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SUSU International Students Tell about Stereotypes

South Ural State University is the most famous university in South Ural and no wonder international students choose it to get their education. It offers various programs including International Relations, Philology, Linguistics, Economics, Mechatronics and Robotics, Power Engineering and many others.

Scientists Propose to Heat Greenhouses with the Earth’s Heat

Scientists from the Institute of Engineering and Technology of South Ural State University have proposed using the heat of the earth to increase the quality of energy supply to greenhouses. It will reduce the cost of heating these facilities. The Government supported the study. The research was published in the IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (Q4).

SUSU Invites International Applicants to Study in Mechatronics and Robotics Master’s Programmes

South Ural State University is once again offering openings for the English-language Master’s programme on Mechatronics and Robotics. This programme is being fulfilled since 2016 and is becoming more and more popular among international students.

European Day of Languages

South Ural State University is a university which attracts lots of international students from all over the world. This is the reason to pay great attention to teaching and studying languages. And no wonder that there is a special holiday for celebrating the importance of knowing foreign languages. 

Scientists Develop a New Technology for Manufacturing Gas Turbine Engine Parts

A postgraduate student Anton Kazansky from South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk, Russia) is developing new technology for manufacturing gas turbine engine components. The young researcher became one of the winners at the UMNIK competition and received a grant to develop the project.

Two Postgraduate Students from Iraq Defended Their Dissertations at SUSU

Postgraduate students of the Department of Machines and Processes of Pressure Metal Working Al-Khuzaie Ahmed Saleem Oleiwi and Al-Jumaili Mohammed Jasim Mohammed successfully defended their dissertations on topics related to the pipe rolling industry. Their research was carried out under the guidance of Professor of the Department of Machines and Processes of Pressure Metal Working, Deputy Director General for Research of the Russian Research Institute of the Tube and Pipe Industry (RosNITI), Doctor of Sciences (Engineering) Aleksandr Vydrin.

SUSU in the World’s Education Elite

Dear lecturers, workers and students!

Dear members of the academic and administrative staff, postgraduates, and students!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the occasion of South Ural State University’s being included in the 2020 Times Higher Education global international ranking! Our standing is in the 1001+ group of places!

Winners of the Young Progressors Contest Announced at SUSU

The Young Progressors Olympiad was held at South Ural State University. The event was organized, per tradition, by the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the SUSU Institute of Engineering and Technology.

The Olympiad coincided with one of the most important dates in the Russian calendar – Cosmonautics Day. This year, it was held for the ninth time.

SUSU Students Took the 1st Place at All-Russian Student Olympiad on Automatic Control Theory

On April 2 of 2019, All-Russian Student Olympiad on Automatic Control Theory took place at Ivanovo State Power University. 56 students representing 8 Russian higher education institutions took part in the Olympiad.

Russian Researchers Improving Materials for Rockets and Airplanes

April 12th is a significant day for Russia – it is the day that Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin made the first flight into space. Today, humanity has set new goals for space exploration. These include not only unmanned flights to Mars and its colonization, but also more “earthly” tasks.

Project-based Learning in Action: Master’s Students of the IET Improving the Environmental Friendliness of Chroming Parts

As part of project-based learning, the staff of the Department of Automation Engineering and Master’s students of the 15.04.05 Design and Engineering Support of Machinery Production major are working on the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of the process of chrome plating of cylindrical parts using the development of a new technology of a closed plating cycle.

SUSU Students Took Part in an Entertaining MetalQuest

March 18th through 24th is the Week of the Institute of Engineering and Technology held at South Ural State University. In the frameworks of the Week, a scientific-and-entertaining event called MetalQuest and organised for students by the Faculty of Materials Science and Metallurgy Engineering was held.

Logic Problems and Mathematical Charades: SUSU Students Celebrate Pi Day

South Ural State University comprises ten educational divisions: schools and institutes, each of which has its own traditions. Every year, on March 14th, the SUSU Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics celebrates an unofficial holiday of all math lovers – Pi Day.

Registration for Participants of Student League of CASE-IN International Engineering Championship is Now Open

On January 25 of 2019, registration for participants of Student League of the International Engineering Championship called CASE-IN has started. Participants are going to solve an engineering case on the common topic of the Championship, Digital Transformation.

Institute of Engineering and Technology Week to be Held at SUSU

March 18th through 24th, an Institute of Engineering and Technology Week will be held at South Ural State University. The Institute’s students and teachers will take part in various events to strengthen the corporate culture.

SUSU Students are to Take Part in CASE-IN International Engineering Championship

April 3 at 10:00, the final of the selective stage of annual student league within CASE-IN International Engineering Championship is to take place in SUSU’s Sigma academic complex.

This year, cases on the topic of Digital Transformation will be presented by students of the Faculty of Energy and Power Engineering and the Faculty of Materials Science and Metallurgy Engineering.

Fundamentals of Life Safety and Counter-Terrorism are Taught at SUSU

Unfortunately, over the last years, emergency situations connected with terrorism occur frequently. Teaching of how to behave in such situations might save people’s life and health. Starting from 2019, SUSU’s Independent Certification and Methodology Centre offers training in a topical programme entitled “Personal safety and algorithm of actions in case of the threat of terrorism act occurrence.”

SUSU Applicants Constructed a Car

There is a School of Engineering Reserve existing within South Ural State University’s Automobile and Tractor Faculty. Under supervision of Master’s degree students and postgraduates, attendees of the School, pupils from Chelyabinsk, designed and constructed a real car.

New Master’s Programmes of SUSU Successfully the Pass Licensing Procedure

Every year South Ural State University opens new Master’s programmes both in engineering and in economics and humanities specialities. SUSU has obtained the license for the right to perform educational activity under 3 Master’s training programmes, which will be launched already in September of 2019.

Metal Cup-2019: Selection Round for the Championship on Technological Strategy in Metallurgy Held at SUSU

A selection round for the Metal Cup-2019. The Fourth Industrial Revolution International Championship on Technological Strategy in Metallurgy was held at South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk, on February 27th-28th.

February 23 or Men’s Day Across the World

On February 23, Russians celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day honouring Russian soldiers for their bravery and loyalty to their country. This public holiday dates back to 1918 when Russia was on the verge of Civil War and foreign intervention. At the beginning of 1918, the Council of People's Commissars issued a decree on the foundation of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army to resist the enemy. Throughout its long history, the celebration has changed its name several times, from Red Army Day to Soviet Army and Navy Day to Defender of the Fatherland Day.

More than 2,700 State Scholarships: SUSU Trains Leaders in All Fields

Choosing a university is one of the most serious decisions in everyone’s life. For many applicants, the deciding factor in enrolling in a university is the affordability of education. South Ural State University offers around 3,000 state scholarships annually.

This year, according to Order No.346 of the Ministry of Education as of 28.04.2018, a big number of state scholarships will be offered for technical, natural science, and humanitarian fields of higher education.

Admissions-2019: University Applicants Learned about SUSU’s Advantages on the Open House Day

Open House Day took place at South Ural State University. School seniors and their parents learned about prospects of education in one of the leading higher education institutions of Russia. Open House Day is a chance to get the most up-to-date information regarding training areas and specificities of studying at SUSU. University applicants and their parents had a chance to informally talk to Directors of schools and institutes and ask them all questions of interest.

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