Project 5-100

Safe Antiseptics Being Created at SUSU

Most part of the knowledge being the basis of inorganic chemistry was obtained quite a while ago. Today intensive development of science and industry requires new materials with special properties. One of the promising fields of research is organic compounds of antimony, which have long been attracting attention of scientists by their useful properties.

Chinese Students Are Studying Renewable Power Engineering at SUSU

In September of 2017, South Ural State University, one of the largest and the most well-known universities of Russia, launched a new international education program of double master’s degree study in the specialty of “ Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering” (specialization in “Complex use of renewable sources of energy”).

Tea Festival Held in SUSU

A tea ceremony was held at South Ural State University on the occasion of Sri Lanka’s Independence Day.

On February 4, 2018 Sri Lanka celebrated a milestone date – 70 years of independence. Students from Sri Lanka who study at SUSU celebrate this holiday every year.

SUSU Improved Its Positions in Webometrics 2018 World Ranking

According to Webometrics Ranking of World Universities published at the end of January, SUSU improved its result in the world ranking for 34 positions, climbing up from 2089th to 2055th place compared to the last ranking’s edition. Among Russian universities SUSU is placed 24th.

As a reminder, the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is issued twice a year: in July and January. Around 25 000 of the world’s universities get included in the ranking.

There are no Analogs in Russia: SUSU Scientists are Developing a New Micro Grinding Technique

In order to produce micro details for electronics and medicine, new methods based on micro mechanical processing are as relevant as ever. Scientists of South Ural State University are developing an innovative model for micromachining of details by micro grinding.

1 millimeter for processing details

Metal Casting Method Safe for the Environment Developed at SUSU

The necessity of high technologies in fundamental industry branches is still one of the topical issues of manufacturing. Scientists of South Ural State University invented a new technique of forming in precision casting which will allow for multiple speeding the process, and make it more simple and safe for the environment.

Specificity of the new method is in the quality of casting forms

Training Course on Delivering Lectures in English Starts at SUSU

Starting from March 1, 2018, within the framework of supplementary linguistic training program “Lingua” an advanced training course will be launched for subject professors who deliver or are planning to deliver lectures for foreign students in English.

Electronic Circuits in Human Body: SUSU Researchers Study the Properties of Gold Nanoparticles

Interdisciplinary research on nanotechnology, molecular physics, optics, electronics, and biology is opening new paths for science towards solving important issues where a narrow, single-field approach cannot do that.

Augmented Reality Technologies Being Implemented into Education Process in Russia

In the not so distant future there will be a new technological wave in industry thanks to the fourth industrial revolution known as “Industry 4.0”. The transition from an industrial society to an information society will lead to changes in education. Already today in South Ural State University augmented-reality educational laboratory stands are being developed, thus implementing the fourth industrial revolution technologies into the education process.

Model for Researching Resources of Human Stress Resistance is Developed at SUSU

What makes a person more competitive and enduring? Scientists from South Ural State University are searching for an answer to this question.

SUSU Actively Participates in Development of Iraq-Russia Cooperation

In the modern world, a tendency towards solidifying the relationship between Russia and the Republic of Iraq is becoming ever stronger. In many aspects, this is connected with the growth of the role of scientific and academic partnership between these countries. With the goal of discussing the prospects of development of Iraq-Russia cooperation in education and science, a delegation from South Ural State University visited the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Russia.

Frames for Siberian Timber Trucks Improved at SUSU

One of the major tasks of modern logistics is delivery of cargoes to the most distant corners of the world performed in time and with proper quality. Severe-climate northern regions are no exception, though there motor vehicles are exposed to specific loads. Extremely low temperatures imply that frames of modular trailers and semi- trailers transporting heavy cargoes need to be made of high-strength steel. Today, scientists from South Ural State University have found a solution for transportation tasks in the context of Siberia and the Far North.

A Test Which Can Open Doors All Around the World: Workshop on Top Tips for IELTS Test Takers Took Place at SUSU

On January 18, a workshop entitled “Top Tips for IELTS Test Takers” took place; the speaker was Claire Barnes, a Cambridge Assesment English methodologist  with many years’ experience of training students and academic staff for international exams. Claire also is a lecturer of courses of teaching a foreign language.

Inventions of SUSU Scientists Got Implemented at Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant

Implementation of this scientific project is one more step on the way to Industry 4.0. Problem of resource- and power saving is one of the most urgent problems in engineering. Intelligent system of electric drive control developed at South Ural State University possesses enhanced interference immunity and ability to perform self-diagnosis and self-reservation.

Where is the system of electric drive control used?

Health and Energy

South Ural State University researchers are working on solving global issues of science and technology, and their developments, without any exaggeration, could become breakthroughs for all of humanity. Maria Aleksandrovna Grishina, Doctor of Sciences (Chemistry), head researcher of the Computer Simulation of Medications laboratory of the SUSU School of Medical Biology.

SUSU Scientist Improves Magnets for ‘Green’ Electric Motors

Magnets have been known to humanity since long ago. In Ancient Greece the ability of some rocks to draw chunks of iron had already been discovered. Contemporary scientists found out that not only materials on the base of iron (ferrites) possess magnetic properties. Nowadays among the most powerful magnets are samarium-cobalt (or samarium) magnets. Their principal feature is high temperature resistance and preserving of their initial magnetization intensity at temperatures up to 350°С.

Timetable of Events for SUSU International Students

The SUSU International Affairs Division in cooperation with Association of International Students  annually holds a lot of events. Among them, there are national culture days, acquaintance with Russian traditions and holidays, etc.

Unique Dictionary for Communication between People of Different Cultures Being Created at SUSU

Globalization, which at present has captured all sides of life and opened unique opportunities for intercultural communication for the modern world, gives societies the challenges of organizing interaction between partner countries. Today, 32,000 students study at SUSU, among them more than 2,000 international students from 48 countries, that is why for the university’s researchers and linguists it is important to find a point of contact between various cultures and religious denominations.

Make Your Future Today: Elite Education at SUSU

Starting from 2015 a system of elite education is being implemented at SUSU. This system is intended for those students who think about their future careers, and are willing to make efforts and spend their time to form basis for their future already now.

Material with High Radio-Absorbing Properties Being Developed at SUSU

Electronic magnetic waves affect both people and equipment negatively. This is why the creation of new, special materials for radio electronics has become relevant recently. “Creation of a New Functional Material” is the project which won the contest “Beginning of Big Science 2017”.

Research of SUSU Postgraduate Student Helps Patients with Oncology Diseases

Every year thousands of people find out about the dangerous diagnosis – oncology disease. All around the world, groups of scientists undertake multiple attempts to study the mystery of this disease’s origin and kill this disease. Modern methods of treatment of oncology diseases allow hoping for recovery or long-lasting remission. At that, psychological state of already-ill people plays an important role.

Best Innovators: Ranking of Professors Using New Technologies in Teaching Is Published

Within the framework of Program 5-100 being fulfilled at the University more and more innovation technologies are being integrated into the training process at SUSU. The pedagogical arsenal of professors is constantly expanding with new non-standard solutions including timelines, video-lectures, educational kits of new training goals and many, many others (for more details on the new training technologies please visit the web-site “New Training Technologies”, Section “Tools”).

SUSU Teachers Earn Top Marks in IELTS

In November 11, 2017 and December 2, 2017, staff of South Ural State University took IELTS international exam.

SUSU Scientists are Developing a Method for Obtaining Radiation-Resistant Nanocomposites

Creating new materials is one of the main areas of contemporary nanotechnologies. The most prioritized research goals include creating materials with preliminarily set properties. Scientists of South Ural State University developed a theoretical model which allows determining parameters of a nanocomposite with desired characteristics.

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