Design and Visual Arts

Address: 454080, Chelyabinsk, 76 Lenina Avenue
Room 578, building 2
Phone: (351) 267-92-69
E-mail: tob[at]susu[dot]ru


Dmitry Surin

Professor, Honorary Artist of Russia.

Secretary of the Russian Union of Artists in the Ural Federal District


07.03.03 Architectural Space Design (Architectural Engineering and Design)

The fields of the bachelor’s professional activity are as follows: 

  • urban object-space complex design (residential, public and industrial buildings);
  • design of building interiors, engineering life support systems (layout and filling of urban open spaces, ecological equipment);
  • computer modeling of architectural objects;
  • organizational and communication activities.

54.03.01 Design (Graphic Design)

The fields of the bachelor graphic designer’s professional activity are as follows:

  • various types of printed and promotional products (books, magazines, booklets, banners, etc.);
  • web design (websites, game interface, animation, etc.);
  • visual and communication media (navigation system, corporate style, infographics, etc.);
  • product design technology;
  • research work.

54.04.01 Graphic Design

The Masters of Design are prepared to work in the fields requiring deeper fundamental professional knowledge (project activity, technologies of copyrighted printed graphics, design of modern visual and information systems).


  • Russian Railways
  • VGTRK (State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company), VGTRK Regional Department 31 Canal
  • VGTRK Yamal
  • «I am radio» (Saint-Petersburg radio station)
  • Mildberry Brand Agency
  • “Tomatdesign” Brand Agency
  • Yamal Television and Radio Broadcasting Company
  • TAPCLAP Company
  • «Avtorynok» magazin
  • «SoyuzNanoSvet» LLC
  • “Orange Apps” Design Group
  • Artists’ Union of Russia (Chelyabinsk Regional Office)
  • “Betotek” Design Group
  • “ADES CASA” Architecture and Design Workshop
  • “Chelyabinsk Grazhdan Proekt” Design Institute
  • Union of South Ural Project Organizations
  • South Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry


  • Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Ministry of Culture of China, Fine Arts Department
  • Chelyabinsk City Administration, Ministry of Culture of Chelyabinsk Region
  • Designers’ Union of Russia
  • Architects’ Union of Russia
  • Artists’ Union of Russia
  • Chelyabinsk and Zlatoust Diocese
  • Moscow Institute of Architecture (MARKHI)
  • Ural Federal University (Yekaterinburg)
  • Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure of Chelyabinsk Region
  • Ministry of Culture of Chelyabinsk Region
  • Ural Tourism Association
  • Committee for Cultural Heritage State Protection of Ministry of Culture of Chelyabinsk Region
  • “Chelyabinsk Grazhdan Proekt” Design Institute
  • Chelyabgipromez
  • Administration of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Chelyabinsk Region


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