International Relations at a Glance

South Ural State University actively supports and broadens its international connections. The university has signed more than 140 active agreements with international universities, transnational corporations, and the largest manufacturing companies from 48 countries of the world.

SUSU is developing academic mobility and offers dual degree master’s programs with Clark University (USA), Lapeenranta University of Technology (Finland), Zhanjiang Ocean University (China), and Sichuan University (China). A Center of Sociocultural Adaptation is offered at the university for international students.

Today, more than 2000 international students study at SUSU in various degree programs and areas of study.

International Relations at a Glance
International Relations at a Glance

International Relations at a Glance
International Relations at a Glance
International Relations at a Glance
International Relations at a Glance

International Strategy

Internalization is one of the key strategic priorities of South Ural State University. We are deeply committed to and look forward to working together with universities around the world, and we earnestly hope and believe that internationalization is one of the best ways to respond to the challenges of today, to advance knowledge and to drive innovative discoveries in areas vital to our country in the years to come.  We constantly strive to enhance international cooperation in education and research, we are happy to host our colleagues from other universities and take pride in the fact that SUSU offers 10 double degree programs, welcomes more than 2000 international students annually, and is a home to more than 100 international scholars.

To further improve our international reputation and to enhance our research and education experience, the university strives to adhere to the following principles:

Quality. All our students, including international students, enjoy the benefits of high quality education at an affordable price. To ensure the quality of teaching, the university offers free extra foreign language classes for its faculty. The international programs are designed to seamlessly combine theory and practice and to provide hands-on, reality-based learning experiences, tailored to our students’ professional needs.

Efficiency. Seeking out opportunities for continual growth, SUSU tries to attract the best international talent to the university’s academic community and to develop new international initiatives with long-term educational and corporate partners. At SUSU, efficiency also means creating a solid platform for practically oriented experimental work in cutting-edge research laboratories, which often involves international expertise and allows the university to meet the unique needs of the local community as well as to benefit society in general.

Reciprocity. We attract international students to do part of their degree at our university, but we are also interested in encouraging local students to participate in academic mobility programs. We constantly create opportunities to develop new and to grow existing strategic international partnerships to facilitate international exchange programs in key priority areas. While trying to offer signature academic mobility programs in each Institute and School, we administer several exchange programs for students and academics, including the activities under the Erasmus+ Program and those under the USCO framework.

Responsibility. We feel responsible for all our students, and it means that the university is always there to provide support and service for its outgoing students as well as for incoming international students adjusting to campus community as well as to life in Russia (International Affairs Office, International Student Center of Cultural Adjustment, SUSU Migration Office, International Mobility Office, Student Accommodation Center). All members of SUSU education community are involved in internationalization – students, faculty, staff.

Confidence, which stems from high standards of quality in all aspects of international education and research at SUSU as well as from long-term commitment to our international partners.

International Faculty

The University HR strategy aims to broaden its staff members’ professional skills and boost their productivity, as well as recruit young, world-class academics and administrators. 

The University focuses on three areas in developing its human resources:

  • International recruitment of faculty and administrators;

  • Developing the professional skills of its staff;

  • Improving organizational structure.

To recruit world-class academics and administrators, the University is building an international recruitment system. The main recruitment tools include:

  • keeping the target audience informed about job opportunities at the University;

  • stepping up activities within the network of leading global universities;

  • offering flexible forms of cooperation, both in terms of time and level of engagement;

  • setting challenging research tasks and providing unique scientific equipment;

  • offering competitive compensation and benefits package.

Such measures are vital to success in attracting world-class academics. The University seeks to form a pool of international researchers who will provide a wide range of contacts with global research centers and ensure the university integration into the international academic community.

If you are interested in teaching or doing research  at SUSU you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Fill out the application form and send it to the International Affairs Office, subbotinati[at]susu[dot]ru. Please, do not forget to send us the scanned copy of your passport. We will contact you to confirm that we have received your application. From now on, we will provide all necessary assistance and walk you through the entire process.
  2. We will contact the Migration Office to get an official invitation letter and will send them the scanned copy of your passport.
  3. The invitation will be ready in 30 days and will be sent by e-mail.
  4. Once you have received your visa invitation letter, you can apply for your visa. Please, consult the consulate or embassy where you are applying to make sure that you meet all the current application and documentation requirements.
  5. Inform the International Affairs Office about the date of your arrival.

International Students (Double Degree/Academic Mobility Programs)

How to apply:

Exchange students application takes place twice a year (Fall Semester/ Spring Semester), exchanges are available either for the full academic year (double degree programs) or one semester (non-degree programs, academic mobility programs). If you are interested in doing a part of your degree at SUSU, please, take the following steps:

1. Contact our office (at sanochkinadv[at]susu[dot]ru) and learn more about the programs on offer.

2. Send the scanned certified copies of the following documents:

  • Scanned copy of your passport;
  • Application form.

For the USCO students:

  • Scanned copy of your passport;
  • Application form;
  • Copy of medical certificate of overall health condition;
  • Copies of HIV-AIDS certificates.

You may also be required to submit academic transcripts for your application to be valid. We will contact you should we require any additional information

3. Once your invitation is ready (30 days), we will send it to you by e-mail.

4. Once you have received your visa invitation letter, you can apply for your visa. Please, consult the consulate or embassy where you are applying to make sure that you meet all the current application and documentation requirements.

5. Inform us about the date of your arrival.

Language requirements

You do NOT have to show your formal qualifications, but you do have to understand that it is essential that your English/Russian language skills are good enough for you to undertake a course that is taught in English/Russian. We run a Russian as a Foreign Language remedial course for students who are not sure about their language skills.

Financial Aid

A range of government ( e.g. quotas on the admission of foreign citizens to public institutions of higher professional education; USCO scholarships (Shanghai Cooperation Organization University), country-specific (e.g. Scholarship from the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq) and the University-funded (e.g. SUSU International Student Grant) scholarships will be available for international students.


Telephone Assistance: +7 351 272 22 22
E-mail Assistance: applicant[at]susu[dot]ru, international[at]susu[dot]ru
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9 A.M. – 5.30 P.M.

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please, call us at +7 351 272 22 22 or e-mail applicant[at]susu[dot]ru, international[at]susu[dot]ru so that our staff members could help you.


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