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“Huge Motivation to Do Science”, SUSU Postgraduate Tatiana Lisovskaya on Winning UKNIK Programme

South Ural State University supports young scientists who contribute to development of science. Every year SUSU students and postgraduates take part in UMNIK programme aiming at supporting commercially oriented scientific-engineering projects. This programme allows to check if an innovation by researchers is in demand and to what extent, as well as to obtain a grant of 500 thousand roubles to perfect it.

AeroNet Projects: Unique Materials for Aircrafts Get Created at SUSU

AeroNet is a sphere of activity of the National Technology Initiative, the goal of which is creation of new aircrafts. In this field, South Ural State University is implementing many unique projects.

SUSU is to Hold the Conference Entitled “The 21st Century University in the System of Continuing Education”


Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of SUSU Took Part in the Opening of the First Cosmonauts Alley

On September 27, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of Institute of Engineering and Technology of SUSU took part in the opening ceremony of the first stage of Park of National Achievements and Victories – the First Cosmonauts Alley. Cosmonauts Alley is the first object of the memorial site, which glorifies the representatives of the Chelyabinsk Region and the Yetkulsky District. 

Specialists for TechNet Training at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The development of the digital economy and transition to Industry 4.0 directly depends on high-tech industry which must meet the demands of global competitiveness, efficiency, and high productivity.

“Turning Ideas into Reality!” Director of Mechanical Engineering Research Institute Ramil Zakirov on Collaborating with Enterprises

Mechanical engineering is a basic sector of economy in practically any highly developed country. It holds the first place among all other sectors of the world industry. Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of South Ural State University not just participates in the process of training students, but also fulfils orders from the leading machine building enterprises of the region.

Metal Cup-2018 All-Russian Championship Finale is to Take Place at SUSU

On October 1st through 4th, final round of All-Russian championship on technology strategy in metallurgy called Metal Cup-2018 is to be held at South Ural State University. During the year, championship stages were held in all Russian universities, where the best teams consisting of 3-5 members had been selected. Winning teams from 15 universities of Russia are going to arrive to South Ural State University to compete in the finale.

“It Was Interesting!” – SUSU Veteran, Candidate of Sciences (Engineering), Professor Vladimir Stikhin

In the year of SUSU’s 75th anniversary, a veteran of the university, Candidate of Sciences (Engineering), professor of the Department of Welding Engineering, former Dean of the Workers’ Faculty and the Mechanical and Technological Faculty of the Chelyabinsk Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vladimir Stikhin is celebrating his 85th birthday.

SUSU Students Help with Maintenance of Wind Plants in Crimea

Students of the SUSU Institute of Engineering and Technology have come back from Crimea where they were taking internship. Master’s students Aleksey Miroshnichenko, Anton Guselnikov and Igor Zamchalkin were working at one of the wind-driven power plants. Among the tasks set before the young men were inspection, maintenance and repairs of the equipment.

This Is a Prestigious University: Best Enrollees Told Why They Have Chosen SUSU

Knowledge Day, the festival of the academic year beginning, is celebrated on September 1. This date has a special significance for the first-year students who are going to get down to their lessons in the new status of students.

SUSU scientists are developing the “smart city” concept

Scientific collaboration of scientists of the SUSU Institute of Architecture and Construction and the Institute of Engineering and Technology started developing a smart-city project which will correspond with all requirements of its residents.

MetalNet Strategy: Elite Bachelor’s Degree Program in Digital Metallurgy is to be Launched at SUSU

Daring scientific tasks set nowadays in front of researchers all around the world require for searching new methods of solutions. Presently, unique high-tech materials are produced for industries, smart technologies of Industry 4.0 get actively implemented, digitalization of metallurgical manufacture is carried out. Work in all these areas is being done at South Ural State University within the frameworks of MetalNet strategy of development of the Institute of Engineering Technology.

Scientific Dynasties: Pavel Chernogorov, the Founder of SUSU Foundry School

In 2018, South Ural State University celebrates its 75th anniversary. This year is the 110th anniversary from the birthday of Pavel Vasilyevich Chernogorov, a talented engineer and scientist. During the period of the World War Two, the technology of chill casting of tank turrets was organized under his supervision for the first time in the country, in the city of Omsk, at the Plant named after K.Voroshilov. Then, in 1957, Pavel Vasilyevich started working at CPI as Head of the Department of Foundry Production.

SUSU Applicants Visit the Vysota 239 Production Facility

The Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant (ChelPipe) opened its doors for future students. SUSU applicants took a tour around the Vysota 239 workshop.

“The admissions campaign is active at this time. To help applicants who are enrolling in the Institute of Engineering and Technology choose their major, we have organized this tour at the innovative Vysota 239 workshop,” says Ivan Ilyin, Deputy Dean of the SUSU Faculty of Materials Science and Metallurgical Technology.

New Concrete Paving Machine to Improve the Quality of Russian Roads

In the Russian Federation, the paved road network is growing 7 times less per million people than in the developed countries of Europe and in the USA. Because of the large and frequent defects of the road surface, the average speed of auto transport on Russian roads is 2-3 times slower than in the developed countries. Researchers from South Ural State University have created a new concrete paving machine which principally changes the techniques of building roads and increases the quality of the road surfaces.

Goal – Quality Roads

SUSU Polytechnic Institute Implements Practice Oriented Education

In 2018 enrollees were accepted to the Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s programs of the Polytechnic Institute under 42 fields of training. The Polytechnic Institute offers over 1,000 state-funded places, as well as more than 500 places on fee-paying basis under intramural and extramural forms of studies.

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