Nabil Aboelela Mohamed Abodalla (Egypt)

Nabil Aboelela Mohamed Abodalla


Master’s Studies in Computer Science

“People here are so friendly”

– Why did you decide to apply to Russia?

– To be honest, it’s my bad luck. First time, I came here as a visitor and I met my girlfriend here. It was spring, it was so hot. I loved that weather and I thought it would be like that the whole year. So I decided to move to Chelyabinsk for my girlfriend. My thinking about the weather was my mistake. I applied here, then I went back to Egypt for one month and then came back again. Then the winter started, and I was crying like a little kid.

– What do you think about the overall experience?

– People here are so friendly, especially old people. I love them, they like talking. And once they know that I am Egyptian, they start to asking me so many questions. I realized they like Egypt. I also know that Russian people like art and poetry a lot. They have a famous poet – Pushkin. And I like drawings a lot.  

– How happy are you at SUSU?

– I am happy because I’m here, I am happy because I have lots and lots of friends. I have friends from Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan…. My best teacher is Julia Viktorovna. I like all the teachers so much, I appreciate what they did for me.

– What are your plans after graduation?

– I don’t think I’ll stop my studies. I’m at my Master’s program now, and after that you have something called “aspirantura” (i.e. PhD), then “aspirantura-doctorantura” (i.e. Doctoral studies). I want to be a professor. I really want to be a professor. The studying will take 10 years, a long time. After these 10 years, if I’m still alive, I might stay here or not. I don’t know yet.

– What advice would you give to international students who are going to study at SUSU?

– I’ve already invited two friends to study here, and they came. At first, most of the Arab guys thought the language was so easy that they could speak Russian after one month or two. It’s a totally different story. You should spend a lot of time, do a lot of practice, and work really hard to learn this language.

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