Project Team

Project-based education is a idea of Rector Aleksandr Shestakov. The work on the project began at the strategic sessions of SUSU, and further on the model was being developed by the participants of the SUSU Think Tank – a university team who took training in Management School at Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI). Today the team is headed by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Andrey Radionov. Elena Ponomareva and Aleksandr Shishkov act as the project managers. The team also includes Head of Academic Services Department Igor Sidorov. All the directors of Schools and academic secretaries were working on the new flexible curricula. The Quality Assurance Office also actively works as part of the team (the Office Head is Dmitry Kharitonov, Deputy Head is Maksim Nesterov).

A very efficient and important part of the team are the people who share the ideology of project-based learning and who do very much for that: directors of the Institutes and Schools, the project-responsible persons within the Institutes and Schools. To make timely and quality decisions, a seminar-meeting on the project-based learning fulfilment is organized, among the participants of which are projects’ supervisors, academic secretaries, and heads of the structural divisions. The meetings within the seminar will be held twice a month.

Project Head

Andrey Radionov

D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor
E-mail: radionovaa[at]susu[dot]ru

Igor Sidorov

Head of Academic Services Department
Ph.D. (Engineering), Associate Professor
E-mail: sidoroviv[at]susu[dot]ru

Dmitry Kharitonov

Head of the Quality Assurance Office
E-mail: kharitonovdv[at]susu[dot]ru

Maksim Nesterov

Deputy Head of the Informatization Office
Deputy Head of the Quality Assurance Office
Ph.D. (Engineering)
E-mail: nesterovmi[at]susu[dot]ru

Persons Responsible for Project-based Learning within the Institutes and Schools

Institute of Arhitecture and Construction

  • Elena Serebrennikova

School of Medical Biology

  • Irina Potoroko

School of Economics and Management

  • Kirill Kardapoltsev

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Tatiana Makovetskaya
  • Ekaterina Yurasova

Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

  • Yulia Dvoryashina

Institute of Linguistics and International Communications

  • Elizaveta Kravtsova

Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Elena Ponomareva

Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service

  • Ilyana Dovgalyuk

Institute of Engineering and Technology

  • Igor Schurov
  • Ruslan Peshkov
  • Vasily Ivanov
  • Zlata Almetova

Institute of Law

  • Irina Belyaeva

Institute of Open and Distance Education

  • Aleksandr Demin
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