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SUSU-Freiberg: Scientific and Educational Bridges

The closing ceremony of the German-Russian Year of Academic Partnerships 2018-2020 was held on September 20th. Within the framework of the event, the winning projects of the competition "Russia and Germany: Scientific and Educational Bridges", jointly held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were announced.

Two Postgraduate Students from Iraq Defended Their Dissertations at SUSU

Postgraduate students of the Department of Machines and Processes of Pressure Metal Working Al-Khuzaie Ahmed Saleem Oleiwi and Al-Jumaili Mohammed Jasim Mohammed successfully defended their dissertations on topics related to the pipe rolling industry. Their research was carried out under the guidance of Professor of the Department of Machines and Processes of Pressure Metal Working, Deputy Director General for Research of the Russian Research Institute of the Tube and Pipe Industry (RosNITI), Doctor of Sciences (Engineering) Aleksandr Vydrin.

Information for International Students Currently Unable to Enter Russia

Due to a number of requests, we would like to inform all international students (unable to enter the territory of the Russian Federation due to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic) and their parents that the educational process will be organized with the use of distance learning technologies up until their arrival to Russia.

Educational Process for SUSU International Students Starting September 1st


Currently, more than 2000 students from 56 countries are obtaining their education at SUSU. These students represent countries of the near abroad, China, African and Arab countries, and some – Europe and America. The SUSU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Andrey Radionov explained how the educational process will be organized for these students starting from September 1st.

– Some of the international students did not leave Russia and stayed in Chelyabinsk. So, they will begin their studies on September 1st as usual, along with other students.

SUSU International Students Held a Volleyball Match

Sociocultural Adaptation Centre of South Ural State University, jointly with volunteers, have organized a sports recreation for the university's international students.

All those willing could sign in for the volleyball game in the Vkontakte group of the Sociocultural Adaptation Centre. The game was held in the Recreation and Entertainment central park named after Yu.A. Gagarin. Students teamed up in groups of 5-6 people and competed against each other.

Islamic Banking Boosts Economies in the Middle East and North Africa

Islamic banking is developing at an impressive speed, and for this reason the understanding of this process is of interest to scientists in the context of economic growth of the countries under different economic conditions.

SUSU Staff Members and International Students to Take Part in the Eurasia Global International Forum

The fifth anniversary Eurasia Global International Youth Forum is to be held September 2nd through September 8th in Orenburg. Staff members and international students of South Ural State University have the opportunity to become a part of this major event.

The Forum is a platform for a practice-targeted dialogue between young representatives of the Russian Federation and foreign countries, and is being held for the first time under the aegis of UNESCO.

Over 500 International Applicants Have Submitted Documents to Enrol in SUSU

Foreigners choose SUSU to obtain higher education. Applicants from 29 countries have already submitted their documents to the Admissions Committee 29. Specialists of the International Office are reminding that there is still time to become a SUSU applicant and are answering the most frequently asked questions from international enrolees.

International Online Conference on Philosophical Practice at SUSU Gathered 500 Participants from 52 Countries

Online Conference on Philosophical Practice “Philosophical Practice for Self-knowledge by Means of Intellectual Creativity” was held July 28 through July 31.

Institute of Media, Social Sciences and Humanities Took Part in International Round Table

Manipal Institute of Communications, India, under the guidance of Professor Nandini Lakshmikantha, initiated the international round table dedicated to the Communication During COVID-19 and invited representatives of the SUSU Institute of Media, Social Sciences and Humanities to participate in the online forum, among the attendees of which were the Head of the Department of Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Doctor of Sciences (Philology), Professor Liudmila

Graduate from Tajikistan: “SUSU Helps Students to Develop and Opens New Doors”

South Ural State University collaborates with universities in Tajikistan, such as Tajik Technical University named after academic M. Osimi and Russian-Tajik Slavonic University. The projects on two-way exchange of students and academic staff are being fulfilled successfully.

Acceptance of Applications to the Foreign Student Tutoring Team Is Closing

Students of South Ural State University have one last chance to become tutors—assistants and guides for international students who are just beginning their studies at the major university in the South Ural region. Applications are being accepted until July 25.

Students from Iraq and Algeria Successfully Completed Master’s Degree Programmes at SUSU

South Ural State University welcomes international students from 56 countries of the world. Everyone, who comes to study at SUSU, notes the high level of technical equipment of the university laboratories, the kind-heartedness of people and the professionalism of the academic staff. The university offers quotas for international students so that they can continue their studies in Master’s degree programmes. Architecture and construction, IT, and economics are the most popular fields among international students.

“It's Hotter in Chelyabinsk than in Africa”: SUSU International Students on the Weather of the Ural Region

Abubakar Yaro from Côte d’Ivoire and Fidele Benimana from Rwanda came to Chelyabinsk two years ago to apply for South Ural State University. The students note that they have never experienced such hot weather in Russia before.

According to the students, the temperature outside is extremely high and, sometimes, it is even hotter than in Africa, their homeland. Abubakar says that, while living in Chelyabinsk, they got used both to cool weather and winter frosts, but they have not felt the familiar heat for quite a while now.

From Central Asia to the Urals: Applicants Can Submit Documents to SUSU Online

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, higher educational institutions keep functioning, only in a remote mode. All that international applicants need to enrol in a Russian university is the Internet.

SUSU Graduate from India: I Want to Continue My Studies in Postgraduate Programme

South Ural State University invites students from different countries from around the world, providing wide opportunities for education and participation in scientific and research activity. In total, about two thousand students from 56 countries are studying at SUSU. Students from China, India, Algeria, Congo, Cameroon, Tajikistan, Iraq, and Syria engage in interesting scientific projects and events that contribute to international cultural exchange.

“My Goal Is to Become a True Engineer”: a Graduate from Congo Spoke about His Studies at SUSU

Many students from around the world are studying at South Ural State University. Each one of them has their own story: some are just starting their journey and preparing documents for admission, while others have already defended their diplomas and are preparing to fulfil their potential as professionals in their chosen field. Despite their different languages, skin colour, and cultural experiences, students make new friends here, overcome difficulties, obtain interesting opportunities to fulfil their abilities in many fields, and so the university holds a special place in their life. I

SUSU is a Multinational University: How Does It Attract Students from Sudan?

South Ural State University is a multinational university, studying in which are students from 56 countries. In SUSU classrooms one can meet citizens of China, Egypt, Algeria, Côte d'Ivoire, and many other countries.

Especially warm relationships have been established between South Ural State University and Sudan: residents of this country proved to be excellent SUSU students, and the leadership of the Republic frequently visits the university for national holidays’ celebrations.

Study Rooms in SUSU Dormitories Equipped with Computers

Now, it is so easy for students, who live in the SUSU dormitories, to study online. Each study room in each dormitory has been equipped with computers with webcams and Internet access. At this point, the students will easily sit their exams and defend their qualification and term papers in accordance with the university regulations.

Student from Yemen Wants to Build a 9-Storey Building

One of the leaders of Russian higher education – South Ural State University (SUSU) – is located at the border of Europe and Asia, in Chelyabinsk. The university is focused on development of large, interdisciplinary projects in the fields of digital industry and artificial intelligence, and carries out research works in the following spheres: Sensors for Industrial Objects; Digital Twins; Energy Conservation; Methods and Means of Information Security; Materials Science; and Ecology.

International Students, Who Did a Great Job during the Russia Day Campaign, Were Awarded Prizes

The participants of the “SUSU Russia Day” campaign had to design a white T-shirt with a thematic Russia Day pattern in the “SUSU Colours of Russia” nomination (#КраскиРоссииЮУрГУ), make a photo and send it in as a picture. 

SUSU International Students Celebrated Russia Day

The Russia Day is a great holiday. It is important for everyone in its own way. SUSU international students believe that Russia has become their second home, that is why June 12th is a special day for them.

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International Applicants Choose SUSU

More and more international students choose SUSU to pursue their higher education. In the 2019-2020 academic year, SUSU is home for over 2300 international students from 56 countries. Most of them are from China, Egypt, Iraq, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Every year SUSU expands its geography and recruits international students from new countries. For example, this year we expect new coming students from Canada, Haiti, Mali, and Burkino Faso.

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