Student practicums

For the area of study 100200.62 - Tourism, and the major 100201.65 - Tourism

1st year - practicums in the Perm region (1st semester) and in Sverdlovskaya region (2nd semester), as well as academic practicums Basics of Service after completion of the 2nd semester (working as a waiter or maid)

2nd year - practicums in Bashkortistan (3rd semester) and in the Tyumen region (4th semester), as well as the academic practicum, Tourism Resources, after completion of the 4th semester (study of the tourism resources of the Ural region)

3rd year - practicums around the Chelyabinsk region (Nature monuments and skiing centers) and also an industrial practicum, Tourism Instructor, after completion of the 6th semester (participation in excursions on foot or on water, or spelunking).

4th year:

  • for bachelor’s - pre-diploma practicum (gathering information to write final qualification work)/
  • for specialists - travel to a practicum outside of the Ural region (Kazan, Samara, Nizhniy Novgorod) and also industrial practice Tour Manager after the completion of the 8th semester in the Chelyabinsk tourist industry.

5th year - pre-diploma practicum (gathering information to write final qualification work).

For the major 100103.65 - Sociocultural Service and Tourism

1st Year - academic practicum, Basics of Service (work as a waiter or maid)

2nd year - academic practicum, Tourism Resources (study of the tourism resources in Russia through travel)

3rd year - industrial practicum, Tourism Instructor (participation in excursions on foot or by water, or spelunking), Location Inspector (working as a hotel administrator or resort administrator).

4th year - industrial practicum, Tour Manager (organizing travel practicums for students of the first years of study)

5th year - pre-diploma practicum (collecting information to write final qualification work).

The system of travel practicums developed by the department and included in the acadmic schedule became an important element of the training structure. The travel practicums are a full training cycle for all of the department’s areas and majors.

The goal of the travel practicums is to form practical skills in regional conditions. The travel practicums are mandatory for all students who study in the major 100103 - Sociocultural Service and Tourism, and the area 100400 - Tourism.

The basis of these travel practicums is the principles of independent tourism within the academic process.

Participation in travel practicums around the Ural region is mandatory in the first and second years of study (Perm region, Sverdlovskiy region, Bashkortostan, Tyumen region).

Third year students participate in travel practicums in the study of the potential of the Chelyabinsk region (the mining region, Taganai and Zyuratkul national parks, ski centers, etc.)

Fourth year students must participate in travel practicums ouside of the Ural region (Povolzhie, Central Russia, and so on) as determined by professors.

Fifth year students independently choose a geography region for an academic tour, study the demand for the given area and independently develop, organize, and realize an academic travel practicum whose potential clients are students of the first years of study and tourists who may be interested in the tour. The tour is realized thanks to sociocultural businesses of service and tourism.

The travel practicums reflect the essence of the future profession, enable the formation of important qualities of a tourism professional, and are a unique experimental platform where students can develop their professional skills in conditions close to reality. The analysis of successes and failures of student work determined at a conference after the travel practicum lowers the probability of repeating these mistakes in real conditions, which decreases the student’s adaptation period to full execution of professional tasks.

The department of Tourism and Sociocultural Service actively works with businesses of the tourism and hospitality industries in the region in the joint training of staff, including: leading Chelyabinsk tourist firms (Voyagt, Rifey-tur, Kanikuly, Sputnik), sanatoriums and resorts of the Chelyabinsk region (Ural, Uvildiy, Magnitogorsk Balno-mud Health Center with Resort Polyclinic, care home Lesnoye Ozero), the largest hotels businesses of Chelyabinsk (Gostinichnoye Khozyaistvo, LLC., hotel Meridian, hotel complex Smolino, hotel Slavyanka, and others).

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