University Council Members

Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education “South Ural State University” (National Research University)

  1. Aleksander Shestakov, Rector, D.Sc., Professor
  2. Herman Vyatkin, President, Corresponding Member of RAS, D.Sc., Professor
  3. Andrey Radionov, Vice-Rector for Academic affairs, D.Sc., Professor
  4. Anton Korzhov, Vice-Rector for Research, D.Sc., Associate Professor
  5. Vyacheslav Avdin, Head of Department of Ecology and Chemical Technology, Dean of Chemistry Faculty at the Institute of Natural and Exact Sciences, D.Sc.
  6. Valentina Antonyuk, Head of Department of Economic Theory, Regional Economics, State and Regional Management, D.Sc., Professor
  7. Igor Baev, Head of Department of Finance, Money Circulation and Credit, D.Sc., Professor
  8. Irina Belyaeva, Head of Department of Criminal Law and Penal Enforcement Law, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  9. Vera Borschenyuk, Director of SUSU Nizhnevartovsk Branch, Ph.D.
  10. Sergey Vaulin, Director of Institute of Engineering and Technology, D.Sc., Professor
  11. Igor Voinov, Director of SUSU Miass Branch, D.Sc., Professor
  12. Viktor Guzeev, Head of Department of Automated Management Technology, Dean of Mechanical Engineering Faculty at Polytechnic Institute, D.Sc., Professor
  13. Irina Danilova, Deputy Director of School of Economics and Management for Research, Department of Economic Theory, Regional Economics, State and Municipal Management, D.Sc., Professor
  14. Aleksander Demin, Director of Institute of Open and Distance Education, Ph.D.
  15. Valeriy Dilman, Head of Department of Mathematical Analysis and Teaching Methodology, D.Sc., Associate Professor
  16. Aleksey Eliseev, Assistant Professor, Department of Management and Law, Ph.D.
  17. Lev Kazarinov, Head of Department of Automatics and Management, D.Sc., Professor
  18. Nikolai Karpov, Head of Military Education Faculty
  19. Anzhela Karpushkina, Head of Department of Economic Security, D.Sc., Associate Professor
  20. Anatoly Kravtsov, Director of SUSU Satka Branch, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  21. Viktor Livshits, Head of Department of Service and Materials Processing, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  22. Vladimir Maisak, Deputy Director for Professional Law-Enforcement Training, Institute of Law, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  23. Aleksander Mirzoev, Professor, Department of Computer Modelling and Nanotechnology, D.Sc., Senior Researcher
  24. Gennady Mikhailov, Head of Department of Materials Science and Materials Chemistry and Physics, D.Sc., Professor
  25. Grigory Pikus, Head of Department of Construction Engineering and Construction Theory, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  26. Irina Prosvirina, Head of Department of Accounting, Audit and Analysis, D.Sc.
  27. Gleb Radchenko, Director of Higher School of Electronics and Computer Sciences, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  28. Boris Reshetnikov, Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Machines and Instruments, SUSU Zlatoust Branch, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  29. Yuri Rozhdestvenskii, Head of Department of Transport, Dean of Automobile and Tractor Faculty, Polytechnic Institute, D.Sc., Professor
  30. Irina Savelyeva, Director of School of Economics and Management, D.Sc., Professor
  31. Sergey Sapozhnikov, Dean of Extramural Studies Faculty, Polytechnic Institute, Head of Department of Technical Mechanics, D.Sc., Professor
  32. Igor Sibiryakov, Department of National and International History, History Faculty, Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, D.Sc., Professor
  33. Leonid Sokolinskii, Vice-Rector for Informatization, Head of Department of System Programming, D.Sc., Professor
  34. Sergey Soloviev, Head of Department of Constitutional, Administrative and Municipal Law, SUSU Miass branch, D.Sc., Professor
  35. Natalia Tkacheva, Department of Criminal and Penal Law, Criminology, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  36. Dmitry Ulrikh, Director of Institute of Architecture and Construction, Head of Department of Urban Development, Utilities and Systems, Ph.D.
  37. Elena Kharchenko, Head of Department of Russian as Foreign Language, D.Sc., Professor
  38. Tamara Khomutova, Head of Department of Linguistics and Translation, D.Sc., Associate Professor
  39. Vadim Tseylikman, Director of School of Medical Biology, D.Sc., Professor
  40. Valeriy Chumanov, Director of SUSU Zlatoust Branch, Ph.D., Professor
  41. Salavat Shabiev, Head of Department of Architecture, Dean of Architecture Faculty, Institute of Architecture and Construction, D.Sc., Professor
  42. Lyudmila Shestakova, Director of Institute of Linguistics and International Communication, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  43. Lyudmila Shesterkina, Head of Department of Journalism, Advertising and PR, D.Sc., Associate Professor
  44. Igor Schurov, Deputy Director of Polytechnic Institute, Department of Automation Engineering Technology, D.Sc., Professor
  45. Vadim Erlikh, Director of Institute of Sports, Tourism and Service, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  46. Elena Yaroslavova, Director of Institute of Linguistics and International Communications, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  47. Olga Yaroshenko, Vice-Rector for International Activity, Ph.D., Associate Professor


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