the Yuan exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date the application is issued. Invoice.

Applicants in the preparatory year must pay the full amount per year of study

What is consular legalization and Apostille, and what are these needed for?

Legalization is assigning legal force to documents issued on the territory of one state to make it possible to submit them on the territory of a different state.

There are two ways to legalize documents on foreign education:

1. Consular legalization – for the countries not being members of Hague Convention, with which there are also no agreements on legal assistance signed with the Russian Federation

Consular legalization is performed in 2 stages:

  • verification of a document, as a rule, of its original copy, by competent foreign affairs bodies of the country where this document was issued, by means of relevant stamping and sealing with indication of the position the person verifying it and his/her signature;

  • verification by the consular services of the Russian Federation (Consulate or Mission of the Russian Federation) in the country where this document was issued, by means of relevant stamping and sealing with indication of the position the person verifying it and his/her signature.


Apostille stamping – for the countries being members of Hague Convention

Apostille stamping is a simplified procedure of legalization. Apostille is stamped on the original copy of a document or on a separate sheet bounded to the document, and may be compiled in the official language of the body issuing it. Apostille is stamped by competent authorized bodies of the country where this document was issued (Secretary of State, Department of Education, Ministry of Education, educational institutions and others).

Important! Apostille is not a separate document, it is only valid when presented with the document that it certifies. Every issued Apostille has its registration number. Hague Convention does not allow to amend the text of Apostille, or change the order of lines in the stamp. Issue of Apostille by Xerox-copying the stamp is not allowed.

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