Dual Postgraduate Program

General information

On October 26th 2015, an an agreement on a joint doctorate program between SUSU and Lappeenranta University of Technology was signed.

According to the agreement, SUSU doctoral students can be accepted into a joint SUSU-LUT doctoral program and receive not just their candidate of science degree, but also a degree as doctor of philosophy (PhD) upon completion of their dissertation research. Upon completing their education, postgraduates defend dissertations in both Finland and Russia, receiving two international-format degrees simultaneously: a candidate’s degree in Russia, and a PhD at LUT.

Criteria for review:

  • Be a student of the SUSU Higher School of Electronics and Computer Sciences;
  • Excellent academic marks;
  • A high level of English confirmed by international certifications or by a certificate from the SUSU Institute of Linguistics and International Communication;
  • The topic of dissertation research must adhere to the interests of both universities and must be a match for the potential research advisors at SUSU and LUT. Upon admittance, each postgraduate student is assigned a research advisor rom each university.

Postgraduates participating in the program with dual advising pay for the cost of education at SUSU. If enrolling in a budget placement, education at SUSU is free. Education at LUT is free.

In the first year of dual program postgraduate study it is desirable that the student sit the candidate exams, after which the student is sent to LUT for a half-year internship with their individual tasks with individually assigned deadlines. The internship is devoted to the completion of research tasks according to the overall goals of the postgraduate students’. Such tasks could be the approbation of research results or the preparation of publications for a peer-reviewed scientific journal. For the execution of these tasks, the postgraduate has the right to sit in on lecture courses being read at LUT or attend research seminars, at which it is possible to approbate their work.

The internship can be paid by a grant received by the postgraduate. However, the possibility of lack of financial support does not free the postgrad from the necessity of adhering to the program schedule. Therefore, the postgrad should be ready to pay for their arrival at LUT independently if grant funding will be unavailable.

Dissertation defense

Dissertation defense is held according to the procedures, rules, and norms of the university at which the student is defending the dissertation.

Upon successful defense of the dissertation at LUT, the postgrad will be awarded a doctor of philosophy degree (PhD) according to Finnish law. The postgrad must fulfill all LUT requirements to receive their doctoral degree.

Upon successful dissertation defense at SUSU, the postgrad will be awarded the scientific degree candidate of science, which is a component of the accredited national system for awarding degrees. The postgrad must fulfill all SUSU requirements and the requirements of the current legislation in the area of education for defense of candidate dissertation in order to be awarded the candidate degree.


Applications for entrance into the dual postgraduate program are sent in the first semester of education in the postgraduate program to the dean of the CMCS faculty.

Upon acceptance into the dual postgraduate program, it will be necessary to prepare a packet of documents which contain general information on the research topic, a research plan, information about the scientific advisor, and planned publications.

All questions can be posed at the following address:

454080, g. Chelyabinsk, Prospekt Lenina, 87, cabinet 479/3.
Work phone: (351) 267-99-35
E-mail: gleb.radchenko[at]susu[dot]ru
Personal page: http://glebradchenko.ru/

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