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SUSU Student Takes Second Place in Engineering Skills Competition

March 12th and 13th a competition was held as part of the Praise to Men of Labour! federal project at Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University with support from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Chelyabinsk Region. A SUSU student became a prize winner as one of the best participants under the category of the Best Metallurgical Engineer.

Presentation of Master’s Degree Programmes of the School of Economics and Management is to Take Place at SUSU

On March 19 of 2019, presentation of Master’s degree programmes of the School of Economics and Management is to take place at SUSU.

SEM performs training of Master’s degree students in 7 majors and 22 educational programmes.

Logic Problems and Mathematical Charades: SUSU Students Celebrate Pi Day

South Ural State University comprises ten educational divisions: schools and institutes, each of which has its own traditions. Every year, on March 14th, the SUSU Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics celebrates an unofficial holiday of all math lovers – Pi Day.

Registration for Participants of Student League of CASE-IN International Engineering Championship is Now Open

On January 25 of 2019, registration for participants of Student League of the International Engineering Championship called CASE-IN has started. Participants are going to solve an engineering case on the common topic of the Championship, Digital Transformation.

Student of the SUSU Institute of Architecture and Construction Participates in Winter Engineering School in Sochi

Students of South Ural State University actively participate in Olympiads and contests which allow them to master new skills. Many SUSU students have showed their abilities in the I Am a Professional (Ya – Professional) All-Russian Student Olympiad.

Kazakhstan Consulate’s Delegation Visits SUSU

On March 11th a meeting was held at South Ural State University between the representatives of the Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan and students who came from Kazakhstan to study at our university.

The delegation members included Konysbek Zhusupbekov, Consul of Kazakhstan in Omsk; Anuarbek Rambekov, consular assistant; and Kanat Seitikov, Chairman of the Chelyabinsk Regions Public Organisation of Azamat Kazakh Public Centre.

Geoinformation Systems in People’s Lives: Interview with Director of GIS REC Valentina Maksimova

This Year the geodesy and cartography sector in Russia celebrates its 100th anniversary. The modern history of the state cartographic and geodetic service began on March 15th of 1919, when a Decree on creating a Supreme Geodetic Department came into force as proposed by the Council of People’s Commissars of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. How did this sector develop throughout the last century, and what significance it has now?

Institute of Engineering and Technology Week to be Held at SUSU

March 18th through 24th, an Institute of Engineering and Technology Week will be held at South Ural State University. The Institute’s students and teachers will take part in various events to strengthen the corporate culture.

International Festival of Marketing is to Start at SUSU

March 19th through April 18th, the 16th International Youth Frstival of Marketing called “Green Apple” is to start at the Department of Management of SUSU’s School of Economics and Management.

Each year, students from various higher education institutions from cities of the Russian Federation as well as students from the USA, China, Kazakhstan and other countries take part in the Festival.

Developments by SUSU Researchers Bring Electroplating Technologies up to the International Level

Researchers at South Ural State University have developed and patented an electroplating stand and a droplet collector, which is part of the cleaning system of this stand.

These innovations were developed and tested in the electroplating workshop of the Ural Engineering Centre as part of joint work with the university under the Federal Targeted Program on Research and Development in the Priority Fields of the Science and Technology Sector of Russia for 2014-2020 (project head, Candidate of Sciences (Engineering) Dmitriy Ardashev).

Preparations for Nationwide Dictation Quiz Begin at SUSU

The Pushkin Institute Research, Education, and Coordination Centre invites international students to join preparations for the Nationwide Dictation Quiz!

The Nationwide Dictation Quiz is an annual cultural and educational event aimed at popularising grammatical competence and boosting interest in the Russian language.

This year in Chelyabinsk, it will be held on April 13th.

Winners of Russian Language Contests for International Participants are to be Awarded at SUSU

March 15 at 13.05 at Sigma’s Conference Hall, SUSU’s Pushkin Institute Research, Education and Coordination Centre is to award Certificates to winners of contests for students and school children from the People’s Republic of China.

30% Stronger: Russian Researchers Creating “Smart” Steel

Researchers from South Ural State University are working on producing an innovative, super-light, and super-strong kind of steel – bainite. This new material will find use in the aviation industry, mechanical engineering, and the defence industry.

SUSU Students are to Take Part in CASE-IN International Engineering Championship

April 3 at 10:00, the final of the selective stage of annual student league within CASE-IN International Engineering Championship is to take place in SUSU’s Sigma academic complex.

This year, cases on the topic of Digital Transformation will be presented by students of the Faculty of Energy and Power Engineering and the Faculty of Materials Science and Metallurgy Engineering.

Spring at SUSU-2019 Festival: Students Show Their Talents

March 11th through 15th, the festival of student creative activities called “Spring at SUSU-2019” is being held at South Ural State University and the Mannequin Theatre Studio.

Every year, hundreds of students show their artistic abilities in various genres. On the 11th and 12th of March, selective stages were held, where students presented their performance numbers in four genres: theatre, music, dancing, and the original genre.

PG Metran PJSC Announces Submission of Applications for Grant Contest for Students, Postgraduates and Young Researchers

Research and Innovation Services of SUSU invites students, postgraduates and young researchers to take part in a grant contest held by PG Metran PJSC.

Winners of the contest will receive one-off bounties which do not require financial reporting.

Applications get submitted till Mach 17 of 2019 on any of 16 topic proposed by the enterprise and must include:

Fundamentals of Life Safety and Counter-Terrorism are Taught at SUSU

Unfortunately, over the last years, emergency situations connected with terrorism occur frequently. Teaching of how to behave in such situations might save people’s life and health. Starting from 2019, SUSU’s Independent Certification and Methodology Centre offers training in a topical programme entitled “Personal safety and algorithm of actions in case of the threat of terrorism act occurrence.”

SUSU Applicants Constructed a Car

There is a School of Engineering Reserve existing within South Ural State University’s Automobile and Tractor Faculty. Under supervision of Master’s degree students and postgraduates, attendees of the School, pupils from Chelyabinsk, designed and constructed a real car.

International SUSU Students Learned about the Traditions of Maslenitsa National Holiday

What is Maslenitsa, and what traditions it includes? International students of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language of the Faculty of Pre-University Education have learned all the specifics of celebrating the week of bidding farewell to winter.

Virtual IT Maslenitsa Finished at SUSU

On Thursday, March 7 of 2019, a traditional “capture of the winter town” took place within the first-in-Russia IT Maslenitsa, organised by students of the School Economics and Management. Meanwhile, the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science held the PUBG Mobile Tournament, a multi-user online game in the style of a royal battle.

“Inclusive Communication” – an Important Master Class for SUSU Staff

The SUSU Institute of Open and Distance Education organised a master class called Inclusive Communication for the university staff. The event was held as part of the 2nd Festival of Online Education, Interactive Universe.

Development of the New Generation of Concrete: IAC Master’s Students Practice under Project-based Learning

In the first semester of project-based learning, Master’s students of the Department of Building Materials and Products of the SUSU Institute of Architecture and Construction studied national standards in construction, got acquainted with manufacturing at OOO Simvol Beton and GK UralNIIstrom enterprises, and prepared papers on their topics of study.

No Ladies Show: a Bright Performance on the Occasion of the International Women’s Day Held at SUSU

The atmosphere of creativity, bright performances and an ocean of smiles – that is how the International Women’s Day has been celebrated at South Ural State University. A No Ladies Show was held at SUSU for the fair sex representatives on the occasion of the 8th of March holiday.

Humanitarian Education at SUSU: Universal Competencies for a Successful Career!

SUSU’s Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities performs training of specialists in the sphere of PR (public relations), and advertising, as well as universal journalists, philologists, historians, theologists, art experts, psychologists and sociologists.

SUSU Students Participate in the “I Am a Professional” Olympiad

Students of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering have taken part in the “I Am a Professional” Olympiad (“Ya – professional”) and successfully passed the selection round and the first round, after which they were invited to the “Key to Ignition” winter school (“Klyuch na start”) in Moscow.

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