Construction Production and Theory of Structures

Address: 76 Lenina Avenue, Room 507
Phone (351) 267-91-83, 267-97-42
E-mail: pikusga[at]susu[dot]ru


Acting Head 

Aleksandr Kiianets

Ph.D. (Engineering), Associate Professor


Bachelor degree: Construction 

Specialization - Industrial and Civil Construction

Industrial and Civil Construction is the leading and most popular specialization of the Construction Bachelor Degree programme. It accepts about 50 full-time, 50 part-time and 15 distance learning entrants per year. The majority of lectures is read in multimedia rooms and utilizes the department’s unique courses which reflect an unusual viewpoint on standard things. It allows students to understand and learn the material better. The special professional disciplines are taught by qualified professors, Doctors and PhDs with a large amount of experience in design, survey and construction. Our students have an opportunity to join in the scientific work of the faculty and, thus, get an incentive for self-improvement. Our graduates are highly demanded not only in the field of construction, but also in related areas requiring the knowledge of structure calculation.

Master degree: Construction

Specialization – Industrial and Civil Construction

The specialization enables the alumni to work as heads of design and construction companies and apply their knowledge in teaching and scientific research.  The two-year programme provides students with a wide scope of skills in the most popular fields: economically sound decision-making during preparation of construction process and work performance technology. The Master Degree students regularly participate in more than 25 directions of the department’s scientific work. The department also provides all the necessary scientific and research equipment and software.


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