Center of Quick Assessment of Human Condition

Address: Chelyabinsk, 60 Sony Krivoy, auditorium 001
Phone: (351) 267-96-81
E-mail: tssa[at]istis[dot]ru

Manager of the Center of Quick Assessment of Human Condition

Aleksandr Petrovich Isaev

Doctor of biological sciences, professor


A Sports Science Research Center was founded at the ISTS in 2014, which includes:

  • The laboratory of functional diagnostics.
  • The laboratory of biochemistry.
  • The laboratory for increasing physical capabilities and recovery.
  • The laboratory of sport statistics.
  • The laboratory of sports training techniques.
  • The laboratory of sports technologies and systemic analysis.
  • The laboratory of quick assessment of human condition.
  • The treatment and prevention department.

The laboratory for quick assessment of human condition monitors individuals in extreme conditions, researches the reserves of the human body, and forecasts sports results.
ISTS students are encouraged to participated in research work from the first year of study.

The Center for Quick Assessment of Human Condition has been in operation from 2011, where candidate and doctors’ dissertations are prepared for defense and scientific and methodological support for sports teams is offered.

Эргоспирометрия. Шиллер ЭКГ, Schiller ErgoSpiro


Ergospirometry is a non-invasive diagnostic method which can expose such heart issues as heart failure, ischemic heart disease, stenocardia, and others.  During ergospirometry, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and gas exchange between cells and their environment are verified.


Tanita весы, анализатор состава тела

Body composition analyzer

The body composition analyzer allows you to explicitly understand what is occurring inside your body which is vitally important for every individual. It allows you to see how changes in your everyday physical activity level and nutrition affect your body’s condition over a long period of time.

Siemens Klinitek, Экспресс-анализ мочи

Express urine analysis.

Urine is a product of the filtration of blood. Urine accumulates and expresses products od decomposition, toxins, and cell life products from the whole body. Urine analysis is a necessary procedure in medicine. Urine analysis shows which ailments and defects a person is suffering from and which organ needs immediate treatment or preventative measures.

МБН Стабило, стабилометрия


Stabilometry is a method of analyzing the functions of the body tied to supporting balance.

МБН 3D Сканер позвоночника

Spinal scanner

The 3D-SCANNER is used to register the spatial alignment of the spine, pelvic girdle, shoulder girdle, and lower extremeties. The location of the end of the scanner probe is registered by computing its coordinates using the scanner’s joint angles.


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