Breakthroughs in Science and Education

SI1 aim: to achieve globally recognised breakthroughs in research and education in SUSU's fields of specialisation.
To achieve this goal, SUSU will focus on four knowledge areas, which lay the foundation of the four Strategic Academic Units (StrAUs). Each unit integrates research projects and educational programs.
Engineering. A leading breakthrough initiative is cross-disciplinary aerospace research, aimed at asteroid impact avoidance. To enhance research competencies, the University will promote an Aerospace Engineering Master's degree program to the national educational market.
  • Supercomputing. A major breakthrough area is represented by a research project focused on data mining, a technique that is particularly essential for the comprehensive analysis of Big Data. In the supercomputing area, the educational component is represented by the development of an English-language Master's degree programme in Data Mining, which will be intensively promoted domestically and internationally.
  • Natural Sciences. A major breakthrough research area is the development of alternative energy sources including materials for solar cells (photosensitisers), which will help enhance the efficiency of solar batteries and reduce the cost of power generation. As part of SI1 implementation, SUSU will introduce English-language programs in applied mathematics, physics, chemistry and materials science.
  • Life Sciences. A major breakthrough research area is the study of molecular mechanisms of chronic emotional stress development, which represents a health problem for residents of large modern urban centers.
Specific prospective research and educational projects will be selected by the independent international experts. To address this task, SUSU is establishing an International Academic Advisory Council, comprising of leading global scientists in the domains of natural and computer sciences, engineering and medicine (SI3).
The SUSU Board of Regents, comprising of industrial leaders, will be instrumental in overseeing the University's cooperation with the business community, i.e. by approving a roadmap for promoting SUSU's research capabilities in industrial markets (SI5).
All breakthrough projects leverage the University's supercomputing resources. Many projects will also utilize SUSU's competencies in instrumentation. To achieve higher effectiveness of SI1 implementation, SUSU will engage external partners to cooperate in breakthrough areas in research and education. A high return on investment in breakthrough initiatives will be supported by the University's existing research infrastructure.

Main actions for implementing SI1

SI1 is integrates a number of other initiatives included in the SUSU Roadmap. For instance, to deliver the priority projects the University will recruit talented researchers and students as part of SI2 and SI3. The concentration of resources on breakthrough areas will be achieved with the help of SI4 activities, in particular through carrying out scientific foresight and an international expert examination of research projects led by the SUSU International Academic Advisory Board.

The results of SI1 implementation include boost in the international academic reputation and  in citation indices and publishing activity across all breakthrough areas.


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