Land of Lakes: SUSU Students Made a Video about the Anniversary of the South Ural Region

The Chelyabinsk Region will soon celebrate its 90th anniversary. On the eve of the anniversary, students of South Ural State University, together with the State Philharmonic and workers of culture of the South Ural region, have made a video showing the uniqueness of our region.

The director of the video was SUSU graduate Matvey Sholokhov, the director of photography – SUSU TV staff member Daniil Rukavitsyn, and the producer – SUSU student Valeriia Bondar.

The authors wanted to visualize the spirit of the Chelyabinsk Region, show key locations of the region, reflecting its uniqueness and beauty. The video shows the Zyuratkul and Taganay national parks, Arkaim Natural Reserve, and Porogi Hydroelectric Power Station. 

“All our projects are results of big and sincere friendship. It also the case this time: one of the most talented composers of the South Ural region, our friend Polina Sergienko, contacted us. Together with the member of the Russian Union of Writers, Natalya Balynskaya, the composition titled Chelyabinsk Region was created. It is so catchy even if you listen to it for the first time: you can actually feel all the power of the South Urals in the text. This idea resonated so well with the entire video crew that we immediately began to implement it. The process of creating appeared to be truly exciting for us. The day before, we had carefully selected the locations for recording the choir; they were supposed to serve as a reflection of some of the thoughts and images contained in the lyrics of the song,” says Valeriia Bondar.

The song of the same name for the video of Chelyabinsk Region was created by the member of the Russian Union of Writers Natalya Balynskaya and a member of the Union of Composers of Russia Polina Sergienko.

“In my opinion, the uniqueness of the South Urals lies, most of all, in its unmatched nature and people having an outstandingly strong spirit,” adds Valeriia.

The main characters of the video were the soloists and members of the Mikhalchenko chamber choir of Chelyabinsk Philharmonic Hall. They performed next to the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, which has become a symbol of spirituality. One of the key locations was the embankment of the Shershni reservoir: the surface of the water reminds that the Chelyabinsk Region is a land of three thousand lakes.

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