Hugo Zheng (China)

Hugo Zheng


Master’s Studies in Economics

«SUSU is heartwarming and friendly to the foreigners»

– Why did you decide to apply to Russia?

– More and more Chinese students choose to study abroad. They usually choose America, Canada or Australia. As for me, I’ve chosen Russia. I wanted to study Russian because it’s one of the hardest languages in the world. And I’m also very interested in the Russian culture, history, and people.

– How did you get into SUSU?

– SUSU and Zhejiang University, where I used to study, have an exchange program for students. When I first heard about it, I got pretty excited because of an opportunity to go to Russia. I’ve discussed this thing with my parents, and they were happy for me, supporting my decision to go to Russia. I could also go to Moscow or St Petersburg but the thing is you have to learn the language alone for one year there. At SUSU, I had a chance to combine the language learning with economics, so because I wanted to save the time, I chose SUSU. I must say, it was the right decision.

– Are the people friendly?

– When it comes to the young people, they’re very friendly. Many students come to me in the street and start asking questions about China; some of them study Chinese. Elder people here are so sweet! They’re so warm-hearted! During winter months, if you go in the street without a warm coat, some old ladies will definitely ask you “where’s your coat?” and will tell you to dress warmer. It’s like they’re your grandmothers! People in Chelyabinsk are heartwarming and friendly to the foreigners, in my opinion. 

– Is the local area nice?

– I know that a lot of Chinese parents worry about that, and I can promise you that Chelyabinsk is probably the safest city in the country; there are many soldiers here. And the government looks after the city, so don’t worry. Chelyabinsk is a traditional Russian city, with the Russian atmosphere in the street, and lots of tasty food.

– Are there any surprises for international students at SUSU?

– The most surprising thing for me is teachers. Of course, they are very responsible and take their duties very seriously, but what I find surprising is that they socialize with us students after classes. They invite us to go to museums, or to watch a movie or a soap opera. At Chinese universities, we don’t usually socialize with teachers after classes. So I think it’s pretty cool. Here, they want not only to be teachers to us, but also be our friends, almost like parents.

– How happy are you at SUSU?

– I love being here. When I wake up, I always have a lot of things waiting to be done. I’m always busy, studying, cooking, shopping, cleaning, and, of course, socializing. Every day I’m getting closer to my dream of finishing a Russian university.

– What are your plans after graduation?

– It’s hard to say. We can’t say for sure what lies ahead in the future. I don’t have to make up my mind right now. After I graduate, I’ll probably stay in Chelyabinsk to do my Ph.D. Or probably I’ll come back to China and find a job in the field of economics.

– Any advice for international students coming to study at SUSU?

– I’m not sure I’m the one who should answer this question, but I can say that a lot of Chinese students want to study here. From my experience, I can say that it’s vital to study Russian before you come here and not only English. Of course, if you don’t speak Russian, everybody here will help you to learn the language. For Russian people their language means a lot. When you start learning Russian, you understand why. It’s really a magical language.

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