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Chelyabinsk Weekend Guide

Local’s guide on what to see and do

Dear theatre-loving students!

If you are still sceptical about whether Chelyabinsk can offer a taste of some real art, then check out the great theatrical goings-on that will blow your mind this weekend! It’s time to get some tickets and make those weekend evenings count! Don’t forget to leave your comment about the events on Vk and Facebook.

October 12, 18:00
Maneken Theatre
The Moon Shines Bright in the Clear Sky

Absurdist Play

Mister SUSU Campus 2018 – It’s Just Beginning!

Mister SUSU Campus is a contest which has become a tradition on the SUSU Campus. Every year, the most charming, charismatic, and talented young men compete for the title of Mister SUSU Campus. They face many tests, but only the best of them are able to pass them. The competition itself is held in several rounds during 5-6 weeks, in which young men from our Campus learn to be “misters” and prepare for the competition finals.

Deep Vision Dance Theater of SUSU Invites to Dance at MISS URAL 2018!

On October 11, a model casting of the new beauty contest of the Ural Federal District “MISS URAL” begins. “Miss Ural” is not just a project of beauty but mental self-development as well as the discovery of creativity. In the course of two months, all the participants will have an opportunity to try the hand in different fields.

SUSU Researchers Do Interdisciplinary Studies to Fight against Doping

Doping is one of the most serious issues in modern professional sport around the world. This is a complex issue which comprises legal, psychological, medical, social, pedagogical, and other aspects.

Chelyabinsk Weekend Guide

Dear theatre-loving students!

If you are still sceptical about whether Chelyabinsk can offer a taste of some real art, then check out the great theatrical goings-on that will blow your mind this weekend! It’s time to get some tickets and make those weekend evenings count! Don’t forget to leave your comment about the events on Vk and Facebook.

October 5, 18:30

Chelyabinsk State Academic Drama Theatre n.a. Naum Orlov

Lady for a Day

2,5-hour comedy

Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of SUSU Took Part in the Opening of the First Cosmonauts Alley

On September 27, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of Institute of Engineering and Technology of SUSU took part in the opening ceremony of the first stage of Park of National Achievements and Victories – the First Cosmonauts Alley. Cosmonauts Alley is the first object of the memorial site, which glorifies the representatives of the Chelyabinsk Region and the Yetkulsky District. 

A Student of SUSU is Among Organizers of MISS URAL 2018 Interregional Contest

On October 14, casting call for MISS URAL project, the major beauty contest of the Ural Federal District, is to start in our city. Among organisers of the scaleous project is a fourth-year student of the SUSU Institute of Social Science and Humanities, Daria Golub.

Chelyabinsk Weekend Guide

Dear Students!

There are tons of fun things you can do in Chelyabinsk. Below, we’ve picked seven exciting events the city has to offer this weekend. It’s time to get some tickets and make those freedom evenings count! Don’t forget to leave your comment about the events on Vk and Facebook.

September 28, 18:30

September 29, 22:00

Rodina Organ and Chamber Music Hall

Jazz & Pipe Organ Festival

A Concert by Chamber Orchestra from Yekaterinburg Took Place at SUSU

The new concert season of Student Philharmonia had been opened at South Ural State University. This time, B-A-C-H chamber orchestra from Yekaterinburg performed at the stage of the Activity Hall.

For several decades, Student Philharmonia of SUSU has been promoting acquaintance of students and teaching staff to ageless high art. Concerts and programmes in the frameworks of Student Philharmonia allow students to get familiar with various genres of classical and contemporary music, as well as get to know the best composers and performers of the present and the past.

Exhibition of Paintings by Surin Artists Opened at SUSU

An exhibition of artists of the Department of Design and Pictorial Arts – Distinguished Artist of Russia, Professor, Department Head, Dmitry Surin, and Associate Professor, Candidate of Sciences, member of the Union of Russian Artists, Larisa Surina – opened at the Arts Hall of South Ural State University.

Chelyabinsk Weekend Guide

Local’s guide on what to see and do

Dear Students!

B-A-C-H Chamber Orchestra to Perform at SUSU

On September 21st at 16:00 the new concert season of the student philharmonic will open in the Activity Hall of South Ural State University.

For several decades now, the student philharmonic has introduced students and teachers to timeless high art. The philharmonic’s concerts and programs allow students to learn about different genres of classical and modern music, and the best composers and musicians of the past and the future.

SUSU Photo School Unites People: an Interview on the Occasion of the World Photography Day

World Photography Day is annually celebrated all around the world on August 19 by all photographers (both amateur and professional); it was established in 2009 upon an initiative of an Australian photographer named Korske Ara.

Photography is a unique phenomenon, as thank to it one can go back to the past. By reviewing photos, we recall many significant moments of life. Besides, for some people, photography is not just a hobby, but a profession and even an art.

Creative Session Wrapped up at Olimp Camp!

On Thursday, August 9, the third creative session Tretyakovka wrapped up at Olimp Sports and Recreation Camp.

“This session essentially differed from the previous ones by its creative atmosphere. Student activity was organized under 6 categories: theatre, arts, music, dancing, art management, and sports. Each group worked with their own teacher, and students learned various new things,” notes Natalya Lapshina, session supervisor.

Besides classes students were offered an event-packed cultural program.

SUSU Graduate Natalia Dubovaya Became Scriptwriter and Creative Producer of the Mermaid. Lake of the Dead movie

Within 75 years from the day of its foundation, more than 250 thousand of specialists, who become successful in various careers, graduated South Ural State University. Graduate of the SUSU Department of Russian Language and Literature, Natalia Dubovaya debuted as a scriptwriter and creative producer of the Russian movie The Mermaid. Lake of the Dead, which got released on July 12. Natalia told us about the idea to create the movie, the process of filming, and the role of SUSU in her professional becoming.

Postgraduate Student of SUSU Received a Bounty from the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk Region

Each year before the Youth Day, a ceremony of awarding a bounty in the sphere of youth politics is held in the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region. Head of the Extracurricular Activities Department of South Ural State University, postgraduate student Yakov Ermoshkin, received the bounty.

Self-identification and Priceless Experience: Interview on Extracurricular Activity of SUSU Students

On June 27th a national holiday is celebrated in Russia, which is relevant to the majority of students — Youth Day. South Ural State University pays much attention to working with students: here each one of them can get help whenever they need it, reveal their talents and find their path in life. Head of the Extracurricular Activities Department Svetlana Yudochkina shares on what opportunities are provided for SUSU students besides studying.

SUSU Graduates are to be Awarded their Degrees and Wished a Bright Future

On June 30th at 10:00, a special event dedicated to the 2018 SUSU Graduation Ceremony will be held on the university square. Around four thousand students from South Ural State University will officially become graduates and become the happy owners of higher education degrees earned at one of Russia’s leading universities.

SUSU Students Became Volunteers at an International Conference

On June 5, the 7th Russia-Kyrgyzstan Interregional Conference took place in Chelyabinsk. The main topic of discussion was The Role of Digital Transformation in Economic Integration of the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic.

41 students took part in the Conference as volunteers, SUSU students included. Supervisor of the SUSU volunteer event, Veronika Livonchik, told us about selection of students and general responsibilities of volunteers, and shared her emotions:

Jazz Band Head and Author of the SUSU’s Hymn Georgy Anokhin Celebrates His 70th Anniversary

On May 24th the Head of the SUSU’s Jazz Band Georgy Petrovich Anokhin will celebrate his 70th Anniversary. A flute player, instrumental music soloist and composer made special contribution into the history of South Ural State University. It was him who composed music for the SUSU’s hymn, which is being played in the university for almost twenty years. He was also the author of the hymn of SUSU Spring International Festival, and the song for the university’s graduates Diplomniki (Diploma Awardees).

Little Big Life: SUSU’s International Students on Summer Vacations

When summer is near, students begin preparing for their exams and tests with more zeal, so that after that they were free to go travelling to other cities or countries, tan and swim, walk with their friends, and just relax. South Ural State University’s international students shared their grand plans for the summer.

The students’ preferences vary: some are planning on travelling across Europe, some are going home, but some students are happy to remain in Chelyabinsk to spend an unforgettable summer at Olimp Sports and Recreation Camp.

SUSU to Celebrate the Day of Slavic Writing System and Culture with a Concert by Primavera Academic Choir

On May 24th the Day of Slavic Writing System and Culture is celebrated. On this occasion South Ural State University will hold a “Be Happy, My Land!” concert by Primavera mixed academic choir headed by choir master Aleksey Prosekov. Also the SUSU Studio of the Art of Declamation under guidance by Elena Vasiltseva will take part in the event.

International Museum Day at SUSU: Students Will Make Stone Tools with Their Own Hands

Museum Day is celebrated around the world on May 18th. This date was officially made a holiday in 1977 and was becoming more and more popular ever since. SUSU features more than 10 exhibition venues and museums, so traditionally special events for students are held here on this day.

On May 18th an experimental archaeology master class will be held at Museum of Peoples and Technologies of the Ural Region. It will be delivered by a research fellow of the SUSU Research and Education Center for Eurasian Studies and Head of the Archeos Project Ivan Semyan.

Choir of the SUSU’s Automobile and Tractor Engineering Faculty Performed at an International Forum

National Academic Male-voice Choir of the SUSU Automobile and Tractor Engineering Faculty performed at Paparats-kvetka BGU International Forum of Youth and Student Choirs, at which the best artistic achievements of university and youth choirs from Belarus and Russia are demonstrated every year.

The contest program comprised two rounds: performing of secular music, and of church music. In the Cathedral of the Holy Name of Mary the groups performed the best classical compositions: music by V. Kalinnikov, P. Chesnokov, J. des Prez, S. Prokofiev, and others.

“It Is Possible to Change Approach to Use of Natural Resources and Ecology”: Ecology&Arts Exhibition to Open at SUSU

On May 14th at 15:00 the opening ceremony for the Ecology&Arts Exhibition will be held at the SUSU’s Arts Hall. Works by the artists presented at the university exhibition hall are united into exhibit blocks “Pristine Earth”, “Industrialization and Its Consequences”, and “The Earth of the Future”.

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