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Student Spring: SUSU Creativity Center’s Performers and Groups Win 60 Prizes

This year over 330 students have taken part in Student Spring Festival. Individual performers and groups of the SUSU Creativity Center won 60 prizes with almost half thereof being the 1st prizes.

Deep Vision Dance Theater headed by Ekaterina Galanova and Maria Rokhlis presented 18 performances for the jury, and 17 of them were awarded prizes. Primavera Choir headed by Aleksei Prosekov participated under two nominations and took two first prizes.

International Women’s Day: Emotions of Participants before the Concert

As part of the celebration of the International Women’s Day a concert was held at the SUSU Activity Hall where children and grandchildren of the university lecturers and employees took part.

This format of event of suggested by the SUSU Creativity Center headed by Svetlana Filipchuk. The Center’s groups together with children of the employees performed for the audience under various genres: songs, dances and instrumental musical numbers.  

From the Bottom of My Electronic Microcircuits: Vanya the Robot Congratulated Ladies on the Occasion of March 8

March 8 is the International Women’s Day which also celebrates women’s achievements in political, economic and social spheres; it celebrates the past, present and the future of women from around the planet. On the occasion of the holiday, the SUSU group in VKontakte organizes a contest, the first participant in which was Vanya the Robot who congratulated all women.

Jazz Orchestra of SUSU Won Grand Prix of the Live Sound – 2018 Contest

On February 25, SUSU’s Jazz Orchestra conducted by a well-known musician and composer, Georgy Anokhin, won Grand Prix of the Live Sound – 2018 2nd All-Russian Festival Contest of Pop and Jazz Ensembles in Yekaterinburg.

The Orchestra performed famous jazz compositions in a composer’s original arrangement of Georgy Anokhin, and his own compositions.

SUSU Volunteers Do Active Social Work

The year 2018 has been declared the year of the volunteers. A plan for promoting volunteer work has been approved. These decisions will enable the development of volunteer work and help strengthen the dialog between bodies of power and activists. This kind of dialog exists between the city’s social organizations and the SUSU student volunteers.

The SUSU Center for Sociocultural Adaptation Introduces Students to Russian Culture


On September 24, SUSU students from Sri-Lanka, China, Iraq, Venezuela, Columbia and Indonesia along with volunteers of the Center for Sociocultural Adaptation visited the premiere of Paquita ballet in the Opera and Ballet Theatre named after M.I. Glinka.

Olimp Hosts International Students for the First Time


The Olimp student sport and health center is broadening its borders. This summer, not only did Russian students from SUSU come to visit, but also visitors from abroad.

In 2017, Olimp was a place uniting people from various countries: Zimbabwe, Syria, Mexico, Venezuela, Columbia, and Iraq. Over a few days, the thirteen international students will live in the territory of the famous SUSU camp and speak Russian. According to the organizers, this format will allow folks from different countries more quickly adapt to the new conditions.

New Day – New Knowledge!


On July 6th in the foresight session introductory lessons were held for applicants. They got to know the program Production Technology and Catering Organization of the Institute of Sport, Tourism, and Service. The future students were shown the department, and had an excursion and master class.

The Robot Vanya Teaches Foreigners the Language of Pushkin


Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin, a great Russian poet, who is often called a founder of the modern Russian literary language, was born 218 years ago. Today this language is studied not only by residents of Russia, but also by schoolchildren and students around the world. At SUSU the robot Vanya, which serves as a teaching assistant, helps to teach foreign students Russian. 

Only one Earth: people celebrate the World Environment Day


The 5th of June is the World Environment Day, and also the Day of the Ecologist. The problem of global pollution of the environment is not novel, each year scientists and companies develop new and more effective methods for its solution. One of such companies is Coca-Cola HBC Russia, which cooperates with SUSU. We asked the Coca-Cola Hellenic regional director for external and internal communications Marina Mokina, what Coca-Cola does for improving ecological situation, and how students of our university participate in the activity.

Philosophy + Theatre: Philosophical Understanding of Theatrical Action


The Department of Philosophy of the SUSU Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities presents a new project Philosophy+Theatre within the strategic scientific area Philosophy in Education together with the municipal autonomic institution New Artistic Theatre.

On June 2nd at 17:00 in the SUSU Pushkin Hall there will be a round table, Philosophy+Theatre, the central topic of which will be discussion of philosophical ideas for the NAT show for the F.M. Dostoyevsky novel Demons (Besy). 

Sports Festival-2017 Finished at SUSU


Sport is one of the most important aspects of our life. Staying fit is the right way to health and development.

South Ural State University provides an opportunity to plunge into the world of sports for all who wants to: annually at the parking lot in front of the main building the Sports Festival is held. This year, in the framework of the sport’s week the event was held on May 26.

For the participants, five sport grounds were organized: for streetball, flatball, archery tag, slacklining and even for checkers tournament.

“Kalinka” from Chinese Students: SUSU Celebrates the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture


On May 24th the students and teachers of the Institute of Linguistics and International Communication celebrated the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture with a bang.

Per tradition, the student linguists were joined by students from the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities and the School of Economics and Management.

Exhibition of Young Artists' Pieces of Work Was Opened at SUSU


On May 24, the opening of the exhibition of art works of the School of Architectural and Artistic  Endeavor took place in the SUSU Hall of Arts. The school was founded in 2010 by the Department of Design and Arts. The Head of the Department is Associate Professor, a member of the Union of Russian Artists Larisa Surina.

Posters of a SUSU First Year Student Decorated the Streets of Italy


In the beginning of May, the CHEAP festival of street poster art was held for the fifth time in the Italian city of Bologna. For this year’s theme, the organizers of the festival chose "Disorder, please!", suggesting artists and designers to create posters that would go beyond the artistic language, breaking the usual aesthetic order that fits in the dichotomy of “good / bad” , “decency / vandalism”, “legal / illegal”, and would bring up acute issues, reinforcing contradictions.

“Museums are the Treasures of our Memory”: SUSU Archaeologists Celebrate their Professional Holiday


The international day of museums isn’t just for those who store valuable exhibits, but also for those who find these exhibits.

Archaeologist Aleksandr Tairov, doctor of historical sciences, director of the Eurasian Studies Research Center of the SUSU Institute of Socio-Humanitarian Sciences, has been completing digs in the South Ural region for many years. Among his “spoils” are some completely unique and surprising finds. Aleksandr Dmitriyevich told us about what a museum is in his understanding, how people find their roots and what a gorit is.

SUSU Invites to Celebrate the International Museum Day


On the18th of May the whole world celebrates the International Museum Day. This holiday officially exists since 1978, when during one of the International Council of Museums’ meeting it was decided to establish a new memorable date in the international calendar. Nowadays this holiday is celebrated in more than 150 countries, expressing appreciation and respect to museum workers and visitors.

Week of Art Opens at SUSU


The SUSU Week of Art 2017 opened on May 15th. This is a project by students of the Institute of Architecture and Construction for students of our university.

Organizer Kseniya Yanova shared her emotions about the work completed.

“We did this for people so that they expressed themselves, so that they had more art in their lives. Of course we worried a lot, because it’s a large event, but we tried. We succeeded, although there were many problems with finding sponsors, equipment, and signing all of the orders.”

SUSU Invites to “The Week of Creativity”


On May 15 starts “The Week of Creativity at SUSU”. The whole week students can take part on dance, music and other events, which will be held during a big break in the hall of the third floor of the main building.

Anybody could take a picture with tintamarresque, get branded labels, visit interesting workshops and participate in creative quests. In the framework of the Week there will be an exhibition of students’ works. The authors whose paintings will be recognized as the best will get prizes. 

International Festival of Creativity, Together, to be held at SUSU


This coming weekend the winners of the selection stages of the festival will come to South Ural State University.

Entrance as a participant in the festival was possible for those from 5 to 45 years old. This year it was possible for the first time for leaders of children’s artistic collectives, teachers, and anyone else who wanted to, to take part. The large celebration brings together talented choreographers, singers, musicians, spoken word artists and poetry readers, and other performers.

Students of the Institute of Law


A spring ball of the SUSU Institute of Law, a final stage of the regional project for moral and aesthetic youth development “Ex Libris” was held on April 27.

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