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Study Rooms in SUSU Dormitories Equipped with Computers

Now, it is so easy for students, who live in the SUSU dormitories, to study online. Each study room in each dormitory has been equipped with computers with webcams and Internet access. At this point, the students will easily sit their exams and defend their qualification and term papers in accordance with the university regulations.

“Medicine Is My Calling!” Interview with the Director of the SUSU Medical Centre

Each year on the third Sunday of June, the nation celebrates Russian Medical Worker Day. In honour of this, we have interviewed the Director of the South Ural State University's Medical Centre Olga Veselova and learned why she one day decided to dedicate her life to medicine, how she became the head of the Medical Centre, and what it means to her to be a doctor.

– Tell us please, why you one day decided to tie your life to the field of medicine?

Student from Yemen Wants to Build a 9-Storey Building

One of the leaders of Russian higher education – South Ural State University (SUSU) – is located at the border of Europe and Asia, in Chelyabinsk. The university is focused on development of large, interdisciplinary projects in the fields of digital industry and artificial intelligence, and carries out research works in the following spheres: Sensors for Industrial Objects; Digital Twins; Energy Conservation; Methods and Means of Information Security; Materials Science; and Ecology.

SUSU Increasing Its Competitive Advantages

South Ural State University was founded on November 2, 1943 under the regulation of the Council of People's Commissars as a Mechanical Engineering Institute. And on December 15, 1943 the university opened. This day is now celebrated as the university's birthday.

SUSU Rector on Talked about Distance Learning in a Live Broadcast on Channel 31

Aleksandr Shestakov, Rector of South Ural State University, spoke on pros and cons of distance learning at SUSU in the Personal Opinion program airing on the Channel 31.

In conversation with Elena Lebedeva, the program host, the Rector of our university touched upon the most important questions concerning the enrolling and educational processes at SUSU during the pandemic:

Russian Scientists Improve Material for 5G Communication Antennas

Ceramics with improved properties are tested by scientists of South Ural State University. The material can be used in duplexers of MIMO antennas for 5G stations, improving their receiving and transmitting properties. The first testing of the samples was successful, but research however has a number of tests ahead, including experiments with varying chemical composition.

Psychologist or Biotechnologist - Choose the Profession of the Future with the School of Medical Biology

Do you want to comprehend the secrets of the human brain and read people like an open book? Are you interested in natural science? Do you agree with the fact that life is chemistry? 

The School of Medical Biology of South Ural State University trains high-class specialists in the field of psychology, biotechnology and food industry.

SUSU Trains Professionals in Law and Digital Technologies

In 2019-2020 academic year the Institute of Law at South Ural State University has introduced a new Master’s program Law (Law and Digital Technologies) taught in English which trains specialists with new skills and knowledge.

Study Language with Best Teachers: Online Summer School for SUSU Students

The CSLM Language Centre of University of Cadiz (Spain) invites SUSU students to take part in online Spanish courses. 


International Students, Who Did a Great Job during the Russia Day Campaign, Were Awarded Prizes

The participants of the “SUSU Russia Day” campaign had to design a white T-shirt with a thematic Russia Day pattern in the “SUSU Colours of Russia” nomination (#КраскиРоссииЮУрГУ), make a photo and send it in as a picture. 

SUSU Philologist Told about Rules of Network Etiquette in Business Correspondence

Continuous communication on the Internet has become a new reality for students and teachers. The Internet has its own rules of conduct, which are called netiquette. A lecturer at the Department of Russian Language and Literature of the Institute of Media, Social Sciences and Humanities of South Ural State University Alena Tezina spoke about their basic principles.

- Could you please tell us what netiquette is?

SUSU Children’s Online University Offering an Online Fitness Master Class

Students from South Ural State University are helping film videos for the Children’s Online University on various creative topics.

The strength training lesson was held by a certified fitness instructor and specialist on balanced diets, Anastasia Podgornykh.

In the Tretyakovka for Kids course, the coach held a master class on strength training for the audience. This effective 30-minute lesson was dedicated to warming up and working out each muscle. These lessons allow you to put vivacity back into your body and soul!

SUSU Institute of Engineering and Technology Is a Brand

Do you want to learn how to create new materials and alloys, excellent cars, powerful all-terrain vehicles and racing cars, fast planes and rockets, control the energy flows that feed cities and factories? Do you want to become a high-class engineer who is in demand in the labour market? Then your choice is the Institute of Engineering and Technology of South Ural State University, which is headed by Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), Professor Sergei Vaulin.

SUSU in Top 100 of the Best Russian Universities

RAEX ranking agency (RAEX-Analitika) has compiled the ninth annual ranking of the 100 best Russian universities. South Ural State University has taken the 58th place in this ranking.

The universities were assessed based on the analysis of the statistical indicators and results of online surveys among over 61.5 thous. respondents: representatives of academic and scientific communities, students and graduates, and employers. In 2020, 164 universities have taken part in the survey.

Russian Scientists Introduce Digital Technologies into Agriculture

Scientists from South Ural State University studied the use of Enterprise Recourse Planning systems (special software packages for implementing the organizational strategy of production management) in order to identify possible problems and prospects in improving the efficiency of agricultural enterprises using IT. The experience of digital technologies use in Russian and foreign agricultural enterprises was studied and analyzed.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin Congratulated the SUSU Rector on Russia Day

A letter with greetings from the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin came to the address of the Rector of South Ural State University Aleksandr Shestakov. In this letter, the Prime Minister noted that June 12th holds a special place in the history of our country. In addition, Mikhail Mishustin wished Aleksandr Shestakov success in his activity. 

Applicant Consultation Centre Opening at SUSU

Консультационный центр ЮУрГУ

On June 20th, South Ural State University will open an Applicant Consultation Centre. The Centre will answer questions from upperclassmen and their parents online every day.

The Consultation Centre will offer online chats and answer letters from students and their parents. This will allow applicants to more accurately choose their major and submit their documents properly.

Self-education in Self-isolation: Read Bestsellers of French Literature

The French literature is the oldest in Europe. Throughout its development, it has been characterized by a close relationship with the historical process and social development, as well as deep interpenetration with other arts.

Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service: Reach Professional Heights Together with Us!

You cannot imagine your life without achievements in sports? Wish to become a high-class specialist in the field of tourism and restaurant service? Or maybe you dream to become an interior designer and create your own style? If so, you are welcome to the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service of South Ural State University.

SUSU Has Held a Flashmob to Celebrate the Russia Day

On June 12th our country celebrates the Russia Day. Shortly before the festivities a patriotic flashmob was held at South Ural State University.

The SUSU Rector Aleksandr Shestakov shared on why it had been decided to celebrate this holiday in this manner this year.

Online Challenge on the Russia Day Has Wrapped up at SUSU

The most active participants of the “SUSU Russia Day” campaign have been marked in the “SUSU Colours of Russia” nomination #КраскиРоссииЮУрГУ, which was launched on June 6th.

SUSU Students and Academics Sang the Anthem of Russia

To participate in the online event, it was necessary to sing the full version of the anthem of Russia to the backing track, record it and send the video to the organizers’ e-mail.

Among the participants were also the SUSU Rector Aleksandr Shestakov, directors of the institutes and schools, as well as students and academics of the university. 

On the Russia Day, the SUSU-TV Television and Radio Company is ready to present the final video.

SUSU International Students Celebrated Russia Day

The Russia Day is a great holiday. It is important for everyone in its own way. SUSU international students believe that Russia has become their second home, that is why June 12th is a special day for them.

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