Lucas Liebscher (Germany)

Lucas Liebscher


Bergakademie Freiberg (Freiberg Mining Academy)

“I like the fact that I can learn new words here and get a more profound knowledge of the language”

‒ What do you think about Russia?

‒ I like being in Russia, this is the 7th time I come here. In my opinion, people in Russia are kinder than in Germany; they are always willing to help, even if you address them on the street. Your nature is very beautiful: there are many green trees and beautiful flowers. I heard before that there is a lot of grey color and dirt in Russia, but it’s not true. Streets here are very clean and pleasant to walk on.

‒ Why did you decide to learn Russian language?

‒ In due time, my father recommended me to learn Russian language, because he used to learn it at school 40 years ago, and visited Russia more than once. Therefore, I’ve been learning Russian for more than 12 years already, and I like it a lot. It is important for me not to forget the language and keep communicating with Russian people.

‒ Why did you come to SUSU?

‒ I came to SUSU from Freiberg within an exchange program. I like the fact that I can learn new words here and get a more profound knowledge of the language. In Germany, I am studying to become a mining engineer. And there are a lot of mines in Russia in which I could work. So I would like to try my hand in here. SUSU in turn provides me with the necessary knowledge of Russian language. I get really good practice here.

‒ Have you found any friends?

‒ Of course! I communicate with all students from our group at the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language at the Institute of Linguistics and International Communications; besides, I know a few people from Chelyabinsk who left to Germany 1 month ago, but we had time to get acquainted.

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