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Non-Working Days Announced at SUSU October 30th through November 7th

In accordance with the Decree of President Vladimir Putin and on the basis of the Order of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, October 30th through November 7th are announced as non-working days at South Ural State University. A corresponding Order by the SUSU Rector Aleksandr Shestakov has been published today (October 26th) on the university website. According to the Order, employees will retain their salaries on these days.

Scientists offer a new way to predict accidents on sidewalks

A new way to detect unusual situations on pedestrian paths has been proposed by the scientists of South Ural State University (SUSU) as part of the international team. According to the researches, the method would significantly improve the safety of pedestrians. The results of the study were published in the Safety Science journal.

SUSU Organizes Contest of Educational Projects among Migrant Children

Children from countries of the near and far abroad, who study in Russian schools, will themselves tell how to teach them Russian most efficiently. South Ural State University has become an organizer of an unusual educational project.

International Postgraduates Are Offered to Start Research in the Computer Science Programme

International applicants, who enrol in the Master’s degree and postgraduate programmes, can study for free at South Ural State University (SUSU) by winning in the Open Doors International Olympiad of the Association of Global Universities. SUSU, as one of the leading universities in Russia, is the organizer of the Olympiad.

History of the Most Frightening Holiday

South Ural State University is a home for students from 58 countries. The students share their culture and customs. One of the traditions is Halloween celebrated at the end of October. What is the holiday and why do people celebrate it?

SUSU Scientific Council: Course on Improving the Quality of Student Enrolment

On October 25th a meeting of the South Ural State University Scientific Council was held. An important point in the agenda was analysing this year’s enrolment campaign. A number of measures were proposed to increase the average Unified State Examination (USE) score and increase the quality of enrolment.

Per tradition, SUSU Rector Aleksandr Shestakov awarded certificates to staff members who achieved notable success in their field this year.

SUSU Archaeologist Receives "Professor of the Year" Award

The prestigious national award "Professor of the Year", which is granted to figures of education and science in Russia, has been awarded to a scientist from South Ural State University (SUSU) for his discoveries in the field of history and archaeology.

SUSU Invites to Open House Day

This year’s first Open House Day at South Ural State University will be held on the last weekend of October. The event will be organized in an online format. The Autumn Open House Day is a tradition at SUSU, and applicants and their parents look forward to it every year.

SUSU Student Uses Plastic Waste to Create Wire for 3D Printing

A master's student at South Ural State University found a way to process plastic waste into wire for 3D printing. This technology will significantly reduce the cost of production and make 3D printing more affordable.

SUSU International Office Received Recognition in the Global Student Satisfaction Awards

The International Office of South Ural State University has been highly appreciated by international students and received recognition at the Studyportals global online platform in the Global Student Satisfaction Awards nomination.

Studyportals is the only student social survey website which collects feedback on: student’s life and satisfaction with studying process at international universities.

Scientists Propose Using Bismuth Films for Radiation Protection

A new application for electrolytic films of bismuth was proposed by scientists from South Ural State University (SUSU) with colleagues from international cooperation (the Republic of Belarus, China, and Saudi Arabia). They have previously stated their effectiveness as a shield against electron radiation. Now, having studied the physicochemical properties of materials, experts have concluded that the films can be used in the development of protection against ionizing radiation. The research results were published in the highly-rated Journal of Alloys and Compounds (Q1).

A SUSU Student Creates a Programmable Complex for Radio Engineering

A student of South Ural State University (SUSU) created a laboratory for radio engineers. A distinctive feature of the development is the use of a programmable integrated circuit. The idea received grant support and recognition from the jury of the UMNIK competition.

SUSU to Help Secondary School Students Choose their Profession

South Ural State University invites you to science popularization and career guidance events organized by the Applicant Consultation Centre.

The Horizons of Science (Gorizonty nauki) Preuniversity is an educational project which provides opportunities to complete academic intensives on solving difficult tasks from leading Unified State Examination experts in Mathematics, Physics, and Russian. The courses will be held online once a week.

Scientists Prove the Northern Caucasus Focus of Horse Domestication for Eurasia

South Ural State University (SUSU) scientists and their foreign colleagues have continued study devoted to the time and place of horse domestication. A research group has established where exactly the focus of domestication is located in Eurasia. The results of the work have been published in the highly rated journal “Nature” (Top 10%).

Russian Scientists Conduct the First in the World Study of Electron Density in Appel's Salt Crystals

A research study important for the world science has been conducted by scientists of South Ural State University (SUSU) jointly with their colleagues from other research institutes. They have discovered the reasons for the stability of salts and have provided a detailed description of the results in a top-rated journal Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and Materials (Q2).

The Most Delicious Holiday - International Chefs Day

On October 20, all the cooks of the world are getting prepared to celebrate their professional holiday - International Chefs Day*.

SUSU Listed in the Top 20 of Prestigious International Ranking

SUSU has taken a high position in the UniRank ranking of media activity of Russian universities. The ranking considers a university’s activity in social networks, as well as mentioning of the university on various media platforms. The ranking data is updated monthly based on 5 web metrics. SUSU has taken the 19th position out of more than 350 Russian universities. In the world ranking, the university has taken the 1168th position.

Vaccination for International Students at SUSU

Vaccination for international students of South Ural State University started on October 1st. Among the first ones to get vaccinated were students from China, Egypt and Turkmenistan. Some time later they were joined by citizens of Cote d'Ivoire, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Over a few days, 56 people from 10 countries have undergone this simple medical procedure.

SUSU Sociocultural Adaptation Centre Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

The Sociocultural Adaptation Centre will celebrate its 5th anniversary on Friday, October 15th. Volunteers and international students of South Ural State University will come together to celebrate the event.

The Sociocultural Adaptation Centre was created at the Institute of Linguistics and International Communications of South Ural State University. Its main goal is to create comfortable conditions for international students at the university and in dormitories.

Manganese Improves Oxidation Resistance of High-Entropy Alloys

The corrosion resistance of high-entropy alloys (VES) is studied at the South Ural State University (SUSU). By adding various chemical elements to alloys, scientists intend to improve their characteristics. The scientists publish the results of their theoretical and practical research in highly rated journals indexed by Scopus.

International Students Are Getting Vaccinated at SUSU

A vaccination campaign was organised around the world to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic. Vaccines are basically the only powerful tool in the fight against various diseases: they rather prevent than cure the disease.

Scientists claim that vaccinating billions of people will help to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus and achieve group immunity. And once we get it, we can go back to our pre-Covid-19 life.

Scientists Have Learned How to Weld a New Kind of Steel

SUSU scientists and their colleagues from China worked on welding a new and unusual structural material. A study on modeling and optimizing the weld profile under various welding conditions was published in the highly-rated International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Q1). As a result of the research, the scientists determined the welding mode, voltage, wire feed speed, welding speed, which ensure high strength properties of the joint and the necessary microstructure.

The Media Ecosystem: Digital Modifications Monograph Released by the SUSU Publishing House

The team of authors of the monograph on topical problems of the modern media space associated with the development of transformational processes in the field of mass media now includes a number of doctors of sciences (Philology) in the field of journalism: Director of the Institute of Media, Social Sciences and Humanities of South Ural State University Lidiya Lobodenko, Head of the Department of Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations of the SUSU Institute of Media, Social Sciences and Humanities Liudmila Shesterkina, Professor of RUDN University Irina Volkova, Professors of the Academ

SUSU Students Swapped Roles with the Teaching Staff

Students of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language of the Institute of Linguistics and International Communications congratulated the teaching staff members on Teachers’ Day in an unusual way. At the university's Sigma building an examination was held! Students acted as examiners, and the academic staff members pulled examination papers and, answering unexpected questions, demonstrated their attentiveness, love for the department, and professional skills.

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