Gabriel N'Kita Lubo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Gabriel N’Kita Lubo

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Bachelor’s Studies in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

“It’s a very big and good university”

– Why did you decide to apply to Russia?

– I’ve decided to come to Russia because I dreamed about traveling somewhere after my college graduation. Russia was a perfect place as this country is welcoming to everybody. I thought it would be great opportunity to learn how Russian people live.

– How did you get into SUSU?

– I went to the embassy, and they did some research for me. I wanted to study at some technical university because I like technology. So they found SUSU. Chelyabinsk is small city, but SUSU is a big university. I jumped at the opportunity and came here.

– Is the local area nice?

– The place we are living is very good for students, we have good rooms, we have good people, everything is clean.

– How happy are you at SUSU?

– I am very happy to study at SUSU, it is a big and good university. Everything is perfectly organized here, and people know how to teach foreign students.

– What are your plans after graduation?

– After my graduation, I want to go back and do some practice of what I’ve learned at SUSU. I’ll try to establish good relationships between my country and this university. If my people want to study abroad, I can help them with learning some basic Russian so that can study here, at SUSU. Maybe, I’ll come here for my holiday.

– Are there any surprises for international students at SUSU?

– I first came here with my sister. We started our studies together after the foundation program. After one year of studying, I started welcoming new foreign students coming to SUSU. They kept asking me “what did you do to learn Russian language”. I told them that this language is very easy if you live like a Russian, dress like a Russian, behave like a Russian, and all that stuff. It was exciting to try some Russian food, and my favorite soup is borsch, it is nice and it’ll stay in my heart forever.

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