Four Seasons

Russian weather depends on the region. It is not all about the famous Russian frosts. In fact, many Russian people and the country’s visitors are lucky to see the four seasons in all their beauty. Chelyabinsk is no exception.


Мороз и солнце; день чудесный!

А.С. Пушкин

You have probably heard a lot about Russian winter, especially something about eternal frost and snow-covered streets. Russia is a vast country, and there are places in it where this is true. But not in Chelyabinsk, do not worry. What is true about Chelyabinsk winter is that it might start and end unexpectedly. Of course, winter would be no winter if it did not bring low temperatures and snow, although the latter is rarely knee-deep these days (it was in the past!). Although winter is the coldest season of the year (the average temperature ranges from -8C in December to -15C in January to -11C in February), it is marked by beloved celebrations, such as the New Year and Christmas (yes, in Russia we celebrate Christmas later than the New Year, on January 7th). This festive period leaves many foreigners perplexed as it seems endless. Nothing can spoil the Russians’ mood these days, and if you still think that our nation is too serious, come visit Russia in late December - you will be amazed by how much fun you will get!

As it tends to get really cold in winter and the temperature can sometimes drop to -25C (in late December and January), central heating is on in every building throughout the winter season. Wherever you go in Chelyabinsk, you will not get cold (even public transports use their heaters). Nonetheless, do not forget to bring your warm coat, boots, a cap, and warm gloves if you stay in the city during the winter season.


Весна идет, весна идет,
Мы молодой весны гонцы,
Она нас выслала вперед!

Ф.И. Тютчев

Spring is a wonderful time of the year when nature wakes up from the deep sleep and breathes bright colours in everything around. With the snow melting and willows blooming, days become longer and the sun shines brighter, which means it is time to drop your warm clothes and enjoy long walks with friends. Spring is the time when the temperature finally starts crawling up.

But do not get too comfortable! Sometimes winter jokes at us and returns with heavy snowfalls even in April. Thank God, this phenomenon is short-lasting, but it has led the Russians to believe that it is a bad sign putting away your winter clothes till June (it is better to keep them somewhere within easy reach throughout the year, joke). Overall, the spring weather in Chelyabinsk is quite comfortable ranging between -1С (in March) and +18 (in May).

The first month of spring is marked by International Women’s Day (March 8th). Save some nice compliments (and chocolates) for this occasion. The middle of spring is notable for the celebration of Easter. Although we are short of chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies, we are happy to offer you hard-boiled eggs painted ourselves. Do not skip trying paskha, a kind of very delicious Easter cake. And, of course, May is always warm and sunny and it is one of the main months of the year for all Russian people. On Victory Day (May 9) the Russians honour veterans and those who fought for our country during World War II. As May comes, you can see people spending time outdoors, especially in Gagarin Park, the green lungs of Chelyabinsk.


Я пришел к тебе с приветом,
Рассказать, что солнце встало,
Что оно горячим светом
По листам затрепетало...

А.А. Фет

Did you know that apart from Switzerland there is another country of lakes and it is located in Russia? The region of the Southern Urals numbers 3 170 lakes, with 39 being the world heritage sites! Visiting the region in the middle of summer is the perfect time to see the wonders of these places. Do not forget to bring your camera as the views are breathtaking. The June weather is unstable with downpours catching the city unexpectedly. It might be a wise idea to take an umbrella with you during this month and fetch a coat as the temperature might sometimes be far from summery (although the average temperature in June is +18C, it might lower to +10C). During July weekends, the locals usually head out of Chelyabinsk to enjoy swimming and barbecuing in numerous holiday villages scattered around the beautiful lakes. The temperature tends to get really hot in the middle of summer (+30C), so cooling off in lakes might be the best way to escape the heat.

Why the Russians love summer? Because of a huge variety of berries, fruit, and vegetables of course! In Chelyabinsk, you can find a number of great markets, where local gardeners offer the best foods for your summer table. If you fancy climbing or hiking through the woods, then our region is definitely the place to travel to in summer. The regional mountains will inspire even seasoned travellers. Just google Taganay, a group of mountains in the Southern Urals and you will realize it is a must-see place.

If for some reason you are not into the wonders of nature, you can still have great fun staying in the city of Chelyabinsk during the summertime. Take a stroll along the liveliest street of Chelyabinsk - Kirovka. You will surely take some catchy pics there! For attraction lovers, Gagarin Park offers plenty of ways for entertainment.

August is more comfortable in terms of weather than the previous summer months. The temperature tends to lower down to +22C and you can enjoy spending time in the city without devouring enormous amounts of ice-cream to cool off. At the same time, August nights become colder and in the early morning, you can feel autumn waiting behind the corner.


О счастье мы всегда лишь вспоминаем.
А счастье всюду. Может быть, оно —
Вот этот сад осенний за сараем
И чистый воздух, льющийся в окно.

И. А. Бунин

September in Chelyabinsk features unpredictable weather. The start of autumn can please you with warm and sunny days or make your teeth chatter from cold and wet afternoons. The second half of September, however, brings Babye Leto or Indian summer. We in Russia call it “Old Woman’s Summer”. It seems as though summer has returned to gift the citizens some of its warmth and sun with the temperature rising again. When autumn finally regains its power, Chelyabinsk takes out light coats to keep warm with Octobery +7 - + 9C. As the days become shorter and the nights become longer, birds migrate to the warmer places. It might be possible that, as an excuse for taking the summer’s place, Russian autumn always comes with golden and fiery colours to make nature look extraordinary. The incredible beauty of forests and fields during this season has been numerously praised by famous Russian poets, despite the heavy rains coming with this period. So although the temperature keeps orienting itself towards the zero mark, take on something warm, go out and enjoy the last warm sunbeams shimmering on the tree leaves. Late October and November is a colder period (+2C) and it may start to snow easily. The weather forecasts offer no comfort. Yet, the Russians do not get sad. They know - the holidays are coming!

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