Research activity

Research conducted on the grounds of the university in the field of human sciences has become a foundation for one of four directions of SUSU National Research University’s breakthrough. Principal orientation of fundamental research at the modern stage is reserves of human organism in the frameworks of studying human physiology. A model of a perfect athlete is being developed. It is a cooperative research with professor of the Institute of Natural Sciences Vladimir Ilich Zalyapin. A project named «Technology for non-contact ECG» is under development. In 2016, author of the project, doctor of engineering sciences, professor Vladimir Lvovich Kodkin successfully presented it at a scientific conference in San Francisco (USA). Research is conducted in the field of human nutrition. For example, in the context of physiology and nutrition hygiene for healthy physical activity and higher sport mastery.

During 2014- 2016, the following inventions are registered at the Institute:

  • Stimulation and development of local and regional endurance among runners;
  • Calculation of intellectual analysis of morphofunctional and biochemical data of express estimation of phase analysis of adapted states;
  • Influence of hypoxia with loads during regular and competition seasons for athletes’ training under conditions of urgent and long-term adaptation;
  • Assessment of metasubject health-forming competency of students in a general education institution;
  • Corrective shoe sole (patent), etc.

Departments of the Institute conduct research activity with bachelor’s and master’s degree students. Some of the titles of master’s dissertations in 2014-2016:

  •  «Methodology for perfecting flexibility of high qualification kickboxers aged 17-18»
  • «Influence of specific physical exercises on functional state of young middle-distance runners»
  • «The use of combined plant-based additives in production of flour confectionary»
  • «Innovation technologies for catering organization in pre-school institutions»
  • «Innovation technologies for production of bakery products made of rye flour using probiotic cultures of microorganisms»

At the Institute, the annual scientific event – the International conference «Innovations in sport, tourism and education icISTIS» – is held. It is a platform for discussion of topical issues in the field of physical culture and sport, education, tourism, and nutrition.

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