Project 5-100

South Ural Scientists are Perfecting the Process of Obtaining Popular Photocatalyst


Environmental problems today are as relevant as ever. Scientists are searching for ways to diminish harmful industrial influence on nature. One of the ways to protect the environment, without a doubt, is the use of filters for water and air clarification of harmful substances. A comparatively common way for decaying filtered harmful chemicals is photocatalysis. One of the most frequently researched photocatalysts is titanium dioxide. Besides, titanium oxide is widely used as acid catalyst, material for membranes and for sorbents.

Admissions Announced for the Lingva Program for Additional Linguistics Training


Masters, postgraduates, young researchers, research staff have the unique chance to complete training in the Lingva additional linguistics training program in the 2017/2018 academic year within the 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project.

The length of the course is 240 hours a year.

After successful completion of this training course a certification of improved qualifications is issued.

Documents to enter the competitive admissions and enter the program must be submitted before September 3rd 2017.

Future Factory at SUSU: Center of Computer Engineering Starts Creating Digital Platforms


Technologies of “Industry 4.0” get into our lives every day. Mathematical simulation of mechanic engineering devices and technology processes of their manufacturing find support at the high governmental level. For instance, on July 20 a session on development and implementation of the Technet roadmap, in the frameworks of the national technological initiative targeted at creating conditions for global technological leadership of Russia by the year of 2035, was held at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

From Aerospace Engineering and BIG DATA to an Ecosystem for Continuing Education and Fighting with Stress – the University is Choosing Strategic Academic Units


The fifth strategic session was held on August 10th and 11th at SUSU, in which university rector Alexander Shestakov, vice rectors and institute directors, and initiators of strategic academic units and the working groups for science and academics discussed the university’s goal and financial models as well as models for strategic academic units under consideration in a round table format

Accuracy is Politeness for Engineers: Manipulators of the Future Modeled at the Center of Computer Engineering


The SUSU Center of Computer Engineering is increasing the pace of its innovative developments and scientific potential. In July, the Russian Higher Attestation Commission confirmed the academic title candidate of technical sciences for the head of the department of calculations and testing of the CCE, Oleg Kudryavtsev. We spoke with the new candidate of science on high-accuracy robotics, modern materials and the art of taking a hit, secrets of successful time management, and the meteorite that brought success.

Unique Arctic Wind Turbine Being Designed at SUSU


One of the most promising areas of development for renewable energy is wind energy. Researchers of South Ural State University have achieved significant results in this area. Postgraduate of the Department of Electrical Stations, Networks, and Electrical Systems of the SUSU Polytechnic Institute, Evgeniy Sirotkin, is participating in the creation of a wind turbine which can work in the harsh conditions of the arctic.

Fifteen Best: The Names of the Winners of the Project 5-100 Contests for Financial Support Have been Released


On July 17th the results of the competitions The Beginning of Big Science 2017 and Scientific Potential 2017, held within project M 3.2.1. “Support young researchers and students with grants for scientific projects, including completion of internships in leading research organizations and universities” were announced.

Development of the Center of Computer Engineering Wins Industrial Design Contest at INNOPROM


A design concept for a quick-charge device for electric vehicle named best by Renault and Nissan.

INNOPROM-2017 was marked by an important event for the SUSU Center of Computer Engineering – the design of a charging device for vehicles won an industrial design contest. The project by masters’ student of the Department of Design and Invention Roman Tkachev entitled “Device for quick-charge of electric vehicles with a power of 60 Kw” took first place in the nomination “Design of Environmental Equipment.”

The Center of Elite Training is Now an International Member of the American National Collegiate Honors Council


Not too long ago at all, a new division appeared at SUSU for students who excel in their academics and try to improve their intellectual potential as much as possible. This is the SUSU Elite Training Center, which was formed within the 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Program. The goal of the project is to give future specialists a chance to receive additional professional skills while diving in to the world of science and, therefore, improve their career growth prospects.

The process of elite training at SUSU occurs in two forms.

SUSU Researchers Found a Method to Improve the Quality of Lubricants for Automobile Engines and Transmissions


The life of modern man is closely tied to transport and automobiles. But besides the undebatable comfort of using modern automobile transport, of course, there are many questions and issues. Every auto lover knows how important oil changes are to improve the service life of equipment, and it most be quality oil.

SUSU Library Wins Mikhail Prokhorov Fund


According to the results of the open charitable competition entitled «The New Role of Libraries in Education» (program block Science, Education and Enlightenment of the charitable program Literary Culture), the SUSU library has won a grant from the Mikhail Prokhorov fund for the realization of the project entitled «Publish Properly!». The head of this project is the director of the SUSU scientific library, Svetlana Smolina.

From Engineering to Information Technology: SUSU’s Developments for Big Ural’s Manufacturing


On June 20nd within the second day of the strategic session of South Ural State University – a Source of Ideas and Technologies for Big Ural Industry, ten teams of young innovators successfully defended their projects of cooperation with Ural manufacturing companies.

Ultrasound Makes Products Better: Researcher from Australia Shares his Knowledge on «Green Chemistry»


One of the visitors to SUSU as part of the International Research Council was physical chemist Muthupandian Ashokkumar, who visited the South Ural capital from the University of Melbourne (Australia). The researcher’s specialty is the production of materials for food and dairy manufacturing.

– Tell us about your partnership with SUSU and future collaborations.

Say ‘No’ to Breakdowns and Car Crashes! An Ambitious Project in the Field of Automobile Construction Successfully Completed at SUSU’s Center of Computer Engineering


“The people who do not want to feed their own army will end up feeding somebody else's…” - these immortal words of Napoleon still remain relevant.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has reviewed and accepted the results of the project “Scientific research in the field of determining the residual life of the main units and aggregates of military automotive equipment”. The project became a cooperative development of the leader of domestic trucking industry, OJSC KAMAZ and the SUSU Center of Computer Engineering.

Applied Science for Development of the Ural Industry: A Strategic Session Started at SUSU


“Applied science should bring a common sense for industrial development of the Urals. Today the cooperation of research teams from universities with key industrial sectors of the region is particularly important,” the Rector Alexander Shestakov emphasized this pivotal trend for development of modern science, welcoming the participants of the strategic session “South Ural State University: A Source of Ideas and Technologies for the Industry of the Big Urals”, which started on June 19 at the premises of the university complex “Sigma”.

From Quantum Entanglement to Tendencies of Industry 4.0


From June 12th through 15th a few notable events occurred at South Ural State University: another meeting - the third - of the International Research Council, a meeting of the Supervisory Council, and lectures and seminars by IRC members – world-renowned researchers who work in the most advanced areas of science and technology including chemistry, biomedicine, and quantum information sciences.

The International Research Council Evaluated SUSU’s Work on the Development of International Research Laboratories


On the final day of the third meeting of the International Research Council, the curators of the international research laboratories from SUSU and representatives of the university’s institutes and schools presented the results of their work and strategies for advancing the university in field-specific international ratings to the international researchers.

South Ural Researchers Completing Unique Research Modeling the Properties of Nanotubes


Despite the intense research of carbon nanotubes over the last few decades, interest in it is not waning neither among researchers nor theoreticians. With time, the tasks are becoming even more difficult, and solving these tasks is becoming possible only for professional researchers. Associate professor of the SUSU Department of Computer Modeling and Nanotechnologies Sergey Sozykin is studying carbon nanotubes, applying various methods of modeling to them.

Lecture and Practical Seminar by Doctor Panayiotis Andreas Koutentis (University of Cyprus) Held at SUSU


A scientific seminar was held as part of the third International Research Council at South Ural State University. The moderator of this event was world-famous researcher in organic chemistry, doctor Panayiotis Koutentis. At the seminar, six scientific developments were presented to the professor by young, talented SUSU researchers.

A Big Day: International Research Council Held at SUSU


On Monday, June 12, a scientific event of global scale started in Chelyabinsk – the world’s leading scientists working in the sphere of physical chemistry, biomedicine and quantum informatics came to South Ural State University.

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