Fazah Lafta Hasan (Iraq)

Fazah Lafta Hasan


Ph.D. (Mathematics)

"Chelyabinsk is beautiful and safe city"

– What do you think about the overall experience?

– First of all, I’d like to say that Chelyabinsk is a beautiful city. Yes, there are many plants here, many factories but it’s modern and lively. It’s also safe. The people here are great. I have a lot of Russian friends who are always helpful and kind. They helped me to improve my Russian significantly. Right now I’m doing some research for my thesis in mathematics. I feel I’m blessed with the opportunity to study in a country where mathematics is at such an advanced level. I’m so excited about my studies here.

– What are you planning to do after graduation?

– After I receive a Ph.D. here, I will return to my country and work in a university. What I dream about is teaching here, at SUSU. But for that I need to speak Russian fluently. Spoken Russian is one thing but I also have to understand well the meaning of specific words in my field of research. It will take me some time to master Russian but it’s worth it. I know I’ll be a good specialist in my country but my heart is here, in Chelyabinsk at SUSU.

– Any advice for international students coming to study at SUSU for the first time?

– My advice would be to start learning Russian as soon as possible! When you come here, it’ll be much easier for you than if you just speak your language or English. Of course people here are comfortable with English but you can get your relationship with Russian students and teachers at a totally different level if you speak their language.

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