5 Mysterious Places in South Ural

South Ural is a mysterious territory full of strange and scary sites which arouse shiver and genuine interest at the same time. Experienced stalkers and lovers of unusual things visit the sites trying to reveal their mysteries.

We are going to tell you about 5 most mysterious places. If you plan to travel about South Ural you may visit the places and make your own discoveries.


This is an archaeological site of an ancient fortified settlement situated in the south of Chelyabinsk Oblast. According to archaeologists, the settlement dates back to the III-II millennium BC. The structure of the territory is ring-formed and star-oriented. Thousands of people - psychics, esoterics, ufologists - consider Arkaim to be the spiritual center of Russia.


It is a national park and mountain range near Zlatoust (a town in Chelyabinsk Oblast). There are a lot of myths about the site – visitors regularly see UFOs, Big Foots and other extraordinary phenomena. But unfortunately no one has been able to record «miracles» properly.

Still it is a marvelous place for those who like walking and strolling among the trees and along picturesque paths, and climbing the mountains. Stunning pictures taken from the top of the mountains will remind you of this unusual place. The Park is an area with paths for leisure walks and paths for more trained tourists.

Ural dolmens

These European-style constructions resemble a table made of large stones and they are not that common for the Urals. But about 200 dolmens have been found and studied in the territory. They are related to Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, the stone structures of Malta, and Easter Island. It is believed that dolmens are ancient burial and religious structures. They are about 3 thousand years old. The structures are all oriented to the sides of the world, with the open side generally facing west. The vertical walls are either vertically or V-shaped. The top plate may be integral or consist of several parts.

In South Ural you can see the dolmens with your own eyes on Vera Island (Lake Turgoyak) or near Lake Lebyagye (Magnitogorsk).


It is the second highest peak (1,582 meters) and one of the most beautiful peaks of the Ural Mountains. It always attracts many tourists, though there is an ancient belief forbidding people to climb to the top of the mountain, this is an unforgettable experience to see this majestic view from Iremel.

Its main mystery is the weather and the path to the top. It only seems that it is easy to climb the mountain, but the weather can change any second - a clear sunny day suddenly turns into a heavy rain with a strong wind day and a snowstorm in winter. In thirty minutes the sun gets back. Still if you don’t stop, at the end of your journey you will see fabulous Ural landscapes and clouds sailing at your arms’ reach.

Lake Turgoyak

It is situated near Miass and this is one of the most beautiful lakes in South Ural. It is sometimes called the younger brother of Baikal. There are lots of myths and legends about the lake. Maybe you hear stories about double lake bed, the treasures of Emelian Pugachev and the fact that the lake basin was dug by ancient civilizations. But the most sacred place of the lake is Vera Island. According to the legend in the 19th century there lived a hermit and a physician named Vera. The cave where she lived (dolmen) is considered to be a megalith, a structure several thousand years old. Nowadays tourists usually climb the mountain above the cave, whisper their secret desires and tie beautiful ribbons on the cross.

Choose your route and spend a part of your vacation in these mysterious places. Perhaps you will become the one to reveal the mysteries.

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