75th Anniversary of SUSU

All-Russian Student Olympiad on Economic Security to Be Held at SUSU

November 22nd through November 23rd of 2018 an all-Russian round of student Olympiad on specialisation 38.05.01 Economic Security will be held at the Department of Economic Security of the SUSU (NRU) School of Economics and Management on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of SUSU (NRU).

Participants of the Global Forum Discuss the Prospects of Digital Industry

A 2018 Global Smart Industry scientific forum is being held at SUSU. During the second day of the international conference the speakers presented the advanced achievements in digital transformation of production, the developments of the leading universities and research-and-development centres of the world in the field of Industry 4.0, as well as the practices of implementing innovations at big transnational and national industrial companies.

SUSU Becomes the Centre of Attraction for the World’s Specialists in Digital Industry

On November 13th the Global Smart Industry Conference 2018 opened at SUSU (Schedule of the 2018 Global Smart Industry Conference). The conference was organised and is being held in cooperation with Emerson Corporation (USA), the world’s leader in the field of digital industry.

SUSU Will Hold an Opening of Samsung IoT Academy Laboratory on the Base of School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

On November 15, 2018, South Ural State University will hold an opening of Samsung IoT Academy on the base of School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The opening of the laboratory is the result of the work on the mutual agreement between SUSU and Samsung company, which was signed in June of the current year.

SUSU, SMS Group and IPG Photonics Corporation Signed a Memorandum

An important memorandum, preceded by fruitful cooperation, was signed at South Ural State University. The document on cooperation was signed by Rector of SUSU Aleksandr Shestakov, Director General of SMS Metallurgical Service LLC of the SMS Group Holding Wilbert Stoy, and First Deputy Director General of IRE-Polyus of the IPG Photonics Corporation international company group Andrey Ushakov.

Scientific School of SUSU. School of Organoelemental Chemistry

The SUSU Scientific School of Chemistry of Organic Compounds of Highly-coordinated Antimony and Bismuth has been functioning for less than ten years, but has already achieved significant results.

SUSU Presented a Report on Implementation of the Roadmap at a Meeting of the International Council

On October 26 and 27, the 11th meeting of the Council for Enhancement of Competitiveness of Leading Universities of the Russian Federation among World’s Leading Research and Education Centres (the Council of Project 5-100) was held in Kaliningrad. In the course of the meeting, results of each university’s progress within programme 5-100 were thoroughly analysed.

SUSU Scientific Literary School: “We Are Ground Breakers in Studying of Literature Process”

Over its 75-year history South Ural State University has supported development of its scientific schools in natural sciences, engineering and humanities. Among the most outstanding and young schools is the scientific literary school of the SUSU Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities.

“Continuing the Traditions and a Groundbreaking Approach Are Important”

SUSU Scientific Schools: Regional Economics in Details

Over the 75 years of its history South Ural State University has worked its way from Chelyabinsk Mechanical Engineering Institute to a modern Smart-university of digital transformations. From an institute consisting of only two faculties it turned into a national research university and a leading scientific and educational centre. Establishment of economics research-and-development schools of the university is an important phase in its development.

Scientific Interests of the Regional Economics School

SUSU Scientific Schools. Chemistry of New Compounds

The university arrived at its 75th anniversary with extensive experience and high achievements in science. For example, the scientific school on Organic Chemistry of Condensed Heterocyclic Compounds with a Nitrogen Bridging Atom has been operating successfully for 10 years now.

Psychology Festival on the Occasion of the University’s 75th Anniversary is to be Held at SUSU

On October 25, South Ural University is to organize a massive Psychology Festival, held on the occasion of the university’s 75th anniversary. The event organiser is the Faculty of Psychology of the SUSU Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities.

SUSU Scientific Schools: 20 Years in the World of Sports Science

In 2018 South Ural State University celebrates its 75th Anniversary. This is also an important year for the SUSU Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service, the scientific school of which celebrates its 20 years of working.

From Space Innovations to Digitalisation: SUSU Scientific School of Automated Control Systems

In 2018 South Ural State University is celebrating its 75th Anniversary. Many modern achievements are based on vast experience accumulated by the scientists of the university almost since its establishment. Over its years-long history the scientific school of automated control systems has fostered many prominent scientists. One of its outstanding representatives and a successor to the tradition of scientific ideas is SUSU Rector Aleksandr Shestakov, under whose leadership the university is fulfilling the strategy of digital transformations.

Selection Rounds for SUSU Talent Show Wrap Up

From October 1st through 5th in the Activity Hall of South Ural State University, contestants of the annual university talent show completed the selection rounds.

In first day of the selection rounds the young men and women from all years of study and all institutes had a chance to show their skills in the category “Vocals, Amateur Singer-songwriter Songs”. Both popular Russian and foreign, national and singer-songwriter songs were heard from the stage of the Activity Hall.

75th Anniverasry of SUSU: Students and Graduates Will Share Their SUSU Stories


The International Office is holding My SUSU contest. As part of this contest, international students will talk about how they decided to study in Russia, how they enrolled into SUSU, where they are studying now, and what it is like. Graduates will have a great chance to look back in their student years and share their stories of success resulting from obtaining their university education.

The contest is being held in two formats: a video and an essay.

International Students Conquered Mountains on the Occasion of SUSU’s Anniversary

On September 29, activists of South Ural State University’s Association of International Students organised a trip to the Taganay National Park, where they passed through multiple obstacles and reached the top of the Ural Mountains.

Taganay is a unique national park located in the northern part of subdued mountain ridges of the South Ural, which is an isolated plexus of mountains, three sides of which change into plateau and further into flat wooded steppe.

SUSU Scientific Schools: “Journalism as a Science is Developing under Conditions of Transmedia”

In 2018, South Ural State University is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Within this period, thousands of talented specialists have been trained in various spheres of scientific knowledge. One of the strongest schools of sciences established within the university is the SUSU Scientific School of Journalism.

The 21st Century University in the System of Continuing Education Conference is to Take Place at SUSU

On October 11–12, the 4th International Science-to-Practice Conference entitled “The 21st Century University in the System of Continuing Education” is to be held at SUSU with the purpose of expanding international and interdisciplinary cooperation of teaching staff, researchers, and other specialists in this sphere.

Scientists from 10 countries are to take part in the largest Russian Conference on Industry 4.0

On November 13-15, South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk) is to host a unique 2018 Global Smart Industry Conference. From the USA to China, internationally recognized scientists from over 10 countries have already confirmed their participation.

“It Was Interesting!” – SUSU Veteran, Candidate of Sciences (Engineering), Professor Vladimir Stikhin

In the year of SUSU’s 75th anniversary, a veteran of the university, Candidate of Sciences (Engineering), professor of the Department of Welding Engineering, former Dean of the Workers’ Faculty and the Mechanical and Technological Faculty of the Chelyabinsk Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vladimir Stikhin is celebrating his 85th birthday.

Scientific Dynasties: Pavel Chernogorov, the Founder of SUSU Foundry School

In 2018, South Ural State University celebrates its 75th anniversary. This year is the 110th anniversary from the birthday of Pavel Vasilyevich Chernogorov, a talented engineer and scientist. During the period of the World War Two, the technology of chill casting of tank turrets was organized under his supervision for the first time in the country, in the city of Omsk, at the Plant named after K.Voroshilov. Then, in 1957, Pavel Vasilyevich started working at CPI as Head of the Department of Foundry Production.

SUSU Opens Motor-and-Tractor Equipment Exhibition Devoted to the University’s 75th Anniversary

On July 3 opening of a motor-and-tractor equipment exhibition took place on the SUSU’s main building square. It was devoted to the 75th anniversary of South Ural State University and Automobile and Tractor Engineering Faculty. Here organizations and companies which employed the graduates of the university presented new models of automobile and tractor equipment.

Andrey Shmidt, SUSU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs says on the significance of event:

Scientific Dynasties: Co-Founder of the SUSU School of Hydraulics, Professor Paley

In the course of its 75-years-long history, South Ural State University passed a long way of development and reforms, and several generations of brilliant scientists were fostered within its walls. Nowadays the university is represented by entire scientific dynasties. The founder of one of them is Gilya Elyevich Paley.

More than half a century among the university’s best scientists

The Shchurov Family: Several Decades with SUSU

In 2018, South Ural State University is going to celebrate its 75th anniversary. In the course of these long years, the university underwent some significant changes, and thousands of talented specialists and brilliant scientists became its alumni.

Valeev Family: Teaching at the University as an Inherited Occupation

In 2018 South Ural State University is celebrating its 75th Anniversary. The history of our university has seen many interesting events and facts. It is no surprise that not one generation of Chelyabinsk residents has obtained higher education here over the long period of the university’s existence. Some of those people chose science and teaching as their family profession.

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