Aerospace Engineering

South Ural State University
Office 250, University Building 2
85, Prospect Lenina
Tel: +7 351 267 91 22

Assistant Director

Ekaterina Zarnitsyna

Senior Lecturer



Aerospace Engineering strives to create the regional center of the fundamental elite technical education, combining the efforts of schools, colleges, traditional and military institutions, and aerospace design departments.


Fields of Study

Vocational Education:

  • 25.02.04 – «Flight Operation of Aircrafts». Study term is 2 years 10 months. Graduates are awardered the quaification of «Commercial Pilot».


  • 24.05.01 – «Design, Manufacture and Operation of Rockets and Rocket-Space Systems». Programmes: «Missile Transport Systems», «Launching Equipment, Transport and Mounting Equipment, Launch Complex Facilities».
  • 24.05.07 – «Aeronautic Engineering and Helicopter Engineering». Programme: «Helicopter Engineering».
  • 24.05.02 – «Design of Aircraft and Rocket Engines». Programme: «Design of Liquid Rocket Engines», «Design of Rocket Engines of Solid Propellant», «Design of Cooling Systems and Thermal Guard for Aircraft and Rocket Engines».


  • 15.03.02 – «Technological Machines and Equipment». Programme: «Hydromachines, Hydraulic Servo and Hydropneumatics».
  • 24.03.01 – «Rocket Complexes and Astronautical Science». Programmes: «Rocket Engineering», «Launch and Technical Complexes of Rockets and Spacecrafts».
  • 24.03.04 – «Aeronautic Engineering». Programme: «Aeronautic Engineering and Helicopter Engineering».


  • 15.04.02 – «Technological Mashines and Equipment». Programme: «Hydromachines, Hydraulic Servo and Hydropneumatics».
  • 24.04.04 – «Aeronautic Engineering». Programme: «Helicopter Engineering».
  • 24.04.01 – «Rocket Complexes and Astronautical Science». Programme: «Rocket Engineering».


  • 24.06.01 – «Aeronautic and Rocket-and-Space Equipment»,
  • 05.04.13 – «Hydraulic  Machines and Hydraulic Pneumatic Accessory».

Research Areas

  • Aircraft engines  (heat exchange and fluid and gas dynamics of powerplant unit and air and spacecraft engines).
  • Flying vehicles and automatic plants. (dynamic load of starting systems, fast-acting power actuator development using alternative energy sources, thermostatics of launch pad systems).
  • Hydraulics and hydropneumatic systems (vacuum systems, hydromachines, fluid dynamics of gas-liquid mixtures, flow medium motion theory, unsteady heat exchange, hydraulics and applied hydraulics).
  • Engineering mechanics and machine design (new multicomponent polymeric materials in track line design of tracked vehicles).

Contact Us

Principal Researchers:

Dr. Evgeniy Safonov
e-mail: safonov[at][dot]ru

Dr. Sergey Machnovich
e-mail: makhnovichsv[at][dot]ru

Dr. Alexander Murzin
e-mail: murzinam[at][dot]ru

Dr. Evgeniy Spiridonov
e-mail: spiridonovek[at][dot]ru

Dr. Priadko Yuriy
e-mail: priadkoyg[at][dot]ru

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