Association of International Students and Alumni

Ассоциация международных студентов

“Diversity is our strength, wealth and beauty!”

The Association of International Students and Alumni is an All-Russian student organisation that main goals are:

  • to help in adapting to new students,
  • to acquaint them with the features of Russian culture,
  • to actualise international friends.

Nowadays we are the South Ural Association of international Students and Alumni!

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Have a question? Write to applicant[at]susu[dot]ru

AISA is the organizer national celebrity, such as Day of Arab Culture, Day of African Culture, Navruz , Tea Ceremony, International New Year, Culinary festivals; sport competitions (mini-football, basketball, tennis, etc.).

Our TUTORS are international students of SUSU who are happy to help new students. They have been living in Russia for several years and are educated at our university. Everybody can ask them questions about admission, education, campus, student life in SUSU.

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Executive director 

Tojikulova Dilrabo



Farrux Nurboyev




Tojikulova Dilnoza Zufarjon кizi, Uzbekistan

For me SUSU is an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge in any area I want, SUSU is the great way to broaden your horizons, and also is just cool opportunity for your future career. It is one of the best universities in Chelyabinsk.

Talking about AISA, it could be easily called your second home, where you can find a lot of friends from different countries, as well as it is the place where you can develop yourself in non-studying activities. AISA is about communication, cultural exchange, different languages and, for sure, it is about connections (friends, acquaintances, etc.) forever.



Anastasia Kazachenko, Kazakhstan

For me, SUSU is the great opportunity to learn something new; SUSU is a place where different cultures and traditions come together, Thus I can get to know all of it much better. AISA (Association of Foreign Students and Alumni), is the place that I can call my second, cozy home, that are full of extremely active, responsive, and friendly guys out here!

I love to prepare and discuss ideas, learn something new (culture, traditions, countries, dishes, etc.).

The most important thing that The International Students Association and Alumni gives me undoubtedly unique ability to implement things I love!



Rozyyeva Govher, Turkmenistan

When you getting into South Ural State University you expect to get knowledge and professional skills. However, you are getting much more! Here, we discover new talents, getting real friends. SUSU is thhe place where teachers are not just staff, but our mentors and soulmates!

This is the place where your dreams come true! And SUSU provides many opportunities for that for every student.

AISA is communication with a wonderful team of students who are very active both in academic and other areas of student life!



Rahimov Ramazon, Tajikistan

*SUSU is a garden of knowledge where ideas flourish*

*AIS is for me cultural exchange, language exchange and professional development. *







Aigerim Ulan kyzy, Kyrgyzstan

South Ural State University is the way to future success! Students acquire unique competencies and increase their competitiveness in the labour market, as well as expand their ambitions in the field of scientific activity, sports, creativity and volunteering. It was also easy for me to adapt thanks to the Association of International Students. AIS will help with the documents, check into the dormitory, etc. The Association also holds many interesting events to strengthen friendship between nations.


Enkh-Amgalan Dashtseren Mongolia


I am always pleased to study in the master's program in tourism at SUSU. I am happy to make friends with international students by participating in volunteer activities. I would like to help new students. I can speak Mongolian, English, Korean, Russian.




Chetechete Thomas

At SUSU they offer quality of education judging from the expertise of the professors and lecturers(at least in my faculty -Architectural and Construction faculty).
In addition to main studies, students at SUSU have the opportunity to realize themselves in different new fields if they wish to. This is made possible by the creation of student Union and the Association of International Students (AIS).
AIS allows students to develop their leadership skills through organizing events like festivals, sports competition and forums within the university and within the region in a bid to encourage cooperation amongst foreign students within and other universities. And the university supports all these by providing the space to do so amongst other needed resources. Apart from that AIS also represents students' interests in the university. I would encourage applicants to consider SUSU as a stepping stone into their careers.



Ibrahim Humam,  Iraq

For me, SUSU is the place where I met many wonderful people and got to know different cultures, and where I will complete my education and receive my bachelor's degree next year. AISA (Association of International Students and Alumni) is a family that welcomes international students from the moment they arrive until they graduate. Here, one students conduct various cultural events and activities for other students.


El Feleh Omar, Tunisia

I have just finished a preparatory course and I speak Russian so well already. Maybe you're wondering why I learned Russian so quickly, that's what I'll tell you. the Russian language study program at the university is fantastic. I wonder what other programs would be like, and I already believe that they are even better. In addition, I was actively involved in the association of international students from the very beginning, and talking with them and getting to know them helped me to listen and learn so quickly




Wang Jiao, China

I studied at SUSU for 4 years, for me SUSU is not only a university, but also my hometown. Of course, AISA is like my family for me, where I have brothers and sisters from different countries




Ibrahim Hesham, Egypt

SUSU is a university where there are great opportunities for development in science, sports, and creativity. Thanks to AISA, I have friends from different countries at SUSU, we get to know each other and learn more about different cultures and countries of the world.






Cahya Dian, Indonesia

In my opinion, SUSU is one of the universities in Russia where amazing and just best teachers are working, because they, like no one else, understand how to interact with foreign students, how to make the lesson comfortable, and of course, they are able to explain everything gradually, so I understand what they teach. That's why I really love SUSU and the teachers at this university.

And AISA for me is my family, where I can meet people from different countries and participate in positive activities, which allows me to have an unforgettable experience for life.

"I love you, AISA"


Naullage Kavindi Navoda, Sri Lanka

SUSU, I was choosed for my best choice for my studies. I know it's the perfect destination in my study journey. After I came SUSU I joined AISA. AISA is turning point of my life. Because Its gave me lots of opportunities for improve my skills. After I joined the AISA, I made a lot of friends. It is very valuable for my life. And AISA was introduced me and my county to world. SUSU and AISA is very valuable for my life. Both of them very important for my life. Because both of them gave me too much opportunity and another too much value in my life. I Love SUSU. I love AISA.




Haile Bizualem Desta, Ethiopia

SUSU means everything to me, SUSU and I met in 2020, thanks to my teachers, I graduated with a master's degree in journalism with a red diploma in 2022. During my studies, I became one of the members of the AIS. Thanks to our AIS, I met students from different countries, and we had different events such as culture day, different holidays, etc. And now I have become a graduate student of SUSU again.


Fayaz Ahmad Rukhaye, Afghanistan

This university is considered one of the scientific, cultural and historical universities that, with regular and high-quality curricula, brings a student to the heights of success, and in addition to all these things, this university has a good atmosphere with kind and friendly staff which has provided for students.
By having international students, this university has created an atmosphere of cultural and social acquaintance and exchange, and every year cultural and scientific circles are held in this university, where students of each country in turn show their culture, and this causes students to to get to know different cultures and so that we can live in a peaceful world in the future without considering cultural and social differences.


Tathagata Chowdhury,  India

My SUSU Experience: A Journey of Friendship and Learning
I have always dreamed of studying abroad and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. That’s why I chose to pursue my education at South Ural State University (SUSU) in Chelyabinsk, Russia. SUSU is not just a place of academic excellence, but also a home away from home for me and many other international students. SUSU has a welcoming and supportive environment for students from all over the world. The faculty and staff are friendly and helpful, always ready to guide us and answer our questions.

But what makes SUSU truly special for me is the Association of International Students and Alumni (AISA), a student organization that aims to help international students adapt to life in Russia and foster intercultural exchange and cooperation. AISA has been a game-changer for me, as it has given me the opportunity to make friends from different countries, learn from their perspectives, and share my own ideas and experiences.

AISA has made me feel more connected and integrated with the local community, and more appreciative of the diversity and richness of the world.

I am grateful to SUSU and AISA for making my study abroad journey a memorable and meaningful one. I have learned a lot, not only academically, but also personally and socially.

Omid Nazari, Iran

I feel that SUSU will be a new window to my engineering career. I feel that after completing my studies in this university, I will gain a lot of information to be one of the powerful engineers in the field of construction engineering.
Regarding AISA, I can say that since I met its members, the atmosphere of the university has become more friendly to me and I have made many friends there.

Das Anupam, Bangladesh

Studying mechatronics engineering at South Ural State University has been an exceptional journey. The campus, provides a picturesque backdrop for academic pursuits. The program itself is rigorous and well-structured, blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications. The supportive faculty ensures a conducive learning environment for students. Beyond academics, the university offers a vibrant student life, with groups like AIS organizing engaging events. The administration is approachable and supportive, contributing to a strong sense of community. The peaceful dormitory living adds to the overall positive experience, creating a comfortable and focused environment for studying. In summary, South Ural State University has provided me with a well-rounded and enriching education, marked by academic excellence, vibrant student life, and a supportive community. I am proud to be part of this institution and look forward to its continued success.


Nguyen Van My, Vietnam

South Ural State University (SUSU) is a great choice for my study. As we may know, SUSU is one of the leading universities in Russia, which offers a variety of educational programs taught in both Russian and English. To be honest, I am really interested in the learning environment at SUSU where I can make friends with both the native and international students from different countries around the world. Consequently, studying at SUSU provides me with great opportunities to enhance intercultural competence, which is necessary for effectively adapting in the current globalization. More importantly, I found that the Institute of Linguistics and International Communications offers the high-quality master program of Philology (Theories and Practices of English), which is appropriate to my expectation.

Mustafa Naeem, Pakistan

Studying at SUSU offers a unique blend of academic excellence and a vibrant international atmosphere. The diverse student body brings together individuals from various cultural backgrounds, fostering a rich exchange of ideas. The university's commitment to global collaboration enhances the overall learning experience, providing students with exposure to different perspectives and fostering cross-cultural understanding. The campus facilities and academic resources contribute to a supportive environment, creating opportunities for both academic and personal growth. Overall, SUSU's international atmosphere adds a valuable dimension to the educational journey.



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