Students of the Institute of Media, Social Sciences and Humanities Presented Digital History of SUSU Website

History students of group СГ-406 presented a Digital History of SUSU website on December 11th. As part of the Young Stars project, this event became the first in the program of celebrations dedicated to the 80th anniversary of our university.

Mistic, Paintings, and Cinema: Screening of a New Film Made by Students

Premiere screening of a Man of the North documentary made by students from South Ural State University has been held in Chelyabinsk.

The "Man of the North" is

The Charm of "Urals Switzerland"

South Ural State University is one of the biggest Russian multidisciplinary universities with fundamental scientific basis and high standards of specialists training situated in the South Ural. The university is multinational and nowadays is a home for more than 2,000 international students from 54 countries who pay great attention not only to studies but also to exploring the city and the oblast.

SUSU Student Union Teams Celebrated Their Holiday

On February 17th the Russian Student Union Day is celebrated. Team members of the Headquarters of Student Labour Unions have celebrated their professional holiday at South Ural State University. Representatives of the movement gathered during the midday break to show everyone that #TrudKrut (Labour Is Cool).

5 Mysterious Places in South Ural

South Ural is a mysterious territory full of strange and scary sites which arouse shiver and genuine interest at the same time. Experienced stalkers and lovers of unusual things visit the sites trying to reveal their mysteries.

We are going to tell you about 5 most mysterious places. If you plan to travel about South Ural you may visit the places and make your own discoveries.


Exhibition of a Mobile Museum of War-time Weapons Opens at SUSU

An exhibition of a mobile museum of weapons and memorabilia of the Great Patriotic War has opened at the Military Training Centre of South Ural State University, where the findings by the Chelyabinsk Region's scouting movement on the Sinyavino heights of the Leningrad Region have been exhibited.

The exhibition was opened by Konstantin Krikunov, Deputy Head of the Military Training Centre at SUSU.

Opening of a Reproduction of a Famous Painting by Vasily Neyasov Was Held at SUSU

On September 11th, the reproduction of the painting "Reunification of the Volga Peoples with Russia" by the outstanding national artist Vasily Neyasov (1926 - 1984) was opened in the reading room of the SUSU Library.

Foreign Students of SUSU Took Part in the Contest of the New Year Performances

On December 26, a festive event for the foreign students, devoted to the 2019 New Year, took place in Sigma Educational Building of South Ural State University.

This academic year began creatively for the foreign students: they took part in the Matriculation Ceremony, then presented their talents at various events and at the end of the year, they participated in a contest of the New Year Performances.

Foreign students from different countries, including Egypt, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Congo, China, Iraq, and many others attended the event.

On the Doors Open Day SUSU Welcomed Over 1000 Enrollees

On October 7, the Doors Open Day was held at South Ural State University. Future students and their parents learned about the main competitive advantages of the university and the prospects of studying at SUSU, as well as how to increase the chances for admission to the state-funded form of education.

Professor of Slovak Academy of Sciences will have a talk at the conference of the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service

On the 24th of November, on the threshold of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Scientific-Methodological Supply and Physical Education and Sportsmanship System Maintenance in the context of Ready for Labor and Defense (GTO) incorporation” the meeting with foreign scientist Eliyahu Dremencov (the Institutes of Molecular Physiology and Genetics and Experimental Endocrinology, Slovak Academy of Sciences) has been held.

SUSU Technological College: "Future starts today!"

From the very beginning of this academic year SUSU Technological College has been carrying out a very intensive work with potential applicants in every city of the region and in every Chelyabinsk district. Yesterday at Interscholastic Training Center of Kopeysk urban district a group of thirty College students and professors met with graduates of then city schools. From morning till lunch time the Center was attended by almost three hundred potential SUSU applicants.

SUSU foreign students get acquainted with Chelyabinsk

Not only do foreign students successfully learn Russian at SUSU, but also actively get to know cultural, sport and entertainment life of our city.

For the first time in their lives foreign students from Iraq and China saw numerous shows with animals, trapeze artists, acrobats, jugglers and strongmen – for Chelyabinsk was visited by famous Moscow Nikulin Circus.

SUSU Technological College: "Come on, Boys!"

Before the Defender of the Fatherland Day SUSU Technological College held a traditional concert-marathon “Come on, Boys!”

SUSU Photo School organizes Photography Exhibition "Dedicated to Men"

On February 21 at 13:10 in the Exhibition Hall of SUSU main building on the third floor SUSU Photo School will hold the opening ceremony of the photography exhibition "Dedicated to Men" devoted to Defender of the Fatherland Day.

At the Photography Exhibition about 70 works done by SUSU Photo School students of September-2012 admission will be displayed. The majority of students will represent their works for the first time.

First virtual Photo Museum in the Urals


On February 19 at SUSU Technological College German Platonovich Vyatkin, University President, and Alexander Pavlovich Zayko, College Director, opened a new digital photo laboratory.


Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Urals Federal District evaluated damages at SUSU


Today Igor Ryurikovich Kholmanskikh, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy of the Russian President to the Urals Federal District, visited SUSU. He examined one of the University buildings and the premises of the University Rocket and Space Engineering Centre, which was damaged most of all after the Friday emergency accident.

Students of Technological College visited photography museum in Ekaterinburg

On February 2 thirty future photographers of SUSU Technological College together with Pavel Bolshakov and Salavat Safiullin visited Ekaterinburg Museum of Photography named after Metenkov. The excursion was carried out by Evgeny Biryukov, the founder of the museum. The most part of his life the famous historian of Ural photography dedicated to the creation of this unique museum and publication of books about Veniamin Metenkov who was the photographer at Miass plant in 1880.

Professors of International Relations Faculty undertook internship in China

The professors of SUSU International Relations Faculty undertook the internship in China. The delegation comprised Vladimir Petrovich Gorshenin, Dean of International relations Faculty, Doctor of Science (Economics), and Yuliya Vladimirovna Babanova, Associate Professor of Anti-crisis Management Department, Candidate of Science (Economics) and Director of Research and Education Center "Innovation Management".

Professors' performance for SUSU Technological College students

On Tatiana's Day, January 25, at Technological College of South Ural State University (National Research University) the festivous event "Star Olympia - 2013" dedicated to Students Day was successfully held.


Virtuoso Driver: traditions and debuts

This is the second year in a row that Automobile and Tractor Engineering Faculty of South Ural State University opens the championship "Virtuoso Driver" in Kunashak. This time, December 12, the enthusiasts of auto-event have met at the square in front of the Administration of Kunashak municipal region. 38 drivers came over there to participate in the championship and get their awards and first scores.

Gold Collection of "Chelyabinsk Photo Club" at SUSU branch


On December 24 there is the 53th Anniversary of the oldest creative association of Russian photo artists, national group “Chelyabinsk Photo Club”. This day as the anniversary is not chosen at random (nobody remembers the exact December date of the first amateur photographers meeting in the editorial office of the newspaper “Chelyabinsky Rabochy”): on this day Yury Leonidovich Teush, one of the founders of the Photo Club and its “engine”, was born 82 years ago.

Students of Technological College in Yemanzhelinsk: taking photos from dawn till dusk


The students of specialty “Photographer” of SUSU Technological College decided to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their specialty in a professional way. Twenty participants of the exhibition at SUSU “Play of Light and Shadow” decided to organize a photo session for the children from Yemanzhelinsk as a gift.

New Year with old friends!

The students of SUSU Faculty of History led by Olga Igorevna Prosvirnina, Dean of Extra-Curricular Activities, and Ellina Magafurova, Faculty Union Leader, have visited their friends - children of the orphanage in Kuluevo village and congratulated them with the coming New Year. 

VI Festival of Culinary Art

One of the significant events of 2012 at Food Technology Faculty was "VI Interregional Youth Festival of Culinary Art" which took place on the 30th of November.
That day was very frosty reminding us that the winter had already come. Despite frosty weather the audience was quite active and that heated up the interest to the event.
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