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Day of Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias Held at SUSU

The Day of Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias has been recently celebrated in Russia. This holiday was established at the initiative of the Russian Language Arts Society in 2010, on the birth day of Vladimir Dal, a prominent lexicographer, ethnographer, Russian folklorist and author of the Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language.

“The Image of a Mother Plays an Important Role in Our Lives”: Mother’s Day Is Celebrated in Russia

Mother is the most important word for every one of us, and so is the person behind it. In many countries of the world there are special days dedicated to mothers. Svetlana Krivonogova, Associate Professor, Candidate of Sciences (History), Head of the Department of Russian and International History of the Institute of Media, Social Sciences and Humanities at South Ural State University, spoke about the history of the Mother’s Day holiday in Russia and its relevance in the modern world.

Stipkom-2023 Results Summarized in Chelyabinsk

We are happy to share the news on successful completion of the Stipkom-2023 All-Russian Seminar School on the Legislative Aspects of Scholarship Support in Higher Education Organizations. This event was held November 17th through November 19th in the city of Chelyabinsk in the South Ural region and gathered together leading specialists and experts on scholarship support from various universities, as well as 200 best participants from all over our country.

SUSU Students Performed at the OUR COUNTRY'S PRIDE National Choreography Award

November 6th through November 9th, the year's major choreography event was organized in Moscow. The final round of the OUR COUNTRY'S PRIDE National Choreography Award and a gala show were held in the State Kremlin Palace.

At the gala show, 100 best groups from all over our country performed to demonstrate their mastership. Among them was a group from the town of Korkino, Chelyabinsk Region, called Prospekt Gorniakov (Miners' Avenue).

SUSU Student Association of Environmental Activists Took Part in the All-Russian Waste Paper Collection Campaign

The CLEVER Student Association of Environmental Activists became a participant in the BoomBattle All-Russian Waste Paper Collection Campaign in support of the Ecology national project, which is being implemented by decision of the President of Russia.

Upasak Bose: “I Want to Work for the People of Russia”

A professional holiday, University Teacher’s Day, will be celebrated very soon, on November 19th. And we have decided to tell you about some of the brightest representatives of our university. In this interview, Upasak Bose, a postgraduate and SUSU academic staff member from India, spoke on how he decided to stay in Russia and what he expects from the future.

– Please, tell us how did your professional journey begin in your homeland?

Unity Day Greetings from the SUSU Rector Alexander Wagner

Dear colleagues! Academic and administrative staff members, students and postgraduates of South Ural State University!

My most sincere greetings to you on the Unity Day! This holiday symbolizes our pride for our great history, and wisdom and courage of our ancestors. During the most challenging times our people always showed their very best qualities and demonstrated that the power of unity is unconquerable.

History Milestones All-Russian Symposium Began Its Work at the South Urals

On October 12th the History Milestones All-Russian Symposium opened. It is dedicated to the history of the peoples of the Ural region, Western Siberia and the Volga region in the 12th-19th centuries. The conference is organized by South Ural State University, Kurgan State University, Sh. Mardzhani Institute of History of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, Institute of History, Language and Literature of the Ufa Federal Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Chelyabinsk Military History Society, as well as the “South Urals” Public Foundation.

"Igor Kurchatov, the Urals' Contribution to Science": History Students of IMSSH Attended Presentation of Multi-author Research Monograph

On September 27, 2023, History students and teaching staff members of the SUSU Department of Russian and International History participated in an event at the Russia – My History multimedia park. 

Philologists from the Institute of Media, Social Sciences and Humanities Immersed Themselves in the World of Fantasy Fiction

On September 19th, a seminar for young writers was held at the Department of the Russian Language and Literature of the Institute of Media, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Young authors, participants of the Miass Literature Residence of the Association of the Unions of Writers and Publishers of Russia, have met with students and teaching members of the Department of the Russian Language and Literature.

"Re-Turn" by Aleksandr Purik: A New Exhibition Presented at SUSU

The "Re-Turn" ("Воз-Вращение") exhibition of ceramics and paintings by Aleksandr Purik opened in the Art Gallery of South Ural State University on September 15th. Aleksandr Purik is a participant in numerous art exhibitions and festivals, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, a teacher at the Department of Decorative and Applied Arts at the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture.

“Ecology Is Everyone”: Award Call for Applications

In order to increase environmental awareness among citizens, involve children, young people and older generation in environmental agenda, the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources has established the “Ecology Is Everyone” International Award for children and youth.


1) Individual: Ecoworld, Eco-Blogger, Ecology of the Soul, Eco-education, Eco-cartoon, Eco-project, ESG generation, Eco-drawing, Eco-Focus, Ecotourism;

2) Team: Ecofamily, Ecoschool.


The following people can take part in contests for the Award:

Human Needs a Human. Especially in Africa!

The young philosopher Anastasia Gulevataia, a researcher at the SUSU Research and Innovation Services, had a unique opportunity to attend the BRICS Young Scientists Forum, which was held in the city of Gqeberha, South Africa, from July 31st through August 2nd. The forum is held for the eighth time, bringing together scientific youth from Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa.

Working Outside of the Box: What Makes SUSU Museums Interesting

International Museum Day is celebrated every year on May 18. Nadezhda Ivanova, Head of the Museum and Educational Complex, Director of the Museum the History of South Ural State University, and Yulia Vasina, Head of the People and Technologies of the Urals Museum and Exhibition Complex spoke to us about the importance of museums today, about the history of their formation in Russia, about the qualities necessary for this profession and many other things.

Great Victory Day Exhibition Opened at SUSU

The Great Victory Day Exhibition opened at the SUSU Art Gallery. This is a real milestone event since the exhibition features a number of famous paintings dedicated to a specific page in the history of the Great Patriotic War.

Cultural Events in Chelyabinsk

South Ural State University is one of the biggest Russian multidisciplinary universities with fundamental scientific basis and high standards of specialists training situated in the South Ural. The university is multinational and nowadays is a home for more than 2,000 international students from 54 countries who pay great attention not only to studies but also to exploring the city.  

The Charm of "Urals Switzerland"

South Ural State University is one of the biggest Russian multidisciplinary universities with fundamental scientific basis and high standards of specialists training situated in the South Ural. The university is multinational and nowadays is a home for more than 2,000 international students from 54 countries who pay great attention not only to studies but also to exploring the city and the oblast.

From Iraq to Chelyabinsk for Studying Philology at SUSU

South Ural State University is the most famous university in South Ural and no wonder international students choose it to get their education. It offers various programs including International Relations, Philology, Linguistics, Economics, Mechatronics and Robotics, Power Engineering and many others. Also a student can choose a Bachelor’s or Master’s program taught in English. The university is multinational and nowadays is a home for more than 2,300 international students from 52 countries.

The Porcelain Stories Told in the Urals Exhibition Opens at SUSU

The exhibition is dedicated to one of the most familiar materials to modern man—porcelain. You might think 'What could be easier'? But it took almost a thousand and a half years to perfect the technology of porcelain production in China, and Europe has been trying to figure out this secret for almost three hundred years. Each country has its own history of porcelain making.

SUSU Summed up the Results of this Academic Year's Creative Activity

Supervisors and members of the creativity teams at South Ural State University have received acknowledgement from the Rector.

The Winners of the “Spring at SUSU” Festival Named

The art festival which helps students discover their talents has wrapped up at South Ural State University.

The Spring at SUSU art festival is an annual university event organized by the Recreation Centre and one of the stages of the Chelyabinsk “Student Spring” Student Art Festival. Competitions were held in several categories: music, dance, theatre, and open genre (fashion theatre and circus acts); students could also compete in the literary contest Ascending Parnassus.

SUSU Main Building: What It Looked Like Before and How It Transformed

The SUSU Main Building is one of the main attractions in our city. But this has not always been the case.

In 1943-1944 the institute was located in different parts of the city: at School No.4 not far from the railway station and in one of the schools of Traktorozavodskiy District. Later the institute was housed in a three-story building, where the Detsky Mir (Children’s’ World) store is now located. In 1945 the institute received a new building on Timiryazeva Street (now Lyceum No.11), but it did not solve the issue of lack of classrooms.

International Tea Day

December 15 is the day when people celebrate the importance of tea in everyone’s day to day life. Also the holiday focuses on the health benefits of various kinds of tea like white, green, black, herbal, and oolong.

Tea is the most popular beverage in the world. For millions of people there is no better way to start the day than with the pleasant taste and aroma of tea and then have another three or four during the day.

Recreation Centre Announces the Start of Selection Rounds for the SUSU Talent 2021 Festival for First-year Students

The new academic year has begun, new students have enrolled in South Ural State University. We are sure that every student is talented in something and we suggest not to hide it, but to reveal it with the help of the unique festival SUSU Talent 2021.

SUSU Talent is a contest that helps your creative and extraordinary abilities will be noticed and appreciated. In the future, you will be able to fulfil yourself in one of the many teams of SUSU, as well as perform at festive and significant events of the university.

5 Mysterious Places in South Ural

South Ural is a mysterious territory full of strange and scary sites which arouse shiver and genuine interest at the same time. Experienced stalkers and lovers of unusual things visit the sites trying to reveal their mysteries.

We are going to tell you about 5 most mysterious places. If you plan to travel about South Ural you may visit the places and make your own discoveries.


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