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SUSU Library in the Period of Distance Working

The Scientific Library of South Ural State University has moved to the mode of distance work. Students can get access to its resources via the Internet.

SUSU Students Can Take Part in Digital Dictation Quiz

Citizens of Chelyabinsk will be able to learn their level of digital literacy online. This year the organizers have added a special block on artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies, and will also offer a separate test for children aged 7 to 13.

Institute of Media, Social Sciences and Humanities Holds a Series of Events Dedicated to the 200th Anniversary of Birth of Nikolay Nekrasov

The 200th anniversary of birth the great Russian poet Nikolay Nekrasov, whose significance for the Russian literature cannot be measured, is celebrated in 2021.

In compliance with the Decree by Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, “On Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Birth of N.A. Nekrasov”, a number of literary events dedicated to this date will be held in our country.

The SUSU Institute of Media, Social Sciences and Humanities is organizing a cycle of the anniversary-related events.

SUSU Academic Staff Won Vladimir Potanin Foundation Grant

The team of the academic staff of South Ural State University won the 2019/2020 Vladimir Potanin Foundation grant for the Master’s programme teachers.

Textbook on the History of South Ural Region Presented at the History Teachers' Regional Meeting

On March 27th a presentation of a textbook for sixth-form school pupils titled "History of Russia. History of South Ural Region from the Ancient Times through the 16th Century" was held. This presentation closed the Regional Meeting of Teachers of History and Social Science of the Chelyabinsk Region.

Student League of the 8th CASE-IN International Engineering Championship to Take Place at SUSU in Distance Format

The selection rounds of Student League of the 8th CASE-IN International Engineering Championship , one of the projects of the Autonomous Non-commercial Organisation “Russia Is a Land of Opportunity” platform, are to be held at South Ural State University in the in-person/distance and distance formats.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder-Induced Damage and Dysfunction of Visceral Organs and Brain

After many years of research, the problem of treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) remains unsolved. The main issue is that the current pharmacological treatment for PTSD is not adequately effective and may cause serious side effects. In addition, PTSD has harmful effects on visceral organs, in particular the heart, liver, kidneys, and even the brain. Scientists at South Ural State University have figured out how to alleviate some complications of stress disorder without using medications.

Spring at SUSU 2020: Students Showed Their Talents

Spring at SUSU 2020 Student Creativity Festival took place at South Ural State University March 11th through March 19th.

Spring at SUSU Festival is a traditional event, where each year students of our university show their unique talents in various creative genres.

Selection rounds at SUSU were held March 11th through March 13th. Students performed their numbers in four artistic categories: theatre, music, dance and original genre.

International Students Are Welcome to Visit Online Events on Studying the Russian Language

Dear international students! A free-of-studying week is ahead. And you can spend it with great pleasure and benefit. The Sociocultural Adaptation Centre of the Institute of Linguistics and International Communications is waiting for you at online events, where you can improve your knowledge of Russian, which will be of use to you subsequently.

SUSU Celebrated 100 Years since Birth of Legendary Head of Department

On March 21, South Ural State University celebrated 100th anniversary since the birth of Vladimir Vydrin, a legendary Head of the Department of Pressure Metal Treatment (Rolling) at Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute, Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Engineering) and the Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.

Relevant Information on the Process of Studying during Distance Learning

Beginning from March 23rd, and following the Decree by the Rector of South Ural State University Aleksandr Shestakov, the educational process moves to a distance learning format with the use of the system of online studying and distance learning technologies.

Classes will be held online according to the schedule. 

“An Idea Is a Sincere Desire to Fulfil Something”: Interview with UMNIK Program Prize-winner

Young scientists from South Ural State University annually take part in the UMNIK program, which supports commercially oriented research and engineering projects. One of the prize-winners is Mikhail Ilyushenkov, who presented his project on the CASE Platforms for Corporate Software Development back in 2012.

SUSU Psychologist Gave Advice on How to Work Effectively at Home

Fighting against the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection has required serious measures. Russia cancelled mass events and our universities moved to distance learning. South Ural State University is no exception. At the same time, students and teachers have to get used to new working conditions and cope with the anxiety due to the "Wuhan virus".

Postdoc from India Creates Nanoemulsion to Improve Bread Quality

Within Project 5-100 SUSU is fulfilling a program of enhancing the university's competitiveness on the global stage. Under the program on attracting young scientists, Doctor Bagale Uday Dasharath, who is a senior research fellow at the Department of Food Technology and Biotechnology, has joined the team of the SUSU Synthesis and Analysis of Food Ingredients Laboratory. Currently he is working on stabilizing a nanoemulsion filled with biologically active curcumine, for further use in production of healthy food.

New Format of Studies: “Online Schooling” Doesn’t Mean “Vacation”

Unfortunately, the threat of the spread of Covid-19 has touched the Chelyabinsk Region. South Ural State University, like other Russian universities, is moving to online learning, during which classes will be held remotely. In this regard, we think it is necessary to provide a few points of clarification.

Russian Scientists Create Healthy Yogurts and Bread for Immunity Improvement

The manufacture of products enriched with biologically active substances that perform prebiotics functions has been actively developing recently. Scientists from South Ural State University have patented a new method of increasing biological availability of active substances with antiviral and immune-modulating properties to develop healthy products such as yogurts and bread using ultrasound.

SUSU Sends Nowruz Congratulations to its International Students

The South Ural State University International Office and the South Ural Association of International Students offered their congratulations on the coming of spring.

Nowruz is the main holiday for many peoples in Asia, signifying the coming of spring and the New Year by the Iranian solar calendar. It coincides with the day of the vernal equinox, which falls each year on March 20-21, and symbolizes the beginning of a new life and the renewal of nature.

ISTS Student Earns Bronze Medal at the Table Tennis Russian Championship

The Table Tennis Russian Championship was held in Cheboksary March 10th through 16th 2020. A South Ural State University student took part in the championship and earned the bronze medal in the singles and women’s doubles events.

“Idea and Start-up Factory”: Patent Search Training

On February 12, the University Boiling Point held the meeting “Idea and Start-up Factory. Idea Formation. Patent Search”, the participants of which were the university students and staff.

“Idea and Start-up Factory is an opportunity for SUSU start-ups to revise their projects together with the experts, launch pilot projects, attract attention and find potential investors.”

SUSU Rector Presented CityLab Project at Smart City Regional Forum

On March 11 and 12, SUSU Rector Aleksandr Shestakov, Vice-Rector for Research Anton Korzhov, Associate Professor of the Department of Automobile Transport Vladimir Shepelev and other representatives of SUSU took part in the Smart City forum exhibition, which took place in Radisson Blue, Chelyabinsk.

Russian Scientists Create New Sensitizers for Clean Energy

Environmental research is one of three strategic areas of scientific and educational activities of South Ural State University along with the digital industry and materials science. Scientists of SUSU in collaboration with colleagues from the Institute of Organic Chemistry named after N.D. Zelinsky Russian Academy of Sciences are working on the creation of new effective organic sensitizers that will facilitate the transition to environmentally friendly and resource-saving power engineering.

SUSU Operating as Usual

The academic process at South Ural State University is continuing without any changes so far. The Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Doctor of Sciences (Engineering) Andrey Radionov, offered the following statement.

“Spring at SUSU 2020”: Student Creativity Festival Gets Underway

Student Creativity Festival gets underway at South Ural State University on March 11! “Spring at SUSU 2020” is one of the stages of the city’s Student Spring Festival, which will be held in April. The winners of the city stage will go to the finals, All-Russian Student Spring festival.

Every spring the SUSU Recreation Centre opens a door to the world of creativity and arts to all students. “Spring at SUSU 2020” Festival helps to find the most talented and creative students at the university.

Austrian Scientist from Leading Metallurgical University Visited SUSU

Professor of the Leoben University for Mining, Metallurgy, and Materials, Austria, Head of the Department of Metallurgy, Doctor of Sciences (Engineering) and author of 420 scientific publications Johannes Schenk visited South Ural State University. Dr. Schenk is an Executive Technical Officer of a big Austrian Competence Centre dealing with innovation developments in technological and manufacturing processes for European metallurgical companies. He delivered a lecture on possibilities and prospects of research in modern metallurgical sector for the SUSU staff and postgraduates.

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