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South Ural State University opens Pushkin Institute in China

On September 19, delegates from South Ural State University including Rector Alexander Shestakov signed an agreement on the opening of the Pushkin Institute at Tianjin Foreign Studies University.

The Pushkin Institute centres open in China as part of the official program by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The purpose of the program is to promote the Russian language, culture, and education in China.

Partners and Participants of Erasmus+ ASIAXIS Project Discuss the Impact of Internal Combustion Engines on Ecology

The main topic of the meeting held at Marche Polytechnic University in Ancona, Italy September 10th through 12th was determining the technical characteristics of internal combustion engines and their impact on the environment. The meeting was attended by industrial partners and participants of Erasmus+ ASIAXIS project.

SUSU Presented Its Internationalisation Experience at an International Conference in Geneva

On September 11th through 14th, the 30th Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition, the major event in the sphere of higher education in Europe, was held in Geneva (Switzerland). Russian higher education institutions were represented by universities-participants of Project 5-100, South Ural State University among them.

A Story of Success: an International Graduate of SUSU Received Honorary Rewards for Contribution into Development of Tajikistan

South Ural State University actively develops international relations. Within the celebratory events held on the occasion of SUSU’s 75th anniversary, the Association of International Graduates was established upon an initiative of the International Office with the purpose to form continuous communication between the university and its alumni. One of the university’s successful alumni is Abdullozoda Ramazon Tolibjon, who was given two honorary rewards for outstanding professionalism and contribution to science and education of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Information Day for International Students Held at SUSU

On September 6th in the Conference Hall of Sigma Education Building an annual Information Day was held for international freshmen from countries of the near-abroad: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kirghizia. The event was held by Vice-Rector for International Relations Olga Yaroshenko jointly with Head of the International Office Liudmila Lapina

I Wanted a University Where I Could Become a Specialist: SUSU graduate Salamat Laikhan

As Goethe once said, you can only learn what you love doing. That is why every university should make sure students find their calling. Salamat Laikhan from Kazakhstan has heard about the high quality of education at South Ural State University. When thinking about his further studies after he received his Bachelor’s degree, Salamat decided to apply to SUSU hoping to become a professional in metallurgy.

– Why did you choose SUSU?

The World of South Urals as Seen by SUSU International Students

The nature of South Urals is famous for its beauty and diversity. Lakes and mountains of the Chelyabinsk Region spark interest of not only Russians, but also among foreigners. The SUSU Center for Sociocultural Adaptation helps students from other countries discover the most favourite recreation spots of the residents of South Urals.

Recreation outdoors is part of the adaptation for international students. During excursions and trips they not only learn new things about South Urals, but also practice their Russian when communicating with the SUSU volunteers.

SUSU Organized a New Project for Tutors Working with International Students

A lot of attention at South Ural State University is paid to working with international students. The International Office of SUSU promotes their integration into the new cultural environment. For that purpose, the International Office together with Association of International Students launched a new project.

Students from China Visited Ilmen Nature Reserve

Students of Huanghe Professional Hydroengineering University (China) successfully completed the courses of the Russian language at the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language of ILIC. They celebrated their successful admission to the university in the city of Miass. 

Center for Sociocultural Adaptation organized an excursion with an extensive program:  the students visited Ilmen State Nature Reserve named after V.I. Lenin and Museum of Pelmeni which is the only in the country, as well as had a wonderful rest on the shores of Lake Turgoyak.

Cultural Adjustment at South Ural State University

South Ural State University is gaining in popularity among international applicants. Almost 2000 students from 48 countries have already chosen SUSU; that is why the University continually works on facilitating and supporting the learning experience of those who might face culture shock and other study abroad problems.

Scientists from 10 Countries of the World are to Take Part in the Largest Russian Conference on Industry 4.0

The unique 2018 Global Smart Industry Conference is to be held on November 13 through 15 of 2018 at South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk). As of today, internationally acknowledged scientists from more than 10 countries from USA to China have already confirmed their participation in the Conference.

SUSU Invites for Professional Retraining in the Sphere of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language

The Pushkin Institute Research, Education and Coordination Center together with the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language of SUSU’s Institute of Linguistics and International Communications invites to get supplementary competencies in the sphere of teaching Russian as a foreign language based on two specially elaborated programs.

Summer School for Students from China Finished at SUSU

66 students from China completed their study at Summer School of South Ural State University's Institute of Linguistics and International Communications.

SUSU Foreign Students Celebrated Kurban Bayrami (Feast of Sacrifice)

South Ural State University unites students from 48 countries of the world. Among SUSU students, there are representatives of different religious denominations. Students from the Arab and Asian countries told how they celebrate one of the main Muslim holidays — Kurban Bayrami.

Its title refers to the history of Prophet Ibrahim’s faith act. This year the holiday is celebrated on August 21-25. It begins in 70 days after another important Muslim event — Uraza-Bairam (Eid al-Fitr), which marks the end of Ramadan.

It’s a Well-Established University: International Graduate on South Ural State University


South Ural State University is rightfully viewed as a multicultural institution. Almost 2 000 international students from over 48 countries are currently doing their studies at SUSU. Many of them have listened to the advice of those who had already received their degree at South Ural State University. Naji Abdullah Mezaal received a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in Baghdad. Several years later he decided to continue his studies abroad when Naji’s friend recommended him to apply to South Ural State University.

More Than 500 Enrollees from Central Asia Submitted Their Documents at SUSU

Delegation from South Ural State University carried out a number of events in the countries of Central Asia. Vice-Rector for International Activity Olga Yaroshenko, Deputy Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Yulia Bolotina and an Analyst of International Affairs Office Mikhail Rukhtin. SUSU representatives visited 6 educational establishments of Tadzhikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in order to establish contacts and to promote the University in these countries.

Students from SUSU and from the Leading University of Kazakhstan Studying Media as Part of Academic Mobility

The academic mobility program is one of the most attractive forms of education for students. Its participants can gain unique experience and learn the basics of their future profession in a different language and cultural space.

One of these programs is being fulfilled jointly with L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University in Astana (Kazakhstan). Students of the journalism field will study at the foreign university for a semester, after which credits for the subjects they passed will be transferred to SUSU.

Summer School for Enrollees from China Starts Working at SUSU

68 Chinese students who completed their second year of education at the Huanghe Professional Hydroengineering University have arrived at the SUSU Institute of Architecture and Construction. During two months, the students will be studying subjects of their field and improving their knowledge of the Russian language.

Students from China Come in Chelyabinsk to Study the Peculiarities of Food Industry

Today the world leading higher educational establishments actively develop dual diploma programs. Such a form of studying gives students special possibilities which consist not only in studying foreign languages in authentic environment but also in the way to successful career.

SUSU Students Participate in Academic Mobility Programs with China for Free

Students of South Ural State University actively participate in Academic Mobility programs, which are being fulfilled at the university for 6 year now. This is a great opportunity to try a new system of education and plunge into culture of a different country. China is one of the most popular destinations of international student exchange.

Zhejiang Ocean University Is SUSU’s Long-time Partner

Strengthening of International Relations of ISSH Literature Scholars: a Report by SUSU Professor Presented in Barcelona

From June 20th through 22nd, and International Conference of Russian language specialists was held at the University of Barcelona, where Professor of the SUSU ISSH Department of Russian Language and Literature, Doctor of Sciences (Philology) Tatiana Fedorovna Semyan presented a report on the topic representing the sphere of research of the Department’s scientific school: “Visual nature of modern literature: from typography to media poetry”.

“I Have Always Wanted to Visit Russia”: Josef Bednařík about Russia and Studying at SUSU

Josef Bednařík, a student of the Brno University of Technology, came to SUSU one year ago as an exchange student to complete his study in master’s program in the specialty of “Mechatronics and Robotic Engineering”. Now the time of his studying in Russia is coming to an end, and we decided to ask Josef what was memorable about Russia and the time that he spent at South Ural State University.

– Why did you decide to choose a university precisely in Russia?

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