Faculty of Materials Science and Metallurgy Engineering

South Ural State University
Office 316, 321, Main University Building
76, Prospect Lenina
Тel.: + 7 351 267 92 21, +7 351 267 36 50
E-mail: fm-susu[at]mail[dot]ru


Mikhail Ivanov

Candidate of technical Sciences


Founded in 1952, our faculty has prepared more than 10, 000 specialists. Our research team is one of the strongest in Russia known for its scientific and methodic results. Today nearly 1, 000 students are involved into undergraduate and graduate programs at the faculty. Our teaching staff includes 77 faculty members,  with 4 members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 22 Doctors of Sciences, 48 Candidates of Sciences.

Fields of Study


  • 15.03.02 – «Technological Machines and Equipment»;
  • 17.05.01 – «Explosive Items and Devices»;
  • 15.03.01 – «Machine Building»; 
  • 22.03.01 – «Мetal Science and Metal Technologies»;
  • 22.03.02 – «Меtallurgy».


  • 15.04.02 – «Теchnological Machines and Equipment»;
  • 22.04.02 – «Меtallurgy»;
  • 15.04.01 – «Маchine Building».

Research Areas

  • Physical chemistry (carbon nanofoam, GaNmonocrystals growing from solution in the fusion of alkaline materials, development and investigation of mesoporous carbon materials doped with nanoparticles).
  • Machines and fabricating technology  (formulation of articles made of powder contexture using carbon).
  • Facility and welding production technology  (welding, fracture resistance, welded junctions, laser hybrid welding and robotic welding). The research team cooperates with other leading industrial enterprises both in the Russian Federation and in Finland (Lappeenranta University of T echnology).
  • Metallurgy and foundry  (intermetallic titanium alloy foundry , precision casting processes and its activation with physical fields, silicate and aluminate binding systems in precision casting).

Completed project

  • The unit for Carbon nanofoam for fuel cells.  The  aims is to pursue research in the areas of carbon nanofoam manufacture. The research team obtained bicontinualmicroemulsions using furfuryl alcohol as a monomer, nonionic surfactant and organic solvent, the first ones by thermolysis were transformed into carbon nanofoam with specific surface area more than 1000 sq.m./g. Furfural polymer serves as a source for carbon that is able to 13 transform into carbon with 60%. Alcohol infused surfactant and solvent in different concentration create conditions for ordered micro- and nano- structures formation in such solution. Discovered carbon nanofoamhas a unique pattern, structure and has certain characters that can be transformed into various forms on the synthesis stage. The proposed method is one-of-a-kind and goes before upcoming world analogues. Principal researcher: A.D. Zherebtsov, Doctor of Thechnical Sciences, Professor. 

Contact Us

Рrincipal Researchers:

Dr . Dmitry Zherebtsov (carbon nanofoam)

Dr . Damir Galimov

Dr . Marina Samodurova (composite materials)
E-mail: samodurovamn[at]susu.ac[dot]ru 

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