Student from China: Studying at South Ural State University is My Greatest Advantage

One of the leaders of Russian higher education – South Ural State University (SUSU) – is located at the border of Europe and Asia, in Chelyabinsk.
Nowadays 420 Chinese students are successfully studying at SUSU. The most popular programs chosen by Chinese students are International Relations, Philology, Linguistics, Economics, Mechatronics and Robotics, Power Engineering.
A SUSU student from China Wang Yuying (王玉莹) studying at the Institute of Linguistics and International Communications (Major: Philology) told us about her life and study in Chelyabinsk.

Why do you like Russia, Chelyabinsk, and SUSU?

I like Russian people and their way of life. They are very sincere and kind. This is my third year here. I have a lot of Russian friends, we often go out, talk, go to the theater, walk in the park. We frequently observe wonderful sunrises and sunsets; they look different every day. I constantly take pictures and have a vast gallery of beautiful photos.
If I tell about my studies, I would first of all thank the faculty and university staff of SUSU. They’ve helped me so much! Even if their working hours are over, they are online answering my questions and giving advice.

What is your most bright impression about the study? What subjects are your favourite ones?

Semester exams… This is the first thing coming up to my mind when I think about studies. I guess an exam period is an unforgettable memory for a student. We’ve been studying the subjects for months, we’ve learned a lot, and we don’t want just to pass the exams, we want to pass them very well. As for me, my goal is to get a diploma with honors from the first day I got into grad school.

How do you plan to use your education in the future?

I am planning to teach Chinese students the Russian language. As a future teacher, I always ask myself how to explain this or that topic to a student. My experience as a person who didn't know Russian at all but now can write and speak quite fluently helps me. My further step in studying will be entering the postgraduate school at SUSU.

What is your greatest challenge about living in Russia?

I think it is living on my own. I used to live with my parents and didn't need to think about anything, except for studying. But when I came to Chelyabinsk I had to consider everything by myself - what to cook, where to live, how much money to spend. It was difficult, but the experience was very helpful.

What was your first impression of South Ural State University?

When I first saw the main building, I fell in love with it. It’s magnificent. Then the responsible teachers made a good impression. They’re kind, hard-working, they’ve supported me a lot not only with my studies but also with some household problems.

Do you take part in activities organized by the SUSU Association of International Students and SUSU Center for Sociocultural Adaptation?

Yes, I took part in organizing and promoting events, attending meetings, preparing prizes for participants. Except for that, I am the Chinese representative to AIS as I’m in charge of Chinese students. I show them where they can find banks, shops, diners, and help with filling out the documents. I’m very happy to work with them.

What perspectives does a specialist with a Russian diploma have in your country?

To my mind, the prospects of an expert to a greater extent depend on his or her professional knowledge. If he studied hard, he’d be able to do more than students who spent their time playing computer games or watching TV.

What is the topic of your thesis?

This is “How to Teach Chinese Students to Read Poetry (a lesson based on the poem “The Sail” by Mikhail Lermontov)”. It is of great importance for the methodology to study how Chinese students understand literary texts.

Why do so many universities try to attract international students for studying?

I think universities invite international students in order to foster cultures and intercultural exchange and improve the quality of education.

Do you keep in touch with your compatriots who obtained SUSU degree?

Of course! I know that they work in various fields: some are teachers at schools and universities; another are interpreters in companies and institutions. We keep in touch, and I know they do a great job, make money, and miss college days.

What would you wish your compatriots who are choosing a university now?

I wish them to enter a great university, meet responsible teachers and new friends. Welcome to SUSU!

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