Political Consultant Day: SUSU Students Meet Deputy Vladimir Burmatov

On February 24th the whole world celebrates the International Day of Political Consultant. Today this date is marked by celebration not only abroad, but in Russia as well. Within the frameworks of this professional holiday annual meetings and conferences are held, with their agenda focused on the topical political issues.

South Ural State University held a round table with the State Duma deputy Vladimir Burmatov, as well as with the invited political consultants, academics and staff of our university, students and school pupils. As part of the celebration of the International Political Consultant Day the event participants were able to ask their questions, as well as share their own ideas aimed at solving the pressing political problems of the regional and federal levels.

“The future specialists in the field of political science, as well as students of other specialities are the people who already now will be handling the administration of political and election processes, processes of working with the governmental authorities,” stressed Vladimir Burmatov. “They will be directly involved in this, so it is on their competences that the quality of our life depends, as well as the quality of the political process, and the level of political management and political culture. That is why the quality of training of such specialists should, of course, be very high, and if we could be of help here, we would definitely do our best.”

Students were especially interested in the possibilities for the young generation to make their own contribution into solving social and political problems of our country, as well as in the ways of building a most productive interaction with the authorities, improving the political and election processes. Also school children and students received the answers to their questions on the specifics of the professions of a political analyst and a political strategist, and the possibilities for a professional development on this field.

“The agenda of the round table is a very topical one. That is why we wished to attract young people to discuss this issue. The round table was organized just before the Day of Political Consultant international holiday. Vladimir Burmatov is a prominent political figure with close ties to the Ural Region. Political science covers many spheres of life, and the specialists of this field are in a very high demand at the moment. In this context our university made a decision on improving the Political Science speciality and re-launch it in 2019. An outstanding and distinguishing feature of our graduates will be the fact that these will be highly qualifies specialists, fluently speaking some foreign language. They will be trained in groups, working on real politological projects,” shared Head of the SUSU Department of International Relations and Regional Studies of the Institute of Linguistics and International Communications Liudmila Shestakova.

This new academic programme is oriented at enrolees who are interested in political processes and public life in our country, and are willing to contribute into the successful future of our nation.

“This meeting proved to us the necessity of a dialogue. Such events help understand what the authorities want, and what the society wants, and to find their points of contacts and the ways of solving the pressing problems. What is more, this is a chance to present your own idea and to hear an expert opinion on it and the assessment of it,” noted student of South Ural State University Maksim Motovilov. “The dialogue between the governmental authorities and the young generation is a way to guide the citizens to nurture an active attitude, show initiative, know their rights and responsibilities, as well as be ready to search for the solutions to the pressing problems.”

Wrapping up the meeting, Vladimir Burmatov wished the round table participants and the future political analysts, represented by school pupils and students, to be successful and capable of facing up the difficulties on their path, since competition is integral part of the professional activity of a specialist in the field of political science.

Viktoria Matveichuk; photos by the author
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