2.6.2 Metallurgy of Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals

Level: Postgraduate studies

Duration of training: 4 years

Degree certificate: Postgraduate studies certification

Mode of study: Full time

Language of study: Russian

Research advisors:

  1. Gennadii Mikhailov, DSc (Engineering), Professor
    Field of Research: Thermodynamic Analysis of High-temperature Metallurgical Processes and Systems, Development of Methods for Theoretical Modeling of Processes in Complex Systems, Creation of Complex Diagrams Linking the Composition of Liquid Metal with the Composition of Equilibrium Nonmetallic Phases, Optimization of Deoxidation Processes and Compositions of Refining Alloys and Ligatures, Development of Phase Equilibrium Diagrams in Crystallizing Alloys. 
    Tel.: +7 (351) 267-95-84, +7 (351) 265-62-05
    E-mail: mikhailovgg[at]susu[dot]ru

  2. Vasilii Roshchin, DSc (Engineering), Professor
    Field of Research: Membrane Refining of Metallic Melts, Theory of Heterophase Chemical Reactions in Metallic Melts with Formation of Products of Complex Composition as Applied to Steel Deoxidation Processes, Electronic Theory of Selective Reduction of Metals in Complex and Poor Ores.
    Теl.: +7 (351) 267-91-61, e-mail: roshchinve[at]susu[dot]ru

Programme Description

Postgraduates acquire the skills in independently conducting research on obtaining and studying the physical and chemical properties of new functional materials. The main objects of research are metallic materials, as well as raw materials and equipment for their production. The postgraduates have the opportunity to conduct studies on cutting-edge research equipment.

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