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Admissions Announced for Lingva Supplementary Linguistic Training Programme

Attention! Master’s degree students, postgraduates, young researchers and academic staff are offered the unique chance to undertake training on the Lingva supplementary linguistic training programme in 2019/2020 academic year.

The list of vocational enhancement training courses within the Lingva programme.


Level of training

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Training period

Student Mentors Will Help Freshmen Adapt in the University

Very soon, South Ural State University will welcome about 4,000 first-year students. For them to successfully blend into the university life and not get lost in the whirl of activities, a Student Mentoring System is functioning. This association aims at helping students adapt and figure out how to do their studies and what to do in extracurricular activities.

Two Students from Tajikistan Enrolled in Postgraduate Studies at SUSU

This year, two staff members of Tajik Technical University enrolled in state-funded postgraduate studies at South Ural State University. They will complete training in the Institute of Architecture and Construction and the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

South Ural State University and Tajik Technical University named after academic M. Osimi have become reliable partners in international affairs. Head of the International Student Support Ekaterina Yurovskaya spoke about the cooperation between the two major universities.

Russian Scientists Study the Crystalline Structure of Perinone for the First Time

Scientists of the South Ural State University for the first time investigated the physical properties and structure of one of the aromatic compounds - perinone. This substance is widely used in industry as a dye. The research results will find application in the creation of new crystalline carbon materials, as well as composites, sorbents for water and air purification based on them, in organic electronics, medicine, and other fields.

Embassies of Arab Countries Actively Support New Initiatives of SUSU

On June 30th, the Vice-Rector for International Relations of South Ural State University visited the Embassies of Iraq and Sudan, and on August 8th – the Embassies of Egypt, Yemen, and Morocco for the purposes of promoting South Ural State University in these countries, as well as making it more recognizable there and attracting students and academic staff of the universities of those countries to various programmes being offered by our university.

“SUSU Will Give You Knowledge Necessary for a Successful Future”: Interview with an International Graduate

Chaubey Mani Shanker from India has completed his English-language Master’s studies at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science of South Ural State University. In his interview, this foreign citizen shares on why he one day decided to obtain his education at SUSU, as well as on the process of his studies.

SUSU Visited by a Delegation from the Governors Association of Korea

August 15th through 17th, with the support from the Government of the Chelyabinsk Region and the Chelyabinsk City Duma, the 6th International Forum of the Best Municipal Practices was held, which was dedicated to the issues of executing national projects approved by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation for the period until 2024.

Russian Scientists Create “Green” Gas Turbines

Scientists from South Ural State University have improved gas microturbines for producing electric energy and heat. The special design will make them more reliable and environmentally friendly since toxic substances will not form or will be technologically suppressed during turbine operation.

Preparations for Ural Fest: Members of the SUSU Association of International Students at the Eurasia Global International Forum

President of the SUSU Association of International Students Uvindu Wijeweera and activists of the South Ural Association of International Students Gulnara Hodzhieva, Maral Suleymanova (Turkmenistan), Mulkham Shakhin (Syria), Al Uleimat Adnan Amer Ahmed (Jordan), Sanjana Prabod (Sri Lanka), and SUSU junior researcher Rev Waskaduwe Siri Sarana Thero (Sri Lanka) successfully passed the selection round and will participate in the Eurasia Global International Youth Forum. The forum will be held August 12th through 18th in Orenburg.

SUSU Students Master Translation Skills through Practical Training at Russian Electric Motors Company

Students of the SUSU Institute of Linguistics and International Communications are completing practical training this summer at Russian Electric Motors, JSC. Students of the Department of Linguistics and Translation are mastering the skills necessary for the linguistic support of the company’s production processes.

How to Become Holder of SUSU Bursary?

Government bursary is provided for students of the full-time state-funded programmes. The following categories of students have a right to become bursary holders:

Trade Union Committee of SUSU Provides Assistance with Finding Accommodation for Students

Starting from 2010, Accommodation for Students service has been functioning at South Ural State University. The SUSU Trade Union Committee, together with the university’s Administration and the Extracurricular Activities Department, provides assistance with finding accommodation for all students.

SUSU Tutors Preparing to Welcome International Students

South Ural State University pays much attention to working with international students. The SUSU International Office helps them integrate into new cultural environment. To achieve that, for the second year now, the International Office together with the Association of International Students have been working on the project of student support and adaptation.

Scientists Create Chia Seed Bread Recipe for Healthy Eating

Many nutritionists believe that rye bread is superior in nutrition and balance to other foods. However, there are other opinions that the nutritional value of products produced in accordance with national standards does not correspond to modern concepts of healthy nutrition. Therefore, scientists from the South Ural State University have created and patented their Borodinsky bread recipe using chia and sesame seeds.

Russian scientists obtained brand-new composites for next-generation sensors

Scientist of the South Ural State University, together with colleagues from the Institute of General Inorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences Kurnakova (Moscow), the Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Materials Science, and the Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences managed to obtain a layered multiferroic made of metal and ceramics. In the future, the material can be used for the manufacture of new generation sensors.

SUSU Journalists Held Creativity Master Classes at Akakul Camp

A group of journalists from South Ural State University visited Akakul recreation camp for children and held creativity masterclasses for kids on photo- and video-journalism, as well as on social media journalism.

A multi-themed session is being held on the territory of Akakul recreation camp for children, which was organized by Nadezhda Krupskaya Palace for Pioneers and School Pupils. Among the campers there are kids interested in journalism and blogging.

Delegation from the Governors Association of Korea to Visit SUSU

August 15th through 17th, Chelyabinsk will be hosting the 6th International Forum of the Best Municipal Practices, within the frameworks of which a delegation of the Governors Association of Korea will visit South Ural State University.

The 6th International Forum of the Best Municipal Practices will be dedicated to the issues of executing national projects approved by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation for the period until 2024.

Young People from South Ural Region to Take Part in Master Classes on Extreme Sports

A SUSU student Ekaterina Kartavykh has won a grant at Baikal forum and begins work within it. The project of Katalitsa Educational Social and Sports Marathon is devoted to the problems of ecology and involving young people into active work.

South Ural State University Strengthening Its Contacts with the Industry

On August 8th, a meeting was held at South Ural State University between Rector Aleksandr Shestakov and Chairman of the Board of Directors of LLC “Holding Company” Pigment” Gennady Agafonov, Saint Petersburg, which resulted in signing an agreement on collaboration.

Currently, “Pigment” is the leader among major chemical manufacturers of paints and varnishes in Russia. The company’s structure comprises research-and-development and design institutes, and plants, which manufacture the products.

Summer in Olimp: How SUSU’s International Students Relax

Every summer international students of South Ural State University go to Olimp Sports and Recreation Camp. For them it is not only a way to recharge their battery after the year of studies, but also a chance to practice their Russian.

Builder’s Day: Recalling 5 Unique Buildings of a SUSU Professor

Builder’s Day – a professional holiday of those working in the sphere of construction – is annually celebrated in Russia on the second Sunday of August. On this day, South Ural State University is recalling the legacy of a professor of the SUSU Faculty of Architecture and Construction, Aleksandr Oatul.

Uralsky Sokol Sports Club Invites SUSU Students

On August 10th, Physical Culturist Day is celebrated in Russia, a holiday for athletes and all those adhering to healthy lifestyle. South Ural State University pays much attention to sports and physical education. For a long time now, Uralsky Sokol (Ural Falcon) Sports Club has been functioning at the university, the members of which have gained many victories.

Federal Experts Tell SUSU Students about New Trends in Media

The forum on new media culture Med will be held in Chelyabinsk from August 26th through 28th. Tatiana Mingalimova, editor of the vDud project and author of the Nezhnyi Redaktor; Irina Chesnokova, creator of the Bar in the Big City show and film and television actress; Artur Sokolov, head of the video production company Russia Today; Taras Sychev, head editor of Lentacha; and representatives of MSU, FederalPress RIA, and others will come to Chelyabinsk to share their knowledge and experience.

Rector of SUSU Signed the Order for Admission of Enrolees in 2019

A ceremonious event took place at South Ural State University on August 8, at which the Rector Aleksandr Shestakov signed the Order for Admission of almost 3 thousand enrolees for state-funded education at the university.

Mikhail Gromyko: “Climbing Wall at SUSU is the Tallest in the City”

On the 8th of August, the International Alpinism Day is celebrated all over the world. Students of South Ural State University have the opportunity to exercise this sport without leaving the campus – on the climbing wall at the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service.

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