School of Medical Biology


South Ural State University

Office 025, Main University Building

76, Prospect Lenina

Tel.: +7 (351) 267-96-87



Students’ Office

Office 328 A, University Building № 2

85, Prospect Lenina

Теl.: +7 (351) 267-93-64


Acting Director

Irina Potoroko

D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor



In 2016, the University established a unique and innovative department which combined the most outstanding achievements in the fields of Fundamental and Biomedicine, Food and Biotechnologies, and Clinical Psychology

The study of molecular mechanisms of stress, and development of technologies for production of functional purpose products for adaptive nutrition have become a newly created exclusive growing point for the breakthrough areas of global scientific development.

School of Medicine Biology prepares future specialists in the fields of biotechnology, functional nutrition and clinical psychology.

School of Medicine Biology alumni receive modern education based on interdisciplinary connections of medicine and biology with chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, and engineering.

An Exclusive Zone of Medical and Biological Education

This exclusive zone of the SMB medical and biological education accepts students who have finished the first year of studies with the highest marks during midterms (personal rating).

The education process is based on interdisciplinary research and education platform that provides new knowledge in the field of modern medical and non-medical approaches to prevention and correction of nutrition and public health problems.

Specialists who received exclusive SMB education have professional competence in addressing challenges of quality and lifespan assurance in aggressive environments, and are able to solve problems in the context of global research under AGEING AND HEALTH (World Health Organization Global Program).

Students’ professional, business and personal qualities and achievements are recorded in the corresponding SMB rating and included into their portfolio.

The alumni who received a Bachelor’s Degree can continue their education by enrolling in Master’s Studies.

International projects for the School of Medicine Biology students:

  • International video classes;
  • Professional internship;
  • Semester academic mobility;
  • International Master Double Degree Programs at leading universities of Europe and the USA;
  • European Diploma Supplement;
  • Summer language schools;
  • Academic mobility programs for students and professors.

You have an opportunity to join the process of development of innovative medical and biological technologies of the future by choosing to study at the School of Medical Biology!

Structure of the School of Medical Biology


  • Food Techology and Biotechology
  • General Biology and Differential Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Department of Psychology of Management and Law Enforcement Activities
  • General Psychology, Psychological Testing and Counseling

Laboratories and Centers

Education programs

Research activity

In the news

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