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Leading Digital University of the Country is Introducing the EnergyNet Concept

For Russia, power engineering is one of the most prospective areas of science and technology development, which ensures implementation of the country’s competitive advantages. One of the key strategies for development of the country is the EnergyNet National Technology Initiative.

Creative Session Wrapped up at Olimp Camp!

On Thursday, August 9, the third creative session Tretyakovka wrapped up at Olimp Sports and Recreation Camp.

“This session essentially differed from the previous ones by its creative atmosphere. Student activity was organized under 6 categories: theatre, arts, music, dancing, art management, and sports. Each group worked with their own teacher, and students learned various new things,” notes Natalya Lapshina, session supervisor.

Besides classes students were offered an event-packed cultural program.

Trade Union Committee of SUSU Provides Assistance with Finding Accommodation for Students

Starting from 2010, Accommodation for Students service has been functioning at South Ural State University. The SUSU Trade Union Committee, together with the university’s Administration and the Extracurricular Activities Department, provides assistance with finding accommodation for all students.

SUSU Archaeologists Found a Well-preserved Buckle Dating Back to the 10th Century

In Kunashaksky District an ancient burial ground was found by the specialists which contained a gold plated buckle, horse legs bones, bridle, and stirrup.

On the shore of lake Uelgi in the Chelyabinsk Region, while performing excavations, archaeologists came across a burial of some interest. According to Doctor of Sciences (History), Professor of SUSU Sergey Botalov, who supervised the works, the find is very important. It proves that namely in this place the future nations were born. Among those, professor believes, were Tatars, Kazakhs, etc.

SUSU scientists are developing the “smart city” concept

Scientific collaboration of scientists of the SUSU Institute of Architecture and Construction and the Institute of Engineering and Technology started developing a smart-city project which will correspond with all requirements of its residents.

Sport at SUSU: What Possibilities get Opened for Students?

On the second Saturday of August, the Sportsman’s Day is celebrated in Russia. This holiday unites all people related to sport. At South Ural State University, a lot of attention is paid to physical development and healthy lifestyle. On the threshold of the holiday, we will talk about sport opportunities that get opened for SUSU students.

A wide choice of sport clubs

SUSU Launches Unique Online Courses for Native Speakers of Arabic and Chinese Languages

South Ural State University pays a lot of attention to education of foreign citizens. One of the reasons for international students to choose SUSU is the fact that here they are provided with all conditions for learning Russian language, including the use of available distance technology. University staff elaborated online courses for mastering Russian phonetics by native Arabic and Chinese speakers; the courses are intended not only to show the correct way of sound pronunciation of Russian speech, but also teach how to do it.

Knauf International Production Company Participates in the Education of Future Builders

South Ural State University has been cooperating with KNAUF Company for 20 years. In the frames of this cooperation the laboratory “Knauf Materials and Complete Systems” was created, the possibilities of which are used by Institute of Architecture and Construction of SUSU for the preparation of future architects, designers, and builders.

The Faculty of Journalism Opened a Whole New World: Interview with a SUSU Graduate

Each year, thousands of specialists of various specialties graduate from South Ural State University. Among them is Elena Ermolaeva, who got her degree at the SUSU Faculty of Journalism. Today, Elena Yuryevna is the Chief PR Specialist of the Traktor Ice Hockey Club. She told us why due time she chose the Faculty, how her studentship was going, as well as about her work in the Traktor Ice Hockey Club.

– Why did you decide to get enrolled to the Faculty of Journalism?

International Alpinism Day: Interview with the Head of SUSU Tourism Club, Andrey Efremov

August 8 is the International Alpinism Day. Establishment of this holiday is connected with the names of a Swiss doctor Michel-Gabriel Paccard and a mountain guide Jacques Balmat, who in 1786 were the first mountaineers to reach the top of Mont Blanc, the topmost peak of the Alps; its height is 4810 meters above the sea level. Those, who want to exercise this uneasy sport, need serious training and skills of working with equipment.

Rector of SUSU Aleksandr Shestakov Signed an Order on Enrolment of Government-Subsidized Students

On August 8 Rector of South Ural State University Aleksandr Skestakov signed an order on enrolment of government-subsidized students. During the ceremony the interim results of 2018 Admissions Committee were summarized.

Materials for solar batteries of new generation are being created at SUSU

Alternative energy sources are a way to rational resource saving. Development of nanotechnology is a serious impulse for development of alternative energy sources. For several years, scientists of South Ural State University have been working on creation of solar batteries of a new type, specificity of which is organic light-sensitive material. Such batteries will not be toxic and will provide great advantages in alternative power engineering of the future.

Extramural Higher Education: SUSU Offers Over 60 Prestigious Educational Directions

Until September 15, 2018, South Ural State University accepts the documents for the bachelor's degree, specialty and master's degree programs from the applicants wishing to graduate from the university extramural mode of study on a fee basis.

It Will Always Be Warm in the Houses: Scientists of SUSU Are Creating a Hybrid Energy Saving System

The presence of hot water in a residential building and comfortable temperature in it are the primary needs of a man. However, today the breakages often occur in the system of heating or hot water supply. The new design solutions, as well as the use of new materials, allow preventing them.

MetalNet Strategy: Elite Bachelor’s Degree Program in Digital Metallurgy is to be Launched at SUSU

Daring scientific tasks set nowadays in front of researchers all around the world require for searching new methods of solutions. Presently, unique high-tech materials are produced for industries, smart technologies of Industry 4.0 get actively implemented, digitalization of metallurgical manufacture is carried out. Work in all these areas is being done at South Ural State University within the frameworks of MetalNet strategy of development of the Institute of Engineering Technology.

It’s a Well-Established University: International Graduate on South Ural State University


South Ural State University is rightfully viewed as a multicultural institution. Almost 2 000 international students from over 48 countries are currently doing their studies at SUSU. Many of them have listened to the advice of those who had already received their degree at South Ural State University. Naji Abdullah Mezaal received a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in Baghdad. Several years later he decided to continue his studies abroad when Naji’s friend recommended him to apply to South Ural State University.

SUSU Graduate Natalia Dubovaya Became Scriptwriter and Creative Producer of the Mermaid. Lake of the Dead movie

Within 75 years from the day of its foundation, more than 250 thousand of specialists, who become successful in various careers, graduated South Ural State University. Graduate of the SUSU Department of Russian Language and Literature, Natalia Dubovaya debuted as a scriptwriter and creative producer of the Russian movie The Mermaid. Lake of the Dead, which got released on July 12. Natalia told us about the idea to create the movie, the process of filming, and the role of SUSU in her professional becoming.

SUSU Students of Economics Are In-demand in Major Industrial Enterprises of Russia

South Ural State University is strengthening collaboration with industrial enterprises of the Chelyabinsk Region and Russian Federation. One of the world’s major manufacturers of steel Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works has become interested in graduates of the SUSU School of Economics and Management.

Associate Professor of SUSU Made a Report at the International Conference in Portugal

Associate Professor of Department of Construction Production and Theory of Structures of Institute of Architecture and Construction of SUSU Natalia Degtyareva made a report “Thin-Walled Structures” at the Eighth International Conference (ICTWS 2018) which took place in Lisbon in July 24-27.

SUSU Students Are Taught the Competences of Future

Studying at South Ural State University considers the most important development tendencies of all spheres of society. Here students obtain knowledge which is trending not only today but will be so in the close future. Particularly, Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit of School of Economics and Management of SUSU teaches their students Accounting of Future.

Scientific Journal of SUSU Included into SCOPUS World Database

International Scientific Journal “Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations” (SuperFrI) being published at South Ural State University has been included into Scopus, an authoritative international database, having occupied a good position in the 2nd quarter.

“A Journalist Can’t Be Illiterate”: SUSU Graduate about Her Career in Television Industry

Within 75 years from the day of its foundation, more than 250 thousand of qualified specialists who achieve success in their careers graduated South Ural State University. Specifically, philology students after graduation work in such spheres as pedagogy, journalism, marketing and PR.

Distance Education at SUSU: Prestigious, Economical, Convenient

The Institute of Open and Distance Education (IODE) is an important division of South Ural State University. The main goal of the institute, which offers a full range of academic, consulting, and technical services, is to implement distance education technologies into the academic process at the university. Higher education at SUSU via distance education is simple, prestigious, economical, and convenient.

Scientific Dynasties: Pavel Chernogorov, the Founder of SUSU Foundry School

In 2018, South Ural State University celebrates its 75th anniversary. This year is the 110th anniversary from the birthday of Pavel Vasilyevich Chernogorov, a talented engineer and scientist. During the period of the World War Two, the technology of chill casting of tank turrets was organized under his supervision for the first time in the country, in the city of Omsk, at the Plant named after K.Voroshilov. Then, in 1957, Pavel Vasilyevich started working at CPI as Head of the Department of Foundry Production.

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