Hang gliding club

Classroom: ground floor, building 3a

Web site: http://www.paradelta.ru/

Alexander Gennadyevich Vorontsov — pilot, head of the club
Talgat Gayazovich Irgaleev — former head of the club
Alexander Sergeyevich Kirdyashkin — paraglider pilot
Evgenia Alexandrovna Laritskaya — hang glider pilot
Evgeny Victorovich Plaksin — pilot
Karina Ernestovna Sharipova — hang glider and paraglider pilot
Dmitry Vladimirovich Shvedov — pilot

The hang gliding club was founded in 1978. At that time, enthusiasm for light fabric wings and aluminium tubes has spread around the whole world. In Chelyabinsk alone, there were about ten hang gliding clubs in existence.

Years have passed, and now SUSU Hang Gliding Club is the only club in Chelyabinsk and the whole region. The student environment, the atmosphere that unites dreamers and the creative and enthusiastic people became an essential reason for the survival of the club. The Club enrolls new members every year, and everyone interested can try their hand at this challenging and fascinating sport.

Training and studies are hard enough - students have to attend a course of lectures, pass the test and endure serious training, but every step to the desired goal gives you pleasure and unbelievable emotions. It fascinates more and more until you realize that you can fly like a birds and see the earth and the sky like no one else.

We are very easy to find: 3 building, ground floor, close to the coat check (see map), every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 p.m.

Russian Ultralight Aviation Federation — www.sla.ru/ofsla/

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