Distance Education



“Distance education is undoubtedly of crucial importance for such country as ours.”

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

The University’s strategic task is improving education quality and efficiency of the education process.

In order to achieve the set goal, SUSU focuses on mastering and implementing new education technologies and advanced methods of teaching. The first priority is introduction of the system motivating the teaching staff to implement new technologies and methods of training into the education process.

As a result of implementing new education technologies, the University in its education quality will come near the world’s leading universities, and will assure high involvement and motivation of the students regarding studies.

Distance Learning Technologies

  • is an instrument for continuing education during one’s whole life. They provide a possibility for individual search of information and of discussing it, generation of new ideas and fulfillment of projects. 
  • Apparent advantages of distance learning include not only constant communication with your tutor, but also your free choice of time and place of studying, possibility to work while studying, socializing with fellow students, and mastering new technologies which skills may be applied in your further working activity.
  • Institute of Open and Distance Education (ODE) is a structure implementing distance learning technologies at SUSU. It is doing its best to help our University not just train staff capable of performing online teaching, but also command the most up-to-date instruments for organization of education process based on distance learning technologies.
  • Application of new technologies undoubtedly takes training of professors. In this case a professor is the one who helps not to get lost in the information maze, and also organizes and guides the process of learning. The SUSU ODE could render assistance in this issue as well. Courses and practicums for professors will teach how to organize collective training despite the distance in time and space, and how to make it efficient.
  • The SUSU Institute of Open and Distance Education has also elaborated special courses for school pupils, students of technical schools, training colleges, vocational schools on the disciplines which are normally passed at EGE (Uniform State Exam) and are part of the entrance tests at all universities of our country for practically all specialities.
  • The Department of Management and Law being part of ODE trains specialists in the field of higher education on the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes being in high demand, and uses modern teaching technologies for it.

Demo Learning

To feel what it is like to be a distance learning student, you may sign for a demo course. You will see the principles of distance learning and the technologies being used.

Legislative Framework for Distance Learning

  • Law on Education in the Russian Federation (Article 16)
  • On Approving the Procedure of Use of Online Learning and Distance Learning Technologies while Fulfilling Education Programmes by Education Organizations
  • Normative Support for Fulfillment of Education Programmes Using Online Learning and Distance Learning Technologies
  • Programme of Online Learning Development for 2014-2020.
  • On Approving the Procedure of Organization and Fulfillment of Education Activity under Higher Education Programmes – Bachelor Degree Programmes, Specialist Programmes, Master Degree Programmes
  • On Licensing of Education Activity

If you have an urge for self-perfection and self-development, and what is more important, an urge for studying, then distance learning based education is exactly what you need!

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