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SUSU Re-enters the World Ranking of THE University Impact Rankings 2020

The Times Higher Education International Rankings Agency has published the ranking results of THE Impact Ranking 2020, where SUSU has good standing.

KSTATI Science Festival to Be Held Online for the First Time

The KSTATI annual science festival, organized by the network of Nuclear Energy Information Centres, is to be held online for the first time.
Lectures, workshops, meetings with scientists and experts, who will show that discussing science can be easy, fun and “delicious”, are to take place non-stop within the framework of the festival April 23rd through April 25th.

SUSU, a Leader in Digital Technologies: Invitation to Participate in Online Training for the UMNIK Contest

The SUSU University Boiling Point Co-working Space invites you to participate in online courses which will teach how to put together the documentation needed for the UMNIK contest. At this time, applications are open for the UMNIK — DIGITAL RUSSIA contest, which has a prize pool of 500 thousand roubles for two years; applications will be accepted until May 11, 2020 (

#SUSUATHOME. What to Do in Self-isolation: Citizens of Chelyabinsk Acquire New Professions Online

In quarantine some people “lose their minds” because of idleness, but others tend to spend their time with benefit. Indeed, it is a great opportunity to do something what you have always wanted to, but never had the time for: self-education. Now, there are plenty of educational courses of all kinds! With the help of these courses you can improve your qualification and even change your whole career, and this is what the citizens of Chelyabinsk are making use of.

SUSU to Help Find Job and Obtain Social Assistance

Even students have faced with the financial problems resulted from the coronavirus pandemic. In some families, the monthly income declined sharply, so students and their parents faced dire financial straits. South Ural State University monitors this situation online to provide social assistance to every student who qualifies to apply for it. The university also collects vacancies from city enterprises, so that everyone can find a job.

Russian Scientists Present a Delamination-Resistant Hybrid Carbon Fiber

The development of the aviation, space, motor vehicle industries today is difficult to imagine without the use of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics. These composite materials are widely used due to their unique properties. However, in practice, the materials are inferior to other composites in crack resistance. A scientist from South Ural State University together with Belgian colleagues demonstrated a material that is crack resistant. The research represents a recent step in solving the problem of creating crack-resistant pseudo-plastic composites.

Campus Director Liudmila Zadorina: “We're Doing Everything Necessary to Ensure Our Students' Safety”

The Campus of South Ural State University is one of the university's subdivisions that keeps functioning in the context of the current difficult epidemiological situation. Among the university's priority tasks is to help the students and staff members living and working in the dormitories to stay healthy.

It is worth noting that sixty percent of students went home for the sake of safety. It is mostly international students who have stayed on Campus.

How to Diversify Self-isolation: SUSU Students Share Their Experience

It seems that an unplanned vacation is a perfect opportunity to relax, get oneself together and try something new. In fact, self-isolation at home can be really depressing. But it is no time to worry! There are many simple and effective ways to distract oneself and to start doing something actually useful.

SUSU International Students Socialize with Friends Online

The South Ural Association of International Students at South Ural State University is active in social media. It helps to maintain friendly relations and corporate spirit in this difficult time for the whole world. 

Economists at South Ural State University explore the valuable roles of commodities for international stock markets

Scientists at the SUSU School of Economics and Management, together with foreign colleagues, have analyzed the roles of various groups of commodities in a traditional portfolio of equities. In their work, economists examined the hedging and diversification ability of 21 commodities for 49 international stock markets belonging to countries at different stages of economic development. The results of this work will help investors minimize risks in stock markets transactions. They were published in the highly ranked journal Resources Policy (Q1).

#SUSUATHOME: Education, Work, Leisure

From the very first day of the quarantine related to the spread of the COVID-19 coronovirus infection South Ural State University has moved to the distant format of work. The SUSU electronic system as a digital twin of the university made it possible to restructure and organize the educational process on the Internet. Both teachers and students have their personal digital accounts and are able to work and study on a schedule while staying at home. At the same time, many of them have enough free time to read books, watch movies, get supplementary education, train, cook, and much more.

Student Sports Programming Camp Held at SUSU

For the first time, student training camp in sports programming was held at South Ural State University. In addition to students from Chelyabinsk universities, teams from Irkutsk and Yekaterinburg took part in the training camps.

The regional venue for the student camp was organized by the Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in collaboration with the SUSU Centre for Olympiad Programming and the Boiling Point Co-working Centre.

Russian Historians Study Migration from China to Russia in Different Time Periods

Globalization creates a new worldview, where the migration process plays a key role. Historians from South Ural State University made a comprehensive study of migration flows from China to our country in the early twentieth century in order to identify the specific features of these processes. The results of the study were published in the interdisciplinary scientific and theoretical journal "Recent History of Russia", which is included in the scientometric database Scopus and Web of Science.

SUSU Students and Teachers on the Advantages of Online Learning

We are living in an era of rapid changes, which is why online learning has come to replace the common “offline” format. Today, South Ural State University is actively demonstrating to the society its solutions and capability to provide education in a new format, for which the university has the necessary tools and skills.

SUSU Scientist Proposed to Permit Human Cloning

In a time of pandemic everyone feels the significance of life and to what extend it depends on science. Is it possible to kill not just a disease but the “main virus”, that is death?

Russian Scientists Have Received a New Method for Synthesizing Materials for Electronics

Barium hexagonal ferrites are one of the most typical materials based on iron oxide. Due to the fact that scientists continue to replace the parameters of hexaferrite, experimenting with the characteristics of the material, its practical potential is constantly growing. For example, researchers from South Ural State University synthesized hexaferrite, iron ions in which are replaced by titanium ions. Previously, the possibility of obtaining single-phase materials in this way has not been proven.

SUSU Medical Centre on How to Reduce the Spread of Infections

Due to the complex epidemiological situation, the Medical Centre of South Ural State University has given a number of recommendations for students and staff members. These recommendations are aimed at reducing and, subsequently, eliminating the spread of the new infection, as well as other seasonal diseases. Olga Veselova, Director of the SUSU Medical Centre, spoke on how to avoid the disease and contribute to stopping the pandemic.

Why was the sanitary-epidemiological regime reinforced?

An International Team of SUSU Scientists Creates a Cure for Cancer

Within the framework of the 5-100 Project, South Ural State University invites young and promising researchers from different countries. The purpose of the program is to exchange experience between scientists, which allows the University to conduct relevant research in various fields. Scientists from India, Croatia, China, Tajikistan, and Tunisia are at present working at South Ural State University.

Laboratory of Experimental Archaeology of the Eurasian Studies Research and Education Centre Adopts Distance Formats of Working

Despite the worldwide isolation and crises around the globe caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, the Laboratory of Experimental Archaeology of the SUSU Eurasian Studies Research and Education Centre headed by Ivan Semyan continues to actively work on the local and international projects of archaeological reconstruction. Modern online formats allow to keep up fruitful activity remotely.

Learning through Immersion: How International Students Studied Russian with the Sociocultural Adaptation Centre

The week of March 30th through April 4th was announced as a holiday week for students. The Institute of Linguistics and International Communications (ILIC) prepared various interesting events for our university’s international students so that they could spend this time fruitfully.

The Sociocultural Adaptation Centre (SAC) continued its active partnership with international students by offering daily meetings of the Conversation Club, Cinema Club, and 2 cooking master classes.

A PhD from China trained artificial neural network to predict welding quality

Industrial production and welding is really important, since the level of technology in metallurgy, engineering and construction depends on the degree of its development. However, the rapid development of technology requires improving the quality of welding, automating its processes and creating new materials. Therefore, the Department of Equipment and Technology for Welding of South Ural State University finds new areas of research. A scientist from China is studying the use of digital technology to predict the quality of welding.

Arab Culture Day: SUSU International Students Celebrate National Holiday for the Fifth Time

Every year, South Ural State University becomes the centre for celebrating the Arab Culture Day. Arab students introduce the architecture and art of their countries, show presentations with the most famous sights and ancient cities. This year, the students will celebrate the national holiday in a new format.

Scientists of the Ural Region to Create a “Tool” for Determining the Degree of Population Mobility in the Past

Early this April, the results of the Russian Science Foundation contest on Basic Scientific Research and Exploratory Scientific Research Conducted by International Research Teams were summarized. One of the applications by South Ural State University was supported by the foundation. This is the result of long systematic work of a large group of historians and archaeologists on the study of migration in our region.

Electronic SUSU at Work: Director of Institute of Open and Distance Education Talked About Online Education at SUSU

SUSU quickly moved to the distance learning mode. Alexander Demin, Director of the SUSU Institute of Open and Distance Education, talked about the implementation of the process and the way the current situation would affect the development of distance education.

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