Al Gharrawi Bahaa Kadhim Oudah (Iraq)

Al Gharrawi Bahaa Kadhim Oudah


Master’s Studies in Philology

“The place is just like somewhere in the US or UK”

– Why did you decide to apply to Russia?

– Well, I’ve decided to apply to Russia because Russia is a beautiful country and there is a good relationship between Russia and Iraq. There are many Iraq students who prefer studying in Russia.

– How did you get into SUSU?

– It was recommended to me by a friend who studied here. He did the same course as I am now.

– What do you think about the overall experience?

– I think it has been a good experience so far because people here are kind, especially when you ask them in the street, they try to help you. The weather here is kind of cold, but we got used to it. After all, it’s a beautiful country.

– Is the local area nice?

– I didn’t like it for the first time, because I came when it was the winter. But now it is different because you have beautiful nature here, especially in summer. So I like it now.

– Are there any surprises for international students at SUSU?

– From my point of view, as an international student, SUSU can offer a lot for the international students in terms of Master’s and PhD programs. They can offer good opportunities for international students in the future.

– How happy are you at SUSU?

– I am happy. I’m going to graduate after more than two years of studying here. I have significantly improved my English. I’ve also learned Russian, it’s an interesting language, and I’ve got to know the traditions and customs of Russian people. I’ve discovered that they are very kind and nice people.

– What are your plans after graduation?

– After graduation, perhaps I’m going to have to pursue my PhD here at SUSU, because they can offer a lot of opportunities. But we don’t know what the future will be like for us. I’d like to thank SUSU and Russian people for their kindness and help. Thank you, SUSU!

– What advice would you give to international students who are going to study at SUSU?

– I would like to recommend other students to study at SUSU, especially those who would like to do their Master’s programs here in English. They are going to improve their English a lot. SUSU can offer you an environment just like in the US or the UK. So, I recommend my friends to study here and to give this place a chance. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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