Projects Being Fulfilled under the Project-based Learning

Institute of Architecture and Construction

School of Medical Biology

School of Economics and Management

  • Developing the Model of the Region’s Ecological and Economical Safety
  • Technique for Determining and Calculating the Worktime Standards for Engineers and Technicians of the Military-Industrial Complex Enterprises: Case Study of Elektromashina Scientific Production Association
  • Robotic Automation of Accounting of Salary and Settlements with Personnel
  • Program of Development of Chelyabtorgtekhnika Group of Companies with Regard to Strategic Growth
  • IT Products Marketing
  • Development of the Human Resources Potential of an Industrial Enterprise
  • Regulations on International Transportation of Objects of Scientific Inquiry
  • Financial, Organisational and Economic Support of Price-promoted Power Engineering Resource Management at Industrial Enterprises

School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Institute of Linguistics and International Communications

  • Elaborating a Nationality-oriented Electronic Course on Russian as a Foreign Language for Students from Turkmenistan (Levels А1 to В1)

  • Elaborating an Electronic Course on Training to Pass the Certification Examination in Russian for Chinese Students (2019-2021)

  • Model of a Domain-specific Ontology for the Tasks on Data Mining in Scientific Text Flows

  • Linguistic Support of Production Processes

  • Development of the Concept of SCO Youth Forum

Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Virtual Museum of South Ural Writers 2018
  • Virtual Museum of South Ural Writers (Apartment Museums of Irina Argutina, Vitaliy Kalpidi, Aleksandr Samoilov) 2019
  • Professional and Resource Support to Psychologists and Social Workers in the Process of Rendering Services on Psychological Counselling and Supporting Citizens in Hardships, Using Software and Information Complex
  • Migration and Migrants through the Lens of Public Opinion in Chelyabinsk
  • EUfactcheck 2018 (completed)
  • EUfactcheck 2019
  • Еnterprise Promotion
  • FactCheck-Ecology
  • Public and Digital Histiry 2018
  • Public and Digital History (PDH) 2019
  • Virtual Museum of Artist V.A. Neyasov (completed)
  • Megaproject on Developing Vital Capacity in Modern Human Beings (comprises a complex of monoprojects)

Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service

Institute of Engineering and Technology

Institute of Law

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