45.04.01 Philology (Creating, Analyzing and Expert Study of Texts)

Major: Creating, Analyzing and Expert Study of Texts

Level: Master’s degree

Duration of training: 2 years

Degree certificate: Master’s degree

Mode of study: Full time

Language of study: Russian

Programme manager: Tatyana Semyan, +7(351)267-90-29

Description of the educational programme

Education in the field of Philology includes: obtaining a fundamental classical philological education based on the Russian language.

Master of Philology is ready for research activities (member of the research team conducting research on philological topics, editor of scientific publications, etc.); for pedagogical activity (teacher in general education institutions, assistant and teacher in educational institutions of higher education, etc.); for applied activity (referent, press secretary in government, educational, cultural institutions, specialist in linguistic expertise); for project activities (leader and developer of projects in the field of intercultural communication, book publishing, humanitarian education, philological projects in the framework of grant activities, etc.); for organizational and management activities (head and methodologist in the departments and administrations of various levels - from school and university to city and regional).

Field of study

The curriculum for the “Creating, analyzing and expert study of texts” involves training of specialists for different types of work with any type of texts in various fields of applied philology: media, PR and advertising companies, recruitment agencies, marketing departments and business departments of enterprises.

The Master of Philology is a specialist with skills in linguistic and sociocultural communication, ready for creative professional activities in scientific and pedagogical and research teams, in educational, cultural, management, mass media and other institutions that organize and regulate social and humanitarian activity.

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