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SUSU International Students Tell about Stereotypes

South Ural State University is the most famous university in South Ural and no wonder international students choose it to get their education. It offers various programs including International Relations, Philology, Linguistics, Economics, Mechatronics and Robotics, Power Engineering and many others.

Student from China: Studying at South Ural State University is My Greatest Advantage

One of the leaders of Russian higher education – South Ural State University (SUSU) – is located at the border of Europe and Asia, in Chelyabinsk.
Nowadays 420 Chinese students are successfully studying at SUSU. The most popular programs chosen by Chinese students are International Relations, Philology, Linguistics, Economics, Mechatronics and Robotics, Power Engineering.

SUSU in the World’s Education Elite

Dear lecturers, workers and students!

Dear members of the academic and administrative staff, postgraduates, and students!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the occasion of South Ural State University’s being included in the 2020 Times Higher Education global international ranking! Our standing is in the 1001+ group of places!

Students of the SUSU Institute of Linguistics and International Communications Are in Demand around the World

Over the past 20 years more than 2,000 specialists and students of Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes on linguistics and translation, theory and methods of teaching foreign languages, applied linguistics and philology, regional studies, and international relations have graduated from the SUSU Institute of Linguistics and International Communications.

Inter-university Student Science-to-practice Conference Closed at ILIC

On April 16th of 2019, a traditional Inter-university Student Science-to-practice Conference was held at the Department of International Relations, Politology and Regional Studies of the Institute of Linguistics and International Communications. Similar to the previous years, among the conference participants were students of not only South Ural State University, but also of the friendly South Ural State Humanitarian Pedagogical University (CSPU).

Preparation to Youth Forum of the SCO Started at SUSU as Part of Project-based Learning

On February 1st, as part of the project-based learning the Institute of Linguistics and International Communications launched an interdisciplinary project, the main goal of which is the development of the concept and technology of organising and holding of Youth Forum of the SCO. The grounds for the fulfilment of this project is the need to discuss the topical issues of the world’s politics, economics and culture at the students’ community level.

Students from China Got Awarded for Winning Contests in Russian Language

On March 15, a ceremonious awarding of winners of Russian language contests took place in Sigma academic building. Students from China got awarded with certificates and memorable prizes.

In 2018-2019 academic year, students from People’s Republic of China took part in four Russian language contests: Russian Writing Contest, International Online Olympiad on Russian as a Foreign Language, a contest of projects called “Russian Language in the Sphere of Digital Transformations”, and a photography contest called “Russia and China: Country – Language – Culture”.

New Master’s Programmes of SUSU Successfully the Pass Licensing Procedure

Every year South Ural State University opens new Master’s programmes both in engineering and in economics and humanities specialities. SUSU has obtained the license for the right to perform educational activity under 3 Master’s training programmes, which will be launched already in September of 2019.

Political Consultant Day: SUSU Students Meet Deputy Vladimir Burmatov

On February 24th the whole world celebrates the International Day of Political Consultant. Today this date is marked by celebration not only abroad, but in Russia as well. Within the frameworks of this professional holiday annual meetings and conferences are held, with their agenda focused on the topical political issues.

February 23 or Men’s Day Across the World

On February 23, Russians celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day honouring Russian soldiers for their bravery and loyalty to their country. This public holiday dates back to 1918 when Russia was on the verge of Civil War and foreign intervention. At the beginning of 1918, the Council of People's Commissars issued a decree on the foundation of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army to resist the enemy. Throughout its long history, the celebration has changed its name several times, from Red Army Day to Soviet Army and Navy Day to Defender of the Fatherland Day.

More than 2,700 State Scholarships: SUSU Trains Leaders in All Fields

Choosing a university is one of the most serious decisions in everyone’s life. For many applicants, the deciding factor in enrolling in a university is the affordability of education. South Ural State University offers around 3,000 state scholarships annually.

This year, according to Order No.346 of the Ministry of Education as of 28.04.2018, a big number of state scholarships will be offered for technical, natural science, and humanitarian fields of higher education.

SUSU’s Institute of Linguistics and International Communications Invites to Take Part in a Conference on Topical Problems in Science: Opinion of the Young

The Department of International Relations and Regional Studies and the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language of South Ural State University’s Institute of Linguistics and International Communications invite to take part in inter-university student science-to-practice conference on Topical Problems in Science: Opinion of the Young, which is to take place on April 16 of 2019.

Winter Survival Guide

It is no mystery that Russian winters might be harsh. Located on the boundary between Europe and Asia, Chelyabinsk is a Siberian city, and its temperatures fall far below zero in winter. However, it does not mean only the bravest can survive here. In fact, Russian nature is exceptionally beautiful and mysterious in winter, with snow sparkling on the trees like diamonds. Skating, skiing, strolling in snowy parks (weather allowed!), and drinking hot beverages – Russian winter is a must-have experience.

Chinese New Year Got Celebrated at SUSU

A celebratory concert was held at South Ural State University’s Activity Hall on February 4 on the occasion of Chinese New Year. In Chinese culture, the New Year (Chun Jie) is translated as Spring Festival and is the most traditional and important holiday of the Celestial Empire; the holiday has been existing for more than 2 000 years. This holiday is annually celebrated at SUSU: students from China prepare artistic performances as well as perform national songs and dances.

Institute of Linguistics and International Communications Launches an Educational Project

Within implementation of project-based learning, the Department of Linguistics and Translation at the SUSU Institute of Linguistics and International Communications together with Russian Electric Motors (REM) JSC is launching an educational project entitled “Linguistic support of manufacturing processes”. Implementation of the project is scheduled for academic years 2019-2021.

Chinese New Year is to be Celebrated at SUSU with Singing and Dancing

Chinese New Year is to be celebrated at South Ural State University on February 4. On the stage of SUSU Activity Hall, students from China will introduce their traditions of celebrating the main day of the year.

Fun and Culture in Chelyabinsk

Although no rival to the world’s buzzy capitals, Chelyabinsk is rich in culture and fun. The city offers plenty of shops, restaurants, museums, and attractions to suit everyone’s taste. Chelyabinsk is a multicultural city and welcomes students from all over the world. Find out what places in Chelyabinsk (and Chelyabinsk Oblast!) international students find inspiring and worth visiting.

Sharif Mazri, Bangladesh

Russian Language Program

Feeling at Home at SUSU

Feeling lonely is an extremely unpleasant experience to anyone. When you are in another country, far away from home, relatives, and friends, it is especially important to navigate loneliness and be able to get the best from the intercultural exchange. While cultural difference come at you from all angles in a foreign country, everyone can turn their international study into an unforgettable and rewarding experience. Below, international students of SUSU share their ideas on how to ease emotional stress abroad and “find yourself” in another country.

Going Abroad for New Knowledge: SUSU 2019 International Summer Schools

Where to go study this summer? Maybe, go study Spanish in Cadiz or Barcelona, or learn the basics of Italian culture in sunny Tuscany, or enrol with the international school of journalism in Prague, or maybe, the School of Leadership in Brunei, or go study in Cyprus?

SUSU is to Perform Training of Specialists in the Sphere of International Politics

In the new academic year, SUSU’s Institute of Linguistics and International Communications announces admissions for bachelor’s degree programme in Political Management (major in Political Science). Graduates of this major will be in-demand abroad. Entrance examinations for applicants are Russian Language, History and Social Studies.

Debunking Myths About Russian

When you think about the Russian language, what comes to your mind? Strange letters? Difficult cases and verb forms? If you ever decide to learn Russian, do not despair. The language is not that difficult once you get used to it. Lots of international students are currently learning the Russian language at South Ural State University enjoying their experience. Read about students’ thoughts on the language and why they believe Russian is worth learning after all.

Foreign Students of SUSU Took Part in the Contest of the New Year Performances

On December 26, a festive event for the foreign students, devoted to the 2019 New Year, took place in Sigma Educational Building of South Ural State University.

This academic year began creatively for the foreign students: they took part in the Matriculation Ceremony, then presented their talents at various events and at the end of the year, they participated in a contest of the New Year Performances.

Foreign students from different countries, including Egypt, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Congo, China, Iraq, and many others attended the event.

Vanya the Robot Doesn’t Scold Students or Issue Bad Grades

In China, South Ural State University (SUSU) created its own network of Centres in order to promote Russian language and enhance the quality of training of Chinese citizens before their study in Russia. As reported by the SUSU Press Service, a robot named Vanya is going to help students to learn “the great and mighty” Russian language.

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